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Karen Hayward, Marketing Pro and Best-selling Author

Karen Hayward, Best Selling Author and Marketing ProKaren has decades of experience in the trenches of marketing and sales for Fortune 500 companies and is the author of the best selling book, Stop Random Acts of Marketing.

Over the years Karen has noticed a big trend among mid-market companies: many were established before the digital age and are now struggling to grow. Karen's best selling book, Stop Random Acts of Marketing, shares the marketing and sales best practices of Fortune 500 companies and makes them digestible for mid-market companies.

Throughout her career, Karen has focused on mid-market and high-growth companies, right-sizing the sales and marketing strategies learned from a world class organization. For the past four years as CMO and Managing Partner with Chief Outsiders, she has focused her practice on mid-market companies needing to accelerate top line revenue growth.

Karen has experience training CEOs, executives, sales teams, and marketing teams - across all industries - on how to navigate their sales and marketing strategies in the digital age and ultimately grow their business. She helps with everything from understanding how to hire the right sales people, what their sales funnel should look like, how to learn from customers, and how to use data to help your business grow. 

Your listeners will find Karen’s insight extremely valuable, especially those who have heard marketing jargon before but aren’t sure how to apply it to their business.

Interview Karen Hayward, Best Selling Author and Marketing Pro, to discuss...  Stop_random_acts_of_marketing__book_cover

  • Forget everything you know about “sales cycles” - they’re a thing of the past.
  • Your shortcomings will help you get more customers.
  • Did you hire an agency to help with your marketing? Here’s how to create a plan to make sure you’re setting your marketing agency up for success.
  • Too many CEOs don’t understand the difference between sales and marketing.
  • If you started your mid-market company before the digital age, Stop Random Acts of Marketing will give you all the tools you need to bring your marketing to the 21st Century.

Karen Hayward Guest Expert Credentials

  • 2 decades at Xerox Canada
  • 4 years as CMO and managing partner with Chief Outsiders
  • Has been a guest lecturer at USC East Bay and USF
  • Featured speaker at conferences

Guest Expert Availability

By telephone from Mountain View, CA - Pacific
By video call
In person across the West Coast

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