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Is seeking Local Comedians.

Show Name: *
BRUNCHING with Edigga and Leise
Show Description: *
Popular culture panel show with a comedic twist. Each week a panel of 3-4 will dissect current trends and topics in the news. Each show has four topics, what's Buzzin' video, and meep meep or an ask brunching session.
Show Host Name(s):
Edigga & Leise
Booking Contact for Interviews: *
Lisa Wingfield or Ernest Harris
Booking Email Address: *
Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: *
Demographic African Americans, ages 18-55 urban audiences.
Show Format: *
  • Internet radio show
  • Recorded podcast
  • Video webcast
Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: *
Charmcity Drect TV/ Ordinary People Media, Shows air Fridays at 11AM est.
How many episodes have you already produced? *
  • 5-10
Website URL: *
Show URL: *