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#5852: The Journey - Step by Step is looking for Christians with Stories to Share

We are looking for Christians to share their testimonies and to participate in roundtable discussions on issues affecting Christians daily.

The Journey - Step by Step Christian podcast launches on March 20th.

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The Journey - Step by Step
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The Journey - Step by Step Christian podcast is a non-denominational podcast for Christians looking to deepen their faith as they walk with Jesus. Each show covers one of three topics:
(1) Talkin' Testimony - where Christians share their testimony about how they found the faith and how they have used their faith to overcome obstacles and deepen their relationship with the Lord.
(2) Getting Biblical - we look at a topic (prayer, friendship, forgiveness) and delve into what the Bible has to say about it.
(3) Believers' Bubble - about 5 to 6 Christians get together to talk about issues that Christians commomly face. For example, taking their faith to work, debating with non-believers, finding The One ...
The show and host Karyn Beach are honest, real, fun and faithful.

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Karyn Beach
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Karyn Beach
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Men and women over 30, Christian by faith
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