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#5699: Last First Date Radio seeks Relationship Experts

My ideal guests are people who work with those dating and in relationships after 40.

I'm looking for experts with a unique point of view - a method with exercises to share, a way to communicate with ease, how to stay emotionally healthy, increase self-esteem in midlife, recover and heal after divorce or loss. I've had tons of matchmakers and dating coaches, so I'm looking for something new.

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Last First Date Radio
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Last First Date Radio is a featured show on Blog Talk Radio, dedicated to bringing expert advice on dating and healthy relationships in midlife. We get thousands of listeners monthly, and have featured world-renowned experts such as Arielle Ford of the Soulmate Secret, the founder of the Relationship Coaching Institute, David Steele, and TEDx Women speaker, Tanya Geisler.

Due to the high volume of requests, all guests are required to submit this form: http://lastfirstdate.com/radio-show-guest-application/. I'll review your submission, and if I think you'd be a good fit, I'll send available dates and call-in information.

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Sandy Weiner
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Mail head shots and questions to the host, Sandy Weiner
Booking Email Address: * sandy@lastfirstdate.com
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Audience demographic: men and women 40-70 years old. Mostly singles, but many married people say the show has helped them improve their marriages, too.

12K listens monthly
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  • Internet radio show
  • Recorded podcast
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The show airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-2:30 PM ET on BlogTalkRadio.

We are an internet radio show, airing live, and appearing on iTunes, Stitcher, FMPLayer, Google Play and most podcast platforms.

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  • 101+ episodes
Website URL: * http://lastfirstdate.com/lastfirstdate-radio/
Show URL: * http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lastfirstdate