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#6346: SaberBetrics wants Sports Bettors and Data Providers

Is seeking sports data insight provider.

If you enjoy sports and create or publish unique insights that others can consume for the purposes of sports betting, our show is for you! We are shining a spotlight on those that love to model and help them get connected with an audience of sports bettors who want to learn how they can use your insights to make better wagering decisions.

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Explore the booming world of sports betting and sports data insights through the lens of those changing the industry. Hosted by the founders of Plan Z Sports, SaberBetrics focuses on the newest and best sports betting tools out there and the people behind them. From sports fans to sports startups, SaberBetrics is here to tickle your ear ever so gently in short, digestible bursts each week.
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Action Rob Wilder & Professor Chris Velissaris
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Rob Wilder
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Sports fans &enthusiasts, sports bettors, and sports data insight providers
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  • Recorded podcast
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Recorded podcast. Season will consist of 8 episodes airing in June 2020.
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