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Senior Business Leaders who are currently in their role or recently retired. (Ex: C-suite or President levels) Executive Business Leaders who are purpose-led or mission driven.

Why appear on our show? To share your leadership stories, challenges, wins (& more) with our TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC. audience. To offer leadership "words of widsom" to our podcast audience.

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The Voice of Leadership
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We examine important and interesting topics in leadership and share with our audience to help them grow their talents and achieve dynamic organizational results.

A bit about our show host, Dr. Karen Y. Wilson-Starks: While serving as an active duty Army officer and Psychologist she observed that leadership made the difference between leaders that got the best commitment and contributions from their followers and those who lost talent or syphoned off energy and results through poor leadership practices. She further observed that most leaders want to be successful though they may not know how to make success happen.

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Dr. Karen Y. Wilson-Starks
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Jackie Z
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Demographics: current and future executive business leaders.

Note: the vast majority of Dr. Starks' in-person clients are male, high 40's-60's, senior-level business leaders. Our most recent guest was a recently retired Rabbi with over 35 years leading his congregation. (We're able to draw life and leadership lessons from a variety of sources, positions, etc.)
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The Voice of Leadership
Episodes release every Tuesday & Thursday
Based in Colorado Springs, CO + Mountain Time Zone (2 hours behind NY)
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