#6070: W4WN Life Without Limits seeks Experts on Bullying
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#6071: I Am The Living Word wants to hear your Spiritual Journey

I am looking for people who are ready to share their story about their spiritual journey.

Someone who can share how they became aware of GOD (or whatever they call it), how they found any spiritual gifts that they have. I want to showcase your life journey to finding your spiritual space.

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I asked GOD why did the bible stop when people who wrote it died. GOD answered and said because people stopped writing. So I'm writing but I'm writing video style. Please come share you chapter. My show is showcased in my FB Group of over 13K followers, my Youtube Channel and BlogTalk PODCAST.
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Dr. Neteira Anu
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Please book your time here https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/TAPZMU
Once you hit the link about select the tab service.
Then hit I Am The Living Word Book on FRIDAY only
Then book any time that is available on friday
Booking Email Address: * ruffnow1@aol.com
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About 20K people.
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There is as $10 cost to do the interview. Each guest show is promoted to enhance views, this is why there is a $10 cost.