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#5842: WIME - World In My Ears wants to Hear From You

We are looking for people who have something interesting to share with our audience:

What struggles are you facing? What exciting story do you have to tell? What impacted you in the past? Broaden the horizon of our audience with your stories!

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WIME - world in my ears.
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"WIME - world in my ears." is an international radio show and podcast hosted by Phil and Kate, two business students from Germany. Phil and Kate want to take you on a journey experiencing other cultures, meeting new people and answering the questions you've always been asking yourself. Broaden your horizon with "WIME - world in my ears."

The show is broadcasted every Saturday through online radio worldwide and available every Sunday on demand (on over 15 platforms including iHeart, Spotify, iTunes, etc.). The main audience is located in the United States.
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Phil and Kate
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Please contact the guest relations team
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Every Saturday broadcasted and Sunday on demand.
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  • 10-25
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