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#5888: Faithful Fridays Show seeks Trauma Guests

Would like to talk to trauma guests.

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Faithful Fridays Show
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Join hosts Corneilius and KeKe on a dynamic discussion of the road from pain to passion and purpose.

Broadcasting from West Baltimore, the show features guest narratives of promise hope triumph resilience forgiveness & faith
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Corneilius Scott, Cynthia Collins
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Corneilius 443-241-1551
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70% of audience are women 44-54.

20% of audience are women 24-43.

10% male

90% African American

Over 6000 views

The show is broadcast on FB Live and on YouTube.
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  • Internet radio show
  • Recorded podcast
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Show airs each Friday 1-2 pm EST

The Video Podcast Broadcast @Purpose Propelled Media on FB and YouTube
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  • 25-50
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