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#5817: Upscale Ignorance seeks Entertainment Guests

#5640: 20 Minutes of Influence seeks Ecommerce Influencers and Online Business Owners

Those experienced with selling products online, whether you be a brand or an influencer.

I'm looking for those with a unique perspective on influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and other ways to help a business grow their online sales.

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20 Minutes of Influence
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Interviews with leading business owners and influencers. The show focuses on helping you sell more online, specifically physical products that are sold on ecommerce websites. What are the best ways to market your online store? How can you use influencers, affiliates, JV partners, brand ambassadors, and even your customers to promote your products and services for you? We explore these topics from the standpoint of both brands and influencers to grow your online sales.
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Greg Jameson
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Greg Jameson
Booking Email Address: * greg@webstoresltd.com
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varies from 100 to 1000 depending upon the guest. My email list is 17,000.
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  • Recorded podcast
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  • 25-50
Website URL: * https://gregjameson.com/
Show URL: * https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/20-minutes-of-influence/id1335266676?mt=2