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Sales experts, leaders, influencers.

Show Name: *
The Geek Freaks Podcast
Show Description: *
If you like geeky talk and freaky fun then the Geek Freaks Podcast is your go-to destination for answers to the most fascinating technology related questions everyone is dying to hear! New episodes every Friday at 12 AM EST!
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Monica Gordon - Marketing Specialist
Booking Email Address: * mgordon@ocs.help
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Estimated audience size 20 listeners
52% male
18-34 yrs old
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  • Recorded podcast
  • Video webcast
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Internet podcast
New episodes every Friday at 12 AM EST
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  • 5-10
Website URL: * https://www.ocs.help/geek-freaks-podcast
Show URL: * https://www.ocs.help/geek-freaks-podcast