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The Author Chat Show wants Authors of Cookbooks

We're searching for authors of cookbooks to come on our Live streaming show and prepare a quick meal item live on YouTube! Show Name: * The Author Chat Show Show Description: * We promote authors of all genres. This holiday season we would like to help authors get those all important holiday sales. We broadcast a live streaming show on our YouTube channel. We are looking for authors who are comfortable in front of a camera so they can promote their books with a live streaming interview in front of millions of viewers. Show Host Name(s): Lynda D. Brown Booking... Read more →

Magnet For Love Podcast is looking for Love Experts

If you are in the field of Intimacy, sex, love, dating, relationships. I want to hear from you. Looking for guest speakers for Nov & Dec. Show Name: * Magnet For Love Podcast Show Description: * Honest, entertaining and witty – Lorna Poole shares in her podcasts the secrets to men, love, sex and relationships. Why am I still single? Am going to be alone forever? How do men think? How can I be better in bed? What does a guy mean when he says this…whatever your question is, if it has anything to do with men, love, sex and... Read more →

KEITV12 Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney is seeking Christians

We are seeking Christians to share on the Kingdom Hour. Show Name: * The Kingdom Hour Show Description: * We are seeking Christian Authors, Leaders, Coaches, Doctors, Pastors, and Song Artist to share on The Kingdom Hour with Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney. Show Host Name(s): Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney Booking Contact for Interviews: * Thanks for selecting Kingdom Empowerment, Inc's digital broadcasting channel, KEITV12 to successfully promote your products and services to the Body of Christ globally in the passion of Christ. You will gain visibility with our 1 Million Outreach tools after your session has been completed. We are... Read more →

Adrienne's P's & Q's talks Etiquette

Protocol Officers, Corporate Etiquette trainers, Quora expert, Reddit expert. Show Name: * Adrienne's P's & Q's Show Description: * Adrienne Barker has created a live impromptu show answering and discussing everything etiquette everyday. Adrienne uses reddit and quora social media sites to find the questions. Seriously Funny! Show Host Name(s): Adrienne Barker Booking Contact for Interviews: * Adrienne Barker 407-744-5355 Booking Email Address: * adrienne@professionalglobaletiquette.com Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Mostly Woman - 22 years old to 80 years old Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * New Show but at least 250 listeners Not... Read more →

The Election is almost here! Talk Radio wants to hear what YOU think...

It's an election year and Talk Radio shows looking for guests like YOU to interview! Are you a political expert, pundit, or author of a book about politics? Would you like to be interviewed about politics, elections, politicians, Republicans, Democrats, voting, and other issues? Learn how you can be a Featured Guest Expert on RadioGuestList.com. Advertise with RadioGuestList.com to get attention and publicity interviews for your political views and expertise. Book an ad with us so talk radio and podcasts will contact you for "on the air" interviews about the 2016 election, the candidates, and your political views, too. http://www.radioguestlist.com/get-radio-interviews-featured-guest-expert-sponsorships.html Read more →

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Naked Departure seeks People Abused in Barbados

Returning nationals who are robbed or abused in Barbados or any West Indian Island, Land fraud issues, Women and child issues. Show Name: * Naked Departure Show Description: * Naked Departure is a show that deal with women issues and sexual abuse of children. We also talk and deal with land fraud issues and the corrupting of Barbados and other islands. If you have had a notable experience in Barbados, please let us know. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Sheri Veronica Email Address: * nakeddeparture@gmail.com Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Caribbean and the Americas Audience Size for Your Show... Read more →

iHeart Radio Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman seeks Business Women Experts

We are looking for experts in Business Women including Business coaches, Marketing gurus, Profitability experts, Lifestyle strategists and more. If you have tips and strategies for women in business, we need to talk. If you bring value to women in business, we need to talk. If you want to empower women in business, yes, we need to talk. Show Name: * Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman Show Description: * Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman is about women in business both inside and outside the home, work/life balance, leadership and current events. It’s your connection to women... Read more →

Journey On Podcast seeks Expert Mompreneurs

Are you a Mompreneur or Women in Business who: 1) Is either a fitness pro or can share an inspirational, personal fitness story? 2) Has traveled internationally or domestically for business or pleasure in the last 12 months? 3) Has professional tips to benefit the Mompreneur or Women in Business. If you answered YES to all 3 of these questions, then you should be a guest on our podcast. Show Name: * Journey On Podcast Show Description: * We showcase Mompreneurs on our weekly show who have an affinity for fitness, travel for work/pleasure and have professional tips they can... Read more →

Shedding the B*tch Radio seeking Experts on Money, Investing, Budgeting

Looking for experts who can speak on and provide tips and advice on: For shows airing June 9, 16th or 23rd....Dealing with money mental and emotional issues to prevent impact to career, business and life. Impact money has on personal and business relationships, happiness, health and more. Investing by Women - their fears, strengths, focus and more. Show Name: * Shedding the B*tch Radio Show Description: * We deal with address top of mind topics for women in their career, business and life... helping them to discover, confront and shed the fears, insecurities, doubts, low self esteem and more (what... Read more →

Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman seeks Women Experts

We are looking for Women who are experts in the categories Life coaches, Business coaches, Writing coaches, Social Media coaches. We are trying to have all the experts on the show to help educate the women business owners that are out there. Show Name: * Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman Show Description: * Selling In A Skirt addresses both the woman’s need to use her gender- based talents and the male manager’s need to understand how to help her be successful by using her instinctive qualities rather than those which are natural to him. We have been on... Read more →

Beyond Your Blog seeks Experts

I interview an editor each week from an online or other type of publication that accepts writing submissions. My audience is primarily female bloggers looking to be published outside of their own blogs. Past guests have included NY Times, BlogHer, Chicken Soup For The Soul, Huffpost and many more. Show Name: * Beyond Your Blog Show Description: * I interview an editor each week from an online or other type of publication that accepts writing submissions. My audience is primarily female bloggers looking to be published outside of their own blogs. Past guests have included NY Times, BlogHer, Chicken Soup... Read more →

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Featured Guest Expert, Steve "The Dean" Williams, Relationship Expert

Steve "The Dean" Williams is a Relationship Expert who will welcome your listeners to the real world of love and happiness through real life dating tips and out-of-the-box sex techniques. An expert in relationships of all stages from the single life to the married life and all points in between, Steve teaches men and women how to unplug themselves from the dating matrix of TV, Radio, and magazines. Instead, Steve's upfront no-nonsense blunt dating advice goes against every thing people have been taught. This isn't "Chicken Soup for the Soul". Instead Steve believes that In order to get your dating... Read more →