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Featured Guest Expert: Chef Shawn Bucher, Author, Consultant, Podcast Host

Chef Shawn Bucher, food service design, implementation and ongoing operation.

Chef Shawn BucherChef Shawn Bucher is available to discuss The Business Chef Podcast and cookbooks: The First Timer's Cookbook & The First Timer's Bakebook. Chef Shawn also recently released a new management book called Food People Management.

There are a few stories that Shawn would like to share:

    1. How The First Timer's Cookbooks came to be.  A good friend asked him to teach them how to cook.
  1. How Food People Management came to be.  After doing an extensive study with a regional chain that Shawn was the COO at, he created a management formula that he has lived by ever since.  That formula is contained in the book.
  2. The Business Chef podcast and how that came to be.  After hearing that Shawn had "a great voice" he was asked to start a podcast with some people that have since left him.

These stories can be done together or separately.

Learn how to start or improve food service operations, how to get into food service and how to improve Food People Management your career in food service.

Interview Chef Shawn Bucher, Author, Consultant, Podcast Host, to discuss...

  • Food service
  • Food service staffing shortages
  • Writing and publishing a cookbook
  • Food service consulting
  • Food service consulting in healthcare
  • Working in food service healthcare

Chef Shawn Bucher Guest Expert Interview Credentials

  • Has worked in almost every segment of the food service industry.
  • Holds business degrees and certificates in:
    • Culinary Arts
    • Business
    • Hospitality & Tourism Management
    • Accounting
    • Professional Sales
  • Is a:
    • Certified Executive Chef (CEC)
    • Certified Culinary Educator (CCE)
    • Certified Culinary Professional (CCP)
    • Certified Dietary Manager (CDM)
    • Certified Food Protection Professional (CFPP)
  • The author of:
    • The First Timer’s Cookbook
    • The First Timer’s Bakebook
    • Food People Management
  • Work has been awarded and recognized nationwide
  • A regular contributor to numerous food service programs, publications and outlets.
  • Currently travels the country as a food service consultant
  • Currently hosts the popular Business Chef podcast.

The First Timer’s Cookbook

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