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#5763: Sterling On Sunday is looking for Hot, Funny, Sexy Guests

Seeking guests who candidly talk about sex, intimate relationships.

Celebrities encouraged.

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Popular culture live show. Our show is on 100 of the largest radio stations in America from WLS Chicago, KMOX St. Louis to GUAM! LIVE. Guests will be given ample opportunity to promote books, shows, websites and their links will go on the show's social media. Guests have a good time and are often invited for repeat appearances.
Show Host Name(s):
Walter M Sterling
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Walter Sabo
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Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: *
Over 100,000 people per 15 minutes according to Nielsen. Our target audience is 35-54 year old adults who work the late shift.
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  • Broadcast radio show
  • Internet radio show
  • Recorded podcast
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Westwood One Radio network. Eastern Time zone 10 PM-1 AM. Same time as THE TONIGHT SHOW.
If traditional radio or TV broadcast, what city/state does your show reach? 
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  • 101+ episodes
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