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#5760: Fallacious Trump seeks a Fun Interview Guest

#5763: ShalandaSays is seeking Self-Improvement Experts

We are currently seeking self-help/self-improvement guests.

I am an executive career coach who specializes in time management and goal setting. I believe that we all have something special to offer and am building an audience that will give other professionals and experts the chance to share what they are passionate about in an effort to touch other people.

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As an executive career coach, I work with individuals in transition from one career to another coaching what we call "the whole person " As a result, I have started a podcast that gives listeners advice on all sorts of topics ranging from relationships to time management, career guidance, and everything in between.

We are currently located in San Diego so face-to-face interviews are great if you are in the area. Otherwise, I interview guests through video and audio formats. I ask guests what I call the "first five" questions- questions about why and how they got into their specialty. We go on to the "joke of the week" and conclude with a few more questions. Guests are also given the opportunity to answer one question sent in by a listener.

I promote the podcast through my social media platforms and groups which, as a whole, have over 125,000 contacts/members.

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Shalanda Tookes Wilder
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contact hostess
Booking Email Address: * shalanda@tookeswilderguidance.com
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Listeners include business professionals as well as couples and anyone looking to improve in their career and personal life.
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  • Recorded podcast
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Weekly Podcast
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  • 2-5
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Show URL: * https://castbox.fm/channel/id1491391?country=us