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If you're a change maker and a truth teller whose expertise adds valuable knowledge to the Living Prevention TV audience, I would love to talk to you about empowering, enlightening, educating and inspiring others with your content.

We seek to book experts, products, and meaningful contributions to the Living Prevention community.

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Living Prevention TV in 2020
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For the first time in TV history, Living Prevention TV is bringing prevention truths mainstream; What Is and Isn't Toxic?

Through independent TV free of Pharma advertising, ( the largest advertiser in the world), we're here to ensure viewers know health truth. Living Prevention TV host Kari E. Gray, CEO & founder of AlternaCare Foundation is a 30-year terminal cancer survivor, an advocate, health researcher, and humanitarian (see bio on LinkedIn).

With a passion to make truth known, LPTV brings experts, thought leaders, independent scientists, and innovators into a simplified conversation ensuring actionable steps to Live Prevention everyday is what we are sharing.


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Kari E. Gray
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Kari Gray
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We accept donation to our nonprofit but do not accept donations for anything that does not harmonize with the Living Prevention lifestyle https://alternacare.org/enroll/