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#6348: How To Love speaks with Troubled Guests

Internet Radio talker welcomes Guests who are dealing with loneliness, divorce, death of a loved one, a variety of mental, emotional and/or physical abuses, and addictions of all kinds.

Guests who are looking to converse with a veteran psychiatrist for a cathartic release, understanding and advise on possible actions to take in order to achieve better health and wellness - a basis of love.

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Dr. Mike McGee relies on his education, experience and intuition to provide practical guidance and support for the best life possible with a focus on recovery or trying to cope with everyday hardships and challenges.
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Dr. Michael McGee
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Daena Smoller
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HOW TO LOVE with Dr. Michael McGee is the veteran psychiatrist's newly revamped, weekly show on HealthyLife.net. Operating since 2002, HealthyLife.net Radio's Positive Talk Network has 40+ radio, TV, film and national expert hosts spanning eclectic topics on natural health, self-care and news. With its worldwide 'No App' direct from website listening and 24/7 simulcast syndication on 65 distribution channels, by third party analytics HealthyLife.net Radio's live, on-demand and podcast shows reach 1.2 million monthly listeners in 135 countries.
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HOW TO LOVE with Dr. Michael McGee on HealthyLife.net - All Positive Web Talk Radio
1st Run - Tuesdays at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST
Up to 2 Weekly Network Encores
13 Weeks of 24/7 ON DEMAND Streaming
13 Weeks of 24/7 Downloads in Full
Syndication on over 60 Distribution Platforms

Shows are currently prerecorded one week in advance of 1st Run Presentations, at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST
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