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#5807: The Ms. Reason Show seeks Entrepreneurs

#5806: Reality First needs You

We would like anyone established.

We are trying to grow our new podcast and this would allow us to have credibility and promote. A radio personality would be great.

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Reality First
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We are a new podcast with interesting topics ranging from sports, pop culture, technology, and anything relevant. The show isn’t scripted, myself and my cohost just have open discussions about the weekly topics. We have Chris’s corner where my cohost brings up a topic that stuck out to him during the week (last week was the story about the male nurse who raped and impregnated a patient in a vegetative state). We will be introducing a new “Shaking my Head moment of the week” where we will talk about something that just took us completely by surprise and made us shake our heads. We also cover real topics like the #metoo movement and the Michael Jackson documentary. It’s an open-forum discussion, no pressure!

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Ardis & Chris
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Ardis Dickens
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Our first episode has around 60 listens right now. Our demographic is anyone looking for relevant topics and engaging discussion
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  • Recorded podcast
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We are on all major podcast platforms, most notably Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Our show airs each Monday morning. (We didn’t release a show this week due to scheduling conflicts). We are in Eastern standard time zone
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  • New Show!
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