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#5701: Blue Cost Talk targets Sussex County Delaware

#5703: The CEO Spot is calling Small Business Experts

Small Business Experts.

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The CEO Spot
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The CEO Spot is a weekly show for entrepreneurs looking for the skills to grow their business. Learn from top industry experts who have built their businesses from the ground up. Being a CEO of a small business is challenging! As a new business owner I remember thinking, “I wish I could just call someone who has been in my shoes and ask them a couple of questions!” I created The CEO Spot so that YOU could connect with the information and people you need to grow your business! I can’t wait to celebrate your success!
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Amy Walker
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Stephen Walker
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Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners with 3 - 10 years of business experience. %60 Women/%40 Men. Ages 25 - 55.
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  • Internet radio show
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Zoom and Facebook LIVE + The CEO Spot + Thursdays + 12:30 PM ET.
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  • 10-25
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