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Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Speakers

#5697: New Age Influencers is seeking Online Influencers

This show is about online influencers and how they are ditching "average" 9-5 lifestyles.

On this show we feature guests who have large influence on social media in a certain niche.

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New Age Influencers
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BEHIND THE SCREEN conversations with social media influencers, celebrities, content creators, community builders, and entrepreneurs. Get an inside scoop into how they started building their brands from scratch in the smartphone era, and how this social influence has reshaped their current day to day lives. Each unique backstory will be completely raw and entertaining, but will also serve as inspiration for listeners who want to start building their own unique brand lifestyles by leveraging the social and online tools of today.
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Aaron Patton
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Aaron Patton
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