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Sports & Stuff on Rainier Avenue Radio continues as a show with diverse guests and sports-related topics.

The goal is to be a multi-dimensional sports show with a special focus on the policy and business aspects of sports, along with some of the usual game-day talk.

Show Name: *
'Sports & Stuff'
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'Sports & Stuff' is a Seattle-based show on the online Rainier Avenue Radio network. My show discusses the game day aspects of sports, we have a special emphasis on the business, policy, legal, and sociological aspects of sports. I have had guests from many aspects of sports.
Show Host Name(s):
Paul Schneiderman
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Paul Schneiderman
Booking Email Address: * plslawoffices@aol.com
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Most of my listeners are likely over the age of 18. Many sports fans and also the very casual sports fan, looking to hear about sports from a different perspective.
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  • Internet radio show
  • Recorded podcast
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'Sports & Stuff' airs at different. Rainier Avenue Radio is a Seattle-based online radio network. The station website is www.rainieravenueradio.world
Website URL: * https://www.rainieravenueradio.world
Show URL: * https://www.rainieravenueradio.world/sports-stuff-archive