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#5931: Single and Dating in the Age of Transgender Men and Women seeks Transgender Issue Expert

Professional researcher, LCSW, PhD, etc. with expertise in transgender issues.

Heterosexual Singles Fears of Dating Transgenders.

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Single and Dating in the Age of Transgender Men and Women
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Seeking guest with expertise in the transgender issue, who can sensitively discuss the fears expressed by many hetereosexual and lesbian singles of how to handle being approached by a trans man or woman. Best practices for discussing their preferences without being labeled "transphobic" or "terf" if they opt not to date someone who identifies as trans. This is a serious issue impacting more singles every day and no one is really prepared for how to respectfully and cordially address the matter.
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Deborrah Cooper
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Deborrah Cooper - Host
Candace Williams - Production Assistant
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Debsterism Channel on YouTube (we have close to 600 videos online to date)
This show is slated to live stream on Thursday 5.31.2019 at 5:00 PM (PST), with the recorded show available for later viewing by channel visitors that missed the LIVE.
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