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May 12, 2019 - May 18, 2019

Featured Guest Expert: David Easlick, Fraternity Hazing Expert Witness

Mr. Easlick has over a quarter century of National Fraternity management experience, unique qualifications in this area of plaintiff's witnessing. If you read about Fraternity hazing, sexual abuse, or substance abuse in the papers, on the web or television, Mr. Easlick has most likely been involved in the action somewhere. He was there and understands the risk management codes, the liability insurance scams, and the various positions taken by the Fraternities and their insurance carriers. Hence despite only being in the field for 2 years, he is appearing as an expert witness in over 25 cases including most of the... Read more →

#5930: 4EB 98.1FM Basically.Business is seeking Building Accelerators

Looking for guests with experience in building accelerators, being a mentor in an accelerator. Ideally you are first generation immigrant or expat. Guests currently living in APAC region preferred. Show Name: * Show Description: * A monthly business radio show that also is distributed as a podcast. Runs on 4eb digital (Australia) in their multicultural section. We help people who want to open a new "portable" business and who want to live in APAC region with sound life and business advise. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Sia Bartrum Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your... Read more →

#5927: The Curiosity Chamber is looking for Paranormal Experts

Is seeking Paranormal Guests. Show Name: * The Curiosity Chamber Show Description: * I will invite a new guest each week to have a natural and free flowing conversation about the topic the guest expertise in. I want my listeners to take away some education on various subject matters. Show Host Name(s): Jay Barone Booking Contact for Interviews: * Jay Barone - the Curiosity Chamber Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 600+ ages 17+ Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone... Read more →

It should have been YOU…

Today our Premium emails had more Guest Requests than you see in this Free Edition. These included interview requests for experts on Paranormal Self-Improvement Family Society Women's Issues Get ALL of our Guest Requests so you can get more interviews! Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

#5931: Single and Dating in the Age of Transgender Men and Women seeks Transgender Issue Expert

Professional researcher, LCSW, PhD, etc. with expertise in transgender issues. Heterosexual Singles Fears of Dating Transgenders. Show Name: * Single and Dating in the Age of Transgender Men and Women Show Description: * Seeking guest with expertise in the transgender issue, who can sensitively discuss the fears expressed by many hetereosexual and lesbian singles of how to handle being approached by a trans man or woman. Best practices for discussing their preferences without being labeled "transphobic" or "terf" if they opt not to date someone who identifies as trans. This is a serious issue impacting more singles every day and... Read more →

#5928: The Dr. Zoe Show wants to Motivate, Inspire and Encourage Busy Women

I am looking for guests to share their story of found strength, knowledge or experience in finding: Srength as a woman that is motivational, inspiring and/or encouraging. Show Name: * The Dr. Zoe Show Show Description: * My Show seeks to help and encourage women to find the strength that they didn't know that they had. My show is not about bashing men, but rather encouraging and uplifting women to be the best that they can be and walk in the strength of their femininity. Show Host Name(s): Dr. Zoe Shaw Booking Contact for Interviews: * Zoe of Karla Booking... Read more →

#5926: Alchemy Of Business Success Summit seeks Speakers

We are looking for heart-centered, spiritual entrepreneurs who have a passion for sharing their gifts and wisdom with others. If you are a coach, mentor, spiritual teacher, or healer, this summit might just be for you. Show Name: * Alchemy Of Business Success Summit Show Description: * If you can share valuable tips, tricks, strategies, and modalities in the areas of Business, Mindset, and Spirituality as it relates to growing a spiritual based business, and you have a strong list of followers then reach out and let us know what topic you would like to speak about. The Summit is... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Travel Experts

Travel Experts. Persons who are avid travelers and can speak to places to go, the pros and cons to migrating and places to migrate. Persons who are looking for a change in lifestyle and have a fear and seek to overcome the fear of change, getting out of their comfort zone. Show Name: * Between The Lines Show Description: * The only place where 'real' is an understatement when it comes to being interviewed! According to guests, the depth of questioning, the show's format, the host's ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease is beyond what they have... Read more →

Featured Guest Expert: Steve Snyder, 8th Air Force Historian and Author

Historian and author Steve Snyder is an expert on the 8th Air Force and the Air War Over Europe during World War II. Steve's book, Shot Down, is a true story about brave individuals, featuring Steve's own father, pilot Howard Snyder, and the crew of the B-17 bomber plane, Susan Ruth. It is set within the compelling events of the greatest conflict in world history. Shot Down has a 5-Star reader review rating on Amazon and has received 25 book awards. In addition, it is sold in the gift stores of the major air museums in the U.S. including: National... Read more →

#5793: The Segilola Salami Show is seeking Sleep Experts

The Segilola Salami Show is seeking Sleep Experts. Show Name: * The Segilola Salami Show Show Description: * The Segilola Salami Show is a once-weekly podcast show set in a virtual cafe about books and publishing. The aim of the show is to be both entertaining and educative. At the end of each episode, it is hoped that the listeners would learn something new from each guest. A new episode is released every Tuesday and the show is listed on most major podcast directories including iTunes, Spotify and Google podcasts to name a few. Show Host Name(s): Segilola Salami Booking... Read more →

#5925: Pure Mind Magic is seeking Self-Improvement Experts

"Welcome to the show" - is what you hear when you a featured on the international show "PURE MIND MAGIC". You are a perfect match when you can talk about MINDSET and ENTREPREUNEURSHIP. Awesome when you share your wisdom and expertise - you are very welcome. Please note that there is a one time production fee involved. Can´t wait to meet you, Jennifer (Host of the show) Show Name: * PURE MIND MAGIC Show Description: * With listeners from all around the world, mostly entrepreuneurs and coaches/consultants the show is all about improvment, becoming a better version of yourself to... Read more →

Today You Missed These:

Requests for: Paranormal Spirituality Comedy Wellness Self-Improvement Were all sent to our Premium subscribers today. Do you want to get ALL our Guest Requests delivered each day, too? It’s the easy way to get more interviews! Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

#5924: This is Dark Matters seeks Real Time Travelers

We are looking for people who have successfully traveled through time to call in and talk to us about their experience. Only real time travelers need apply. Show Name: * This is Dark Matters Show Description: * his Is Dark Matters is a podcast and live show about all things obscure and paranormal. Past guests have included ghost hunters, ex-cult members, alien abductees, and scientists. Hosted by Franky Guttman and $96,000 Jeopary Champion Michael Bilow. Show Host Name(s): Michael Bilow & Franky Guttman Booking Contact for Interviews: * Michael Bilow Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for... Read more →

#5922: Beyond the Natural wants to hear Your Experience

Spirituality and Alien Experts. Show Name: * Beyond the Natural Show Description: * Actual experiences, recollections, and testimony of encounters with angels, God, and other super intelligent life forms (aliens). Learn how to harness the humility and power that comes from these intense beyond natural events to transform yourself and the world. Show Host Name(s): Marcus Booking Contact for Interviews: * Booking Staff on Duty Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 1000+ *New show still measuring Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Satellite radio show Video webcast Station Call Letters +... Read more →

#5923: Stories of the Supernatural wants to hear your Unexplained Story

If you are an author, expert or just anybody that's witnessed the unexplained and have a story to tell, I would love to interview you. Show Name: * Stories of the Supernatural Show Description: * Weekly Paranormal Talk Show hosted by Marlene Pardo Pellicer, discussing the mysteries of the paranormal world or just plain weird stuff and theories with authors, experts and those who have witnessed the unexplained. Topics of interest: paranormal, ghosts, UFOs, Aliens, Mothman, Shadow People ,Cryptids, Folklore, Conspiracy Theories, unusual Esoteric and Metaphysical subjects, true crime and unsolved mysteries, hypnotists and past life regressions, military & first... Read more →

#5921: El Radar 2.0 seeks People Interested in New Politics

People who work in different areas of the society and think they contribute directly or indirectly to politics. Any topic related is possible (Sports, culture, gastronomy, literature, music, etc). Show Name: * El Radar 2.0 Show Description: * Politics concept is now going beyond than we know. There is an upgrade politcs 2.0 so that’s why I’m using The Radar 2.0 to set under the Radar all of the topics that are immerse in politics directly or indirectly. Interviews of no more than 20 minutes shared with a Colombian guy! Show Host Name(s): Juan Camilo Giraldo Perez Booking Contact for... Read more →