#5845: Heart of Sleep needs a Sleep Expert
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#5846: The Entrepreneurship Lounge is Exposing the Myths

We are looking for entrepreneurs, business owners and experts who have compelling stories of what they endured as an entrepreneur:

What they wish people knew-the story behind the glitz/glamour. We want people that can share stories of overcoming some of the serious challenges of entrepreneurship and being a small business owner: depression, anxiety, loss of friends/family/relationships/marriages, bankruptcy, loss of business, etc.

Show experts are also welcomed to provide concrete strategies that can be used to overcome the above.

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The Entrepreneurship Lounge: Exposing the Myths of It All and Releasing the Weight
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Welcome to The Entrepreneurs Lounge Radio Show where we expose the myths of Entrepreneurship and Release the Weight of It All. We expose the struggle & pain of success and give solutions to excel. Real People, Real Issues and Real Talk with Expert Solutions.
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Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru
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Small Business Owners and Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Age 35-55
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1st & 3rd Thursday (starting on March 7, 2019)
8:30 pm EST
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