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#6343: In Search of Reality is looking for Paranormal Experiences

Is looking for anyone that has written or experienced paranormal events that they would like to share.

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In Search of Reality
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This is a podcast that looks at reality from a variety of different angles; that include but not limited to scientific, psychological, and paranormal experences. Since the time of humankind people have experienced things that cause us to question what reality is. These experience cross all cultures, religions, belief systems, and social economic classes. These strange experiences have taken place all over the world, since the beginning of human history. This podcast shares peoples experiences then adds depth to them through analysis and discussion. The hope and goal is for its listeners to gain a better understanding to what reality really is.

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Dylan Thomas
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Dylan Thomas
Phone: (623)230-7519
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4 episodes released 175 downloads 3 more show produced and ready for release.
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  • Recorded podcast
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One episode is released every Sunday. The podcast can be found on website (insearchofrealitypodcast.com) Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, and on about 20 podcast apps. Show will be on Iheart Radio and Pandora upon approval.
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  • 5-10
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