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Featured Guest Expert: Clint Arthur, Celebrity Entrepreneur & Mentor

Clint Arthur Celebrity EntrepreneurClint Arthur transforms authors, speakers, coaches, advisors, consultants, and experts into celebrities in the eyes of customers & prospects.

Celebrity Entrepreneurship is Clint Arthur's new book on how "regular people" can be seen as celebrities by people they want to Influence, so that they can have more Impact and Income.

The greatest Celebrity Entrepreneur was a man you've never heard of, and you wouldn't recognize his face either.

But his use of Celebrity Entrepreneurship techniques resulted in more than $3 Billion in sales, and made him the king of the most competitive industry on earth for more than 2 decades.

You can easily use the same methods to add many millions of dollars to your bottom line. Clint Arthur Media One Sheet

Clint Arthur will enthrall your audience with personal stories and parables involving the world's top superstar celebrities, including Mick Jagger, Mike Tyson, Brooke Shields, Snoop Dogg, The Most Interesting Man In The World, and Caitlyn Jenner.

Interview Client Arthur for celebrity stories with direct bearing on how any author, speaker, coach, or entrepreneur can have more Impact, Influence, and Income. 

Interview Clint Arthur, Celebrity Entrepreneur & Mentor, to discuss...

  • The Most Important Thing Mike Tyson Ever Learned 
  • The Most Important Thing Caitlyn Jenner Ever Learned
  • The Most Important Thing Mick Jagger Ever Learned
  • The Most Important Thing Snoop Dogg Ever Learned
  • The Most Important Thing Ever Learned by "The Most Interesting Man In The World"
  • What Scared Brooke Shields on New Year's Eve 

Clint Arthur Guest Expert Interview Credentials Clint Arthur on Money Monday

  • 102+ Network TV appearances, including The Today Show, Mornings With Maria, CNN, HLN, BBC, Sky News, and every top 20 city in America
  • Profiles in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, National Enquirer
  • Spoken about this topic 3 times at Entrepreneurship Club of Harvard Business School events, at West Point, Nasdaq, Coca-Cola 
  • Graduate of Wharton Business School

Guest Expert Availability

By telephone from New York, East Coast primarily 
In person in New York, Los Angeles

Social Media Promotions

How this expert can help promote your show: Clint Arthur Times Square

  • 141,000 Instagram followers
  • 55,000+ Twitter followers
  • 20,000 LinkedIn
  • 5,000 Facebook
  • 3,500 YouTube

Guest Expert Interview Booking Contact

Clint Arthur
(212) 888-2999 

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