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#6048: Discovering Your Truth Talks wants Inspiring people

Looking for Self Improvement, Life Coach, Wellness world type individuals for an interview and general chat podcast show.

"Discovering Your Truth Talks, Epic conversations with Inspiring people."

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Discovering Your Truth Talks, Epic conversations with Inspiring people.
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Discovering Your Truth Talks, Epic conversations with Inspiring people. My name is Calan Breckon your personal development coach on this weekly adventure to help you discover more about yourself, your journey and the world around you.

Topics range from coming out stories (LGBTQ+), Pain, Love, Patience, Meditation, Naturopathic medicine, Vedic astrology, Authenticity, Gratitude, Multiculturalism and Diversity, Shamanism, Connection and so much more!

Interview based format to showcase the guest and their journey with set questions but also open to a general chat flow. Based in Toronto, Canada, and geared toward a very open minded listener who's looking to expand their knowledge in the self-improvement world and with a heavy LGBTQ+ community base target audience.

If you're looking for a similar show I would say along the lines of "School of greatness - by Lewis Howes."

Hosting website used is Anchor and pushed to all major podcast platforms . Recording/interview platform used is Zencastr.

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Calan Breckon
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Booking Email Address: * calan@DiscoveringYourTruth.com
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Spiritual and self improvement base with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community but not limited and very open.

Show is currently still building a backlog of shows for a late September/Early October 2019 launch.
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  • Recorded podcast
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Podcast - Wednesday release days in Toronto time zone - Anchor (a Spotify company) hosting which pushes podcast to all major platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Pocket Casts, Castbox, TuneIn, etc).
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  • New Show!
Website URL: * https://www.discoveringyourtruth.com/podcast
Show URL: * https://anchor.fm/discovering-your-truth
We do not encourage this but if you charge for interviews, ask for co-promotions, request "donations", or have other expectations of your guests, what are they and what do guests get back? [If you charge guests for interviews or anything else you MUST disclose it here.] *
no paid interviews