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Featured Guest Expert: Gary VanDyke "Food for Orphans" Founder Tells Exciting Stories

Gary VanDyke food for orphans founderGaryVanDyke started and is running an international charity that feeds thousands of orphans.

Gary talks about overcoming challenges, explains how 37¢ can save the life of an orphan, offers donation and partnership opportunities, directs listeners to his website, and entertains and encourages audiences with his great life story.

Gary's real-life stories of orphans will motivate and encourage your audience.  Your listeners will soon be repeating his stories to everyone they know.

Gary left a lucrative career in radio and TV to start the international charity Food for Orphans (FEIN 75-3242422) in 2007 when he was 55 years old. One year later, he developed cancer. Six months later he developed another unrelated form of cancer. In 2014 Gary was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  Gary VanDyke food for orphans founder

Yet in spite of all this, Food for Orphans has fulfilled its mission by providing over 8 million meals to orphans in 16 different countries. Gary has hundreds of exciting stories about the lives of orphans around the world that he weaves into the interview.

Gary's story is one of:

  • Never give up
  • It's never too late
  • Climbing that mountain may be hard, but it will take you higher
  • The positive results from being generous
  • The magic of 37¢ 

As Gary had a 25 year career in radio and TV, he has vast experience at being on-air. With hundreds of exciting stories to tell about international orphans, your audience will lock onto your show and will be entertained, motivated, and encouraged. 

Interview Gary VanDyke, "Food for Orphans" Founder, to discuss...

  • What it's like to start a non-profit
  • Starting a business (non-profit) at 55 years old
  • The plight of international orphans
  • International food insecurity
  • Overcoming personal roadblocks on the road to success
  • The value and results from giving 37¢ to feed an orphan 

Gary VanDyke Guest Expert Interview Credentials

  • Founder & CEO of Food for Orphans
  • 25 years experience on radio & Television
  • 2-time cancer survivor

Social Media Promotions

How this expert can help promote your show:

  • Postings on multiple Facebook accounts
  • Twitter
  • Frequent re-posting of Gary's posts by others (Mike Lindell of MyPillow, Hailey Bieber, and Stephen Baldwin follow Food for Orphans and himself)

Guest Expert Availability

By telephone from Colorado Springs, CO - MTN time
In person in any - if in the area

Guest Expert Interview Booking Contact

Gary VanDyke
(719) 591-7777 

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