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January 7, 2020

#6176: Talk Story Today is seeking Shamanic Guests

We are seeking shamanic practitioners, healers, visionary artists, and wisdom teachers to talk about their work, how they were inspired to get into that work and to participate in an open discussion with audience members. Show Name: * Talk Story Today Show Description: * The show which airs on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm MT, The format is about a 20-minute interview answering two questions. What inspired you to work in the shamanic field and tell us about your work. The interview is followed by a open discussion where audience members can ask questions. This would be an excellent time for... Read more →

#6174: D&J Power-Hour is looking for Sports Experts

Is looking for sports journalists, sports in general. Show Name: * D&J Power-Hour Show Description: * This dynamic duo puts a new meaning of hot take in the world of sports. With guests like Israel Gutierrez from ESPN, to professional poker player Adam Levy, we simply not only talk about any and all sports, but we give you the hottest topics of the week (while updating you on sports across the country that does not have the coverage). We put in the time, research, yet have a laugh out loud and professional personality on and off the microphone. We always... Read more →

#6173: The Pixie Podcast wants to know if You Have Used a Ghostwriter

I am looking to interview people who have used a ghostwriter to write for them. That ghostwriting may have been for books, scripts, films, audio, business use, or PR. All interviews will be used as part of a new segment of an existing podcast, to showcase the upsides, downsides, and considerations of using a ghostwriter. All you need to bring is your experience, and a willing to speak openly and honestly for other people like you. Note that business people (business owners, C-Suite Executives) are preferred. Show Name: * The Pixie Podcast Show Description: * The Pixie Podcast is an... Read more →