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#6228: Hustle Beautiful Podcast wants Female Entrepreneurs

#6227: FLAUNT! Builf Your Dreams, Live Your Sparkle is seeking Inspiring Guests

I am seeking sparkling guests who will inspire my audience to dig deep, move into courage, and take action to create the life they want, not the life they think they should have.

Authors, therapists, doctors, influencers, experts, etc.

FLAUNT is an acronym for Find Your Fetish, Laugh Out Loud, Accept Unconditionally, Navigate the Negative and Trust in Your Truth. I want each guest to share their unique take on these five steps as well as offering their own tips for living your best life.

Personal stories of how you overcame your own challenges and changed your life are a bonus!

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FLAUNT! Builf Your Dreams, Live Your Sparkle
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Are you tired of putting yourself last, taking care of everybody else’s needs and powering through to meet the next set of impossible standards of what to do, how to look or who to be? This innovative and energetic show empowers women to break free from personal and cultural inhibition so they can release unrealistic expectations, strip out of self-judgment, “shed the shoulds,” value themselves for who they are, not what they do, and put themselves back in the lives they have worked so hard to create.

We live in a world where women are told to do more; to lean in, burst through the glass ceiling, while also being a perfect wife, a devoted super-mom, and looking like an airbrushed model. And the more we strive to reach these impossible standards, the more we feel like imposters. We perpetuate a cycle of toxic self-judgment that leads to burnout, illness, body-shame, personal and professional dissatisfaction.

Let Lora Cheadle, Life Choreographer®, show you how your life could change if you drop your cover integrate all aspects of who you are into everything that you do, and reveal the smart, sexy and super-confident woman inside, waiting to be set free!

Using the Five Bold and Glittery Steps of FLAUNT! you too can Find your Fetish, Laugh out Loud, Accept Unconditionally, Navigate the Negative and Trust your Truth!

Naked Self-Worth: noun\ na·ked | \ˈnā-kəd \ˌself-ˈwərth The ability to show, and embrace all facets of who you are, whether emotional, intellectual or physical, exactly as they are, without cover, without seeking to please or to conform, and to value yourself exactly as you are. Not, for who you will be when you lose 10 pounds, land your dream job, or find the perfect relationship.

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Lora Cheadle
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Lora Cheadle
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