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#5809: Careers Over Coffee seeks Professionals

We are seeking experienced professionals from any industry or profession (including entrepreneurs) to share their:

Career journey, insights, strategies, tips, and tricks other helpful information or resources for our college and young professional audience.

Our listeners are people from the age of 18-34 who are coming out of college looking to launch their career, people who feel stuck in their current career, and others who are looking to make a career change, with some looking to venture into entrepreneurship for the first time.

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Careers Over Coffee
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Careers Over Coffee is a podcast focused on providing college students and young professionals information, insights, strategies, tips, and tricks to launching and growing their careers from the day job to building a side-hustle, and beyond.

Some topics include budgeting, personal branding, entrepreneurship, writing and publishing books, negotiating salaries, finding a new job, networking, overcoming adversities, handling poor managers in the workplace, 'profession spotlights' focused on giving insight into different career paths, preparing their career for another financial crises, etc.

We are looking for guests who are interested in the mission of helping young professionals with their careers, while also benefiting from building their presence with a young audience. We will close out the episode with some time devoted to discussing and promoting your books, services, and/or products if you have something relatable to the scope of the show and the college / young professional audience.

We are also interested in building a long-term partnership with some individuals who we can build a mutually beneficial relationship with to come on the podcast on a semi-regular basis (few times a year).

Show Host Name(s):
Chris Kochan
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Chris Kochan
Booking Email Address: * chris@chriskochan.com
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College Students & Young Professionals
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  • Recorded podcast
  • Video webcast
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iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Soundcloud, Spotify, TuneIn. New podcast episodes air every Thursday.
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  • 10-25
Website URL: * http://www.careersovercoffee.com/
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