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The Comedy Cast wants Comedians

I'm looking for gigging stand-up comedians or comedy authors/writers to come on my 30-40 minute, twice per week show to talk about all things comedy. Show Name: * The Comedy Cast Show Description: * A podcast where the guest is the main attraction, usually I ask the guest 12-15 questions about their career in comedy, why and how they got into it, their style, influences things like that and, of course, more personal questions following some research. I want more guests from North America, Australia and New Zealand. My sphere is kind of limited by my timezone (Ireland) and most... Read more →

SynergyCafe wants to talk Business

Online Entrepreneurs, Lifestyle By Design. Show Name: * SynergyCafe Show Description: * SynergyCafe is about Lifestyle Design. We interview experts in the areas Business, Marketing and Personal and Professional Development. Our mission is to move online chatter back over to real-life activity by giving a platform for experts to share their knowledge, wisdom and expertise with the world and the people that have an ear to hear. Show Host Name(s): BRAD 'MagicBrad' GUDIM Booking Contact for Interviews: * BRAD 'MagicBrad' GUDIM Booking Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Our audience is 'Lifestyle Entrepreneurs' with an interest... Read more →

The Worm Hole is looking for Hour Long Guests

The Warm Hole wants to talk Current affairs, art and culture and politics. Show Name: * The Worm Hole Show Description: * Politics, pop culture, humor, paranormal, it's all covered on the wormhole... Show Host Name(s): Reverend Worm Booking Contact for Interviews: * Frank Fiorello 810-627-9773 Booking Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * 18-70+ show for everyone but children Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * 500-2000 facebook live numbers Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Video webcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone +... Read more →

Syndicate Radio Sayin it Plain is looking for interesting Guest

We are looking for authors of motivational or self help books to come share there expertise with our audience. Relationship experts are a +. Show Name: * Sayin it Plain Show Description: * Sayin it Plain is an upfront in your face issue based radio talk show . The show is designed to help people with Dating & Relationship problems and tackle social and cultural issues. The show delves into hot button issues, with a mission to spark its listeners into action and uplift the community. Please note we are a Liberal Show with Liberal views on politics and social... Read more →

KISS FM The Naked Doctor Show seeks Health/Lifestyle Experts

Seeking health, wellness and lifestyle experts who can speak to our audience seeking the "naked truth" behind wellness and lifestyle. We share with our viewers alternative options for health and lifestyle. Show Name: * The Naked Doctor Show Show Description: * The Naked Truth about Health, wellness and lifestyle. Guests who are alternative practitioners and can share information on how to be the best you can be. Show Host Name(s): Dr. Tammy and Cryssie Booking Contact for Interviews: * Dr. Tammy Booking Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * men and women age 40-60 Audience Size for... Read more →

The Growth Mindset is looking for Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs & business owners with a story to tell and a large social media following. Show Name: * The Growth Mindset - A Podcast for Entrepreneurs Show Description: * The Growth Mindset was created to help beginning business owners on their journey into entrepreneurship. In the show, aside from asking you what you're all about, we'll ask you what your favorite quote to live by is and a few recommended readings for our listeners. Although the show will be promoted primarily through audio later on, we will be Facebook live broadcasting the interview through video the day of. Show... Read more →

Syndicated Radio Late Night in the Midlands wants to Know the Truth

We are looking for guest who are whistleblowers,UFO and or paranormal researchers. UFO,ET or paranormal experiencers including creatures like Bigfoot. Interested in the truth,your truth. Show Name: * Late Night in the Midlands Show Description: * Late Night in the Midlands has been on the air over 9 years hosted and created by Michael Vara. We cover Everything and expose the truth one show at a time. We air on several AM & FM stations and world wide on the internet. Airs weeknights 9pm until 12am eastern. Show Host Name(s): Michael Vara Booking Contact for Interviews: * Michael Vara email... Read more →

Tim Buendia doing Business wants to Talk Business

I'd like to interview all business people that are stuck in one part of their business. Show Name: * Tim Buendia doing Business Show Description: * In the city of Monrovia (where the show is being filmed) we talk about business, your business, business in general. The show is to inspire the viewers and overcoming difficulties is of the largest interest. Is your business stuck and you don't know where you'll take it from here? Tim Buendia will help you in the right direction. Show Host Name(s): Tim Buendia Booking Contact for Interviews: * Tim Buendia Booking Email Address: *... Read more →

Talk Business With Audrey VIP Thursday seeks Entrepreneurs

Guests who are entrepreneurs and have built their company into six figure companies or more. Online and brick and mortar entrepreneurs welcome. Show Name: * Talk Business With Audrey VIP Thursday Show Description: * On Thursday I interview some very special guest on a variety of business, marketing and success topics. The show is distributed across the HerTube Platform. Show Host Name(s): Audrey Bell-Kearney Booking Contact for Interviews: * Audrey Booking Email Address: * Audrey@HerTube.TV Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Entrepreneurs, mostly women Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * We have 86,000 subscribers to... Read more →

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Exposure with Stefan Mcmillan and Justin T. Watson seeks Experts

We want guest that create things for online consumption, this includes, youtubers, online broadcasters, prodcasters, and artists. We want to establish a platform where online content creators can talk about their creations , but also show aside they don't normally get to show in their content. Show Name: * Exposure with Stefan Mcmillan and Justin T. Watson Show Description: * Exposure is a podcast where online content creators can come to talk about themselves. It is also a place where we get to know more about the people behind the content we love. From the smallest and newest content creators... Read more →

UITA's Mid Day Rush seeks Charting/Charted Artists

Killeens UITA Internet Radio is currently in search of: Artists in the genre of hip hop/ pop/ and r&b that are currently charting or have charted within the past 3 years to do exclusive interviews that can be heard all over the world, as we give the listeners and artists on a come up a look into the world of hard working artist we have a great time and team here at UITA and we pride our self in making our guest feel at home it is a wonderful atmosphere. Show Name: * UITA's Mid Day Rush Show Description: *... Read more →

Atlanta's 1100 AM Chicks into Sports seeks In Studio Sports Pros

We are seeking Pro, Former, Retired, Athletes, and Coaches to appear on our newest Sports Show. Chicks into Sports is alive one-hour no holds barred talk radio show with a focus on all things sports, that will engage and entertain sports fanatics, and fashionistas of all ages and genders. Show Name: * Chicks into Sports Show Description: * Chicks into Sports is a one-hour Sports Talk Radio Show that will begin airing on Atlanta’s WWWE, 1100AM on July 3, 2015. For Women and Men who loves Sports. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Ky Howard Email Address: * Audience Demographics... Read more →

WHDT Television World News seeks Experts

Politics, gun control, vaccinations, mental health, GMO debate, FAA, FDA, TSA, Experts on religion, law enforcement, ISIS, Global warming. Show Name: * WHDT World News Show Description: * WHDT virtual channel 9 (channel 42), is a television station located in Stuart Florida WHDT produces high definition program content for syndication and for broadcast. Programming includes evening news and weather,automotive news and motorsport programs, documentaries, independent films, classical music concerts, equestrian sports, aviation, fishing, cooking, travel, high school athletics and syndicated entertainment shows. The station maintains a full high definition schedule, including paid programming. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Amanda Gabriel... Read more →

D'Newz seeks Experts

Comedians, Lawyers, Social Experts, Health Consultants, Authors, Hip Hop Entertainers, Urban Professional, New product inventors, Political Experts, Activist, Republicans and Democrats. Show Name: * D'Newz Show Description: * Normski and Capone bring you interviews, news, and what's viral in the number 1 Urban podcast. With humor, wit, and intelligence. Special guest with information to get information that you can you use. Real talk, real issues, real people. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Ruffus Magnium Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Ages 18- 35 58%, 35 - 45 29% Income 63% 0 - 45k, 32% 45-95k 57%... Read more →

Robert Christian show seeks Experts

The Robert Christian show is looking for guest who support same sex marriage, and those who have strong opinions either for it or against it. The supreme court is expected to rule in June on the issue. We would like three guest total on the issue. Show Name: * Robert Christian show Show Description: * North America's number one LGBT newstalk show . We are based in Seattle and have viewers of our live shows from all around the world. While we focus on LGBT news, often we cross the border and get into some serious cross talk. Booking Contact... Read more →

On the Go with Tiffany Patton TV Show seeks Exceptional Women Entrepr

Authors, business owners, artists, entertainers, financial specialist. Show Name: * On the Go with Tiffany Patton TV Show Show Description: * Magazine on tv that also includes traveling. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Kimberly Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * 18 to 54 Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * 50k per week The network 25 million Show Format: * Cable TV Recorded podcast Video webcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * Impact tv network Website URL: * Show URL: * If... Read more →

SynergyCafe seeks Meeting and Event Professionals

Professionals (Planners and Suppliers) in the business of Hospitality, Meetings, Conventions, Tourism and Special Events. Show Name: * SynergyCafe Show Description: * SynergyCafe is a internet based program, showcasing professionals in the business of Meetings, Conventions, Group Tourism and Incentive Travel. SynergyCafe is casual and non-formal. We start with the basics of who, what, where, when, how and why with our guests and then move into discussion of their specific business goals and roles in the Meetings, Events and Group Tour Industry. This will be FUN! If you've been in the business of EVENTS for any length of time, you... Read more →

The Smiles Show seeks Experts

The SMILES is a show hosted by Marie Ngwatoh every week on YouTube. Show Name: * THE SMILES SHOW Show Description: * The SMILES is a show hosted by Marie Ngwatoh every week on YouTube. She interviews people with different challenges in life but at the end GOD see them through. Despite all what life throw at them but God saw them through. This show is inspirational, motivational and encouraging. Booking Contact for Interviews: * 404-579-4949 Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * ALL THE CONTINENTS Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim:... Read more →

Unedited Cable TV What Really Matters NYC seeks Experts

Subject Matter Experts in: local NYC Politics, Gun Control, Middle East, Public Housing, Election Politics, New Technology, Undercover Intrigue, Fashion, Heroin Trafficking, Stop & Frisk, Digital Rights, NSA, etc. Anything that can plug into a current Narrative that New Yorker's can connect with. Show Name: * What Really Matters NYC Show Description: * A live, interactive, unedited, news/talk TV program that airs each Wednesday 8PM NYC Time in Manhattan on Time Warner 34, RCN 82, and FiOS 33 and streamed globally on the Internet. Dial: 212-757-1541 or use Skype ID: whatreallymattersnyc to join the conversation. Booking Contact for Interviews: *... Read more →

Marketing Strategy Session seeks Marketing Strategy Experts

I am looking to interview marketing professional on the various marketing methods used to grow businesses. The target audience are marketing executives at startups companies with a staff of 10 to 25 employees to enterprises with 500+ employees. I would like to share your unique perspective. Show Name: * Marketing Strategy Session Show Description: * The show interviews marketing experts and solution provider to provide practical insights as well as strategies to marketing directors and executives. These strategies are then put into use cases by actual companies looking for such a solution. The participating use case companies will then report... Read more →

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