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#5885: EnGAYged Podcast talks LGBTQ Issues and Comedy

We are looking for guests that are promoting an upcoming project and can discuss LGBTQ issues and have fun with it.

Guests need not be LGBT

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EnGAYged Podcast
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EnGAYged Podcast is primarily a LGBTQ based podcast. From celebrities to Politicians to Drag Queens.
We first tackle the political issues, then their project and then end with the "Lighting Round". 10 quick questions "Favorite Movie", "Favorite thing to eat", etc. We just interviewed Mayor Justin S, Flippen of Wilton Manors Florida 2nd Gayest city in the U.S. and a city council made entirely of LGBTQ memebrs.
I have over 25 + years in Radio and TV working most recently at Y-100 Miami
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Michael Jamrock
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Michael Jamrock 561 929-9929
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