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September 1, 2019 - September 7, 2019

#6046: Start South is seeking Entrepreneurs

Is seeking Entrepreneurs. The idea of the Podcast is to inspire listeners on how to succeed at all levels...that could be a kid turning their allowance into a car or a small business owner turning their small business into a national brand. The goal is to "connect" the listeners with the show guest to help on their journey. Show Name: * Start South Show Description: * Why do you have to “go” to succeed? Why is everywhere else better than where you are? How come that grass is never greener? We get this notion that success is always where we... Read more →

Free Edition Subscriber: You Missed these Today…

If you're an expert looking for interviews like these, upgrade to our Premium email lists. Business Wellness Authors Self-Improvement Technology You’ll get Guest Requests that are not included in these Free Edition emails. Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

#6044: SAVVY The Business Podcast seeks Business Experts

SAVVY is looking for experts in their field to share tips and solutions that professionals and entrepreneurs are having trouble getting through. This business podcast does not want to only support business owners, but anyone that is pursuing a professional career. Suggested topics: technology, online tools, fashion, health, time management, being productive, etc..... When our listeners tune in we want them to leave with information they can take with them and execute. We do not want any teasers. Show Name: * SAVVY The Business Podcast Show Description: * The Podcast is created for you to talk personally with the experts... Read more →

#6048: Discovering Your Truth Talks wants Inspiring people

Looking for Self Improvement, Life Coach, Wellness world type individuals for an interview and general chat podcast show. "Discovering Your Truth Talks, Epic conversations with Inspiring people." Show Name: * Discovering Your Truth Talks, Epic conversations with Inspiring people. Show Description: * Discovering Your Truth Talks, Epic conversations with Inspiring people. My name is Calan Breckon your personal development coach on this weekly adventure to help you discover more about yourself, your journey and the world around you. Topics range from coming out stories (LGBTQ+), Pain, Love, Patience, Meditation, Naturopathic medicine, Vedic astrology, Authenticity, Gratitude, Multiculturalism and Diversity, Shamanism, Connection... Read more →

#6045: 1Day1Hack is seeking a CEO

Is looking for a CEO who likes what they doing. They know about business tips, ideas, productivity hacks or share their journey on how they become successful. Show Name: * 1Day1Hack Show Description: * It's a show about sharing business strategies, ideas and stories of entrepreneurs. It's also about sharing good tips on how to do something effectively. Any person would who has a clear goal would be a good guest. The guest know some tips and would like to share it to the world. I would be really grateful if they join us. Show Host Name(s): Asyraaf Booking Contact... Read more →

Featured Guest Expert: Chef Shawn Bucher, Author, Consultant, Podcast Host

Chef Shawn Bucher, food service design, implementation and ongoing operation. Chef Shawn Bucher is available to discuss The Business Chef Podcast and cookbooks: The First Timer's Cookbook & The First Timer's Bakebook. Chef Shawn also recently released a new management book called Food People Management. There are a few stories that Shawn would like to share: How The First Timer's Cookbooks came to be. A good friend asked him to teach them how to cook. How Food People Management came to be. After doing an extensive study with a regional chain that Shawn was the COO at, he created a... Read more →

#6041: WFLD Fox 32 Bears Unleashed seeks Football Experts

We’re seeking NFL/Football experts, athletes, authors, celebrities, comics, reality stars - who are football fans. Show Name: * "Bears Unleashed Show Description: * “Bears Unleashed” resumes production on its second season Friday, September 6. If you have guests that love football and would like to talk NFL hot topics with our hosts, they’re going to have a great time! "Bears Unleashed" is hosted by Brittney Payton, (daughter of late Bears legend Walter Payton), Fox-32 Sportscaster Shae Peppler, former Bears defensive lineman Corey Wootton and B96’s Gabe Ramirez. The show covers all the relevant top stories surrounding the Chicago Bears and... Read more →

#6043: The Mangina Dialogues wants to Bring the Funny

Looking for Stand Up Comedians, Comedy Hosts, Club Owners, Promoters, Musicians, Actors, anybody with expertise in pop culture too. Show Name: * The Mangina Dialogues Show Description: * We are a comedy podcast based in the NYC Suburbs. we record in Southern CT, or Manhattan. We are a traditional interview show, and we talk about comedy, pop culture, music, sports, and business. Its a casual conversation about what makes our guests tick. We are light, fun, and off the cuff. Show Host Name(s): Nick Scopoletti & The Gregalicious Booking Contact for Interviews: * Greg Alprin Booking Email Address: * Read more →

#6042: Borderless Stories Podcast talks Intercultural Marriage

Hosting a niche podcast all about intercultural marriage and relationships. We've had guests share their personal stories, as well as those who work across cultures or offer a service that pertains specifically to our very specific audience. Show Name: * Borderless Stories podcast Show Description: * The Borderless Stories podcast is a celebration of intercultural relationships in all their forms. It's an interview format, conducted remotely through Zoom, and very conversational in nature. We firmly believe it's important to share our stories of intercultural life, love, and work to continue to shed awareness and normalize these beautiful relationships. Guests will... Read more →

#6025: Sayin it Plain Radio is looking for Authors

We are looking for Authors who can be both entertaining and informative. Show Name: * Sayin it Plain Radio Show Description: * Sayin it Plain is exactly what the title says. We are a show that talks about issues of importance and strives to inform our audience. On Sayin it Plain we Say it Plain and we hold no punches. On the show we discuss everything from Politics and Social and Cultural issues to Entertainment and Comedy. We are a progressive Liberal Show that uses a format of what we call "Infotainment" as our main goal is to inform but... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Authors and Publishers

Between The Lines seeks authors and publishers. Show Name: * Between The Lines Show Description: * The only place where 'real' is an understatement when it comes to being interviewed! According to guests, the depth of questioning, the show's format, the host's ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease is beyond what they have experienced anywhere else. The reviews at this link are just a sample of the actual testimonies from guests: There are NO preset questions as the show is meant to be interactive, conversational and engaging. I seek to provide real life experiences to my... Read more →