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Brad Johnson: Spirit Ambassador, Instant Remote Healer, and Adept Spiritual Teacher

Brad Johnson Healer & Adept Spiritual TeacherBrad Johnson is a Spirit Ambassador: One who connects directly to spirit and can issue any command to spirit and receive it instantly.

With ten years of experience as a psychic, channeler, healer and metaphysical researcher, Brad has received a very unique ability to work with Spirit/Source all the time. He works to help bring powerful spiritual education as a universal channel and instant spirit healing to others on any issues whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual related.

For over 10 years, Brad Johnson has worked with thousands of people from all over the world educating them on living healthy and empowering lives. Brad has evolved his healing abilities where he is now able to connect with spirit directly from the top of creation and bringing the work of spirit to the Earth.

Brad's mission is to educate others on how they too can connect directly to spirit and work directly with it so that their lives can be enriched and they can pass this knowledge onto others.

Brad shares powerful knowledge that helps one to become self-initiated as they work with simple spiritual practices through the higher connections of their being. From simple physical, mental and emotional clearing, to improving their energy body and vitality, to eventually working with the energy of spirit themselves.

Brad has traveled internationally to teach others on how to develop themselves as spirit ambassadors and continues to work with thousands of people from all over the world online. He is the author of three books and is currently creating a powerful healing tool called the Healing Code Card Deck where the codes from spirit are integrated in the cards and can be used to heal ailments and repair the body through instant healing.

Brad can perform instant healing to anyone on the air by having their name and birthdate. 

Interview Brad Johnson, Spirit Ambassador, to...

  • Experience instant remote healing online by request.
  • Develop your inner psychic abilities.
  • Learn how to connect to your higher levels of consciousness leading into your connection with pure spirit.
  • Learn of simple spiritual practices that can greatly transform yourself into empowered states by discovering how to alter your brain states at will.
  • Ask Brad any question regarding your personal life or general information on any topic.

Brad Johnson Guest Expert Interview Credentials

  • Featured expert in 2 Newsweek Special Edition Magazines on channeling and dream guidance: Spirituality Now and Spiritual Living.
  • Featured guest on Vice TV's "Mister Tachyon" where Brad demonstrated a powerful meditation technique and remained warm locked inside a freezer truck for 35 minutes.
  • Testimonials from clients all over the world that have personally benefited from Brad's spiritual knowledge and healing work.
  • 10 years experience as a radio guest sharing profound spiritual knowledge that has helped to transform thousands of people.
  • Live demonstrations on the air of Brad's Instant Remote Healing technique working directly with spirit.

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Guest Expert Availability

By telephone 
In person in Vancouver, Seattle

Guest Expert Interview Booking Contact

Brad Johnson
(236) 882-3305

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