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Is seeking recovering drug and alcohol addicts, mental health, grief specialists.

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Silent Presence
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Silent Presence is a podcast where people share personal stories of addiction, mental health, grief, hope and their journey moving forward.
Welcome to my podcast, "Silent Presence." Why the name, "Silent Presence?" To me, "Silent Presence" means many things. There is a moment in everyone's life when they just need a person to listen. No talking, no reasoning, no opinions...just to be present to listen. Let me tell you...I've been there many times, especially this past year. December 3, 2018 at 2:25am my life changed forever and ever since, I have been fortunate to have people in my life who continue to support me through the most devastating moment in my life. This was the day that my son passed away from an accidental overdose. Mental health and addiction are subjects that most people don't talk about to their family or friends. They're afraid of what someone will think or say so they remain silent. With this podcast, I hope to help break the silence and rid the stigma that exists today. The Silent Presence Podcast will allow others to share their personal stories of addiction and mental illness and how it affected them. It will provide a platform for other's to speak candidly about their own personal experiences. The podcast will also introduce listeners to a variety of experts in the field who will provide valuable information to those who are grieving or dealing with addiction or mental illness in their own lives. This podcast is a way for me to personally work through my own grief and help others along the way. It's also a way for all of us to develop new ways that we can begin our own journey of moving forward.

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Rich Patricia
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Rich Patricia
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