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Featured Guest Expert: David Easlick, Fraternity Hazing Expert Witness

David Easlick, Fraternity Hazing ExpertMr. Easlick has over a quarter century of National Fraternity management experience, unique qualifications in this area of plaintiff's witnessing.

If you read about Fraternity hazing, sexual abuse, or substance abuse in the papers, on the web or television, Mr. Easlick has most likely been involved in the action somewhere.

He was there and understands the risk management codes, the liability insurance scams, and the various positions taken by the Fraternities and their insurance carriers.

Hence despite only being in the field for 2 years, he is appearing as an expert witness in over 25 cases including most of the ones that are appearing on the web, TV, and the front pages of the newspapers!

Mr. Easlick has been working on wrongful death actions and other serious injuries resulting from insane stupid actions by fraternity members in hazing, overconsumption, and sexual abuse. As Steve Gruver, father of Max Gruver who was murdered by his fraternity brothers at LSU says, "David is a fellow warrior in the fight to end hazing. He has given us valuable advice and shared his wisdom to help support us and lift us up when things are tough. I am thankful for all he does and continues to do. [David] will be a strong pillar in our fight to end hazing."

David is a lawyer with 25 years experience as the Executive Director of the notorious Delta Kappa Epsilon (Deke) National Fraternity. He brings his unique experience to bear on behalf of injured plaintiffs.

Hazing is a front page topic right now. Students are being sent off by their parents to colleges where they increasingly are joining fraternities risking coming home in a box!

Interview David Easlick, Fraternity Hazing Expert Witness, to discuss...

  • Binge drinking issues
  • Fraternity Related Injuries
  • Hazing Cases
  • Sexual Harrassment

David Easlick Guest Expert Interview Credentials

  • 25 years experience as Executive Director of DKE fraternity
  • Lawyer appearing in 25 cases involving fraternity hazing
  • Past life member of the Greek trade association
  • Interfraternity involvement for 30 years

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By telephone from Richmond, VA Eastern
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David K Easlick Jr
(202) 409-4306

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