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#5766: The My Future Business Show is seeking Business Owners

The My Future Business Show is looking for BUSINESS OWNERS who want to share their business on the show.

Show Name: *
The My Future Business Show
Show Description: *

Hi, I'm Rick Nuske and I believe the rate of failure in small to medium size businesses is both unacceptably high and largely avoidable.

Thus, with the additional exposure that comes from being a guest on The My Future Business Show, your business can be seen and heard by an audience who tune in each time a new interview is released across our wide distribution network.

With so many people moving away from traditional employment, and more towards starting their own business, I feel strongly about doing what I can to help more and more entrepreneurs stay in business and prosper. And to achieve this important goal, I want to offer you a permanent voice on the popular My Future Business Show.

Selected guests of this popular business building show, take center stage where they get to tell their story and promote their business/book/technology - and they get to keep [and are free to use] their interview in both MP3 & MP4 format.

On The My Future Business Show, my focus is on helping you build a better, more productive, and profitable business that lasts...and I invite you to be my next special guest.

Show Host Name(s):
Rick Nuske
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Rick Nuske
Booking Email Address: * intro@myfuturebusiness.com
Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: *
Typical listeners are business-focused individuals who are looking for ways to build their businesses.

We have an aggregated audience of approximately 3800 unique individuals who tune in across our wide distribution channel each month. This number is always increasing, so as the show grows, more people will get to see your interview.

You will get to see details of our existing distribution network when you apply to be a guest on the show.
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  • Recorded podcast
  • Video webcast
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The show is broadcast after interviews are edited.
You can choose between audio or video for your interview.
Time zone automatically set using our online scheduler.
Show name is The My Future Business Show [https://myfuturebusiness.com]
How many episodes have you already produced? *
  • 101+ episodes
Website URL: * https://myfuturebusiness.com/
Show URL: * https://myfuturebusiness.com/show/
We do not encourage this but if you charge for interviews, ask for co-promotions, request "donations", or have other expectations of your guests, what are they and what do guests get back?

I'm looking for guests who are keen to share their knowledge and experience to gain more market exposure that helps grow their business, promote their book, or share their latest products.

If this is you, your first step is to visit The My Future Business Show interview information page at:


When you send through your contact form requesting an interview, please make sure to provide as much detail as possible about yourself [or your candidate].

The more information provided up front, the easier it is to assess whether or not you [or someone you nominate] are a good fit for the show.

If you have a media sheet or personal bio, feel free to upload it [in PDF format] via the contact page up-loader tool located at the bottom of the contact form [click on what looks like a paper clip].

Once received, it usually takes one [1] working day to assess your request to be interviewed. Given the popularity of the show, and the quality of applicants, not all applicants are successful.

If approved to book your interview, you will be notified by email which is simply a response to your initial contact form that you sent to us via our ticketing system.

When you book, there is a fee of $27. This small one-time fee has all but eliminated the problem where free guests would book, but not show up for the call.

It also shows that guests value their time on the show, and that they appreciate the hard work that goes into creating it, and in turn, having access to all of the additional benefits they receive as as guest.

So with that in mind...

As my guest, your interview is sent out across all of our media channels, and will be included as a permanent listing on the My Future Business site.

Your interview post is made 'sticky' meaning that your interview is on the first page for visitors to the My Future Business website.

Your interview will be put in front of our existing audiences that span across our Facebook Groups and Pages, WordPress.com, Google+, Twitter, iTunes podcasts, Stitcher podcasts, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others.

Your interview will be permanently listed on our main site [My Future Business] which is well-established and ranks highly in Google.

You will be sent a copy of your interview [of which you are free to use as you choose] in MP3 and MP4 format.

As far as free marketing exposure goes...you can either share your interview link back to the ranked My Future Business website which gets a great deal of traffic each day, and experience [ongoing exposure] for your business/book/venture - thus, making it very cost effective marketing over the long term. Hence our home page promise:

"We Get You In Front Of Your Best Customers, And Keep You There!"

Alternatively, you can use your high quality MP3 and MP4 copy of your interview for your use on your own website and media channels. Again, giving you evergreen content that you can use to promote your business, book, technology and so on.

To learn more about the show, and the process for booking your spot, click the following link...


If approved - you will be sent to a scheduling link to book in your interview.

I look forward to having you on the show!