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The Real HooDoo talks Paranormal

Paranormal topics only-magic, dreams, spirits, ghosts, ghosts hunting, haunting. Show Name: * The REAL HOODOO Show Description: * Hoodoo prior to 1920's... Hoodoo is a science..a technology, that utilizes the capabilities of the human spirit, mind and body to affect the total connection of the person with The Creator. It is a science that seeks out the truth of an issue and accepts it as being true only after it cannot be proven false. It is a technology because it utilizes the tools given for a proven result. Its tools are natural and simplistic, meaning they are intrinsic to nature... Read more →

Author Larry Toombs Gospel Radio show wants to talk Gospel

Gospel singers, authors, Evangelist, and ministers. Show Name: * Author Larry Toombs Gospel Radio show Show Description: * We talk about religion, boost Author careers, we allow Evangelist, preachers and teachers to teach, we educate the youth, we counsels the abused and battered women. Show Host Name(s): Author Larry Earl Toombs Booking Contact for Interviews: * 314-327-3836 Booking Email Address: * larrytoombs@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 500 Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * 5:00 pm central 647-478-0999 Website URL: *... Read more →

The God Zone Show seeks Influencers

Godly Christian ministry and business leaders and other strategic influencers who have: Compelling stories and actionable resources or services. Show Name: * The God Zone Show Show Description: * Encourages and trains listeners to live in God's power, authority, and love as they hear His voice, live with inspired purpose, prosper through trouble and help others do the same. Tips and methods are revealed and resources are recommended from Paul's discussions with ministry and business leaders and other strategic influencers who have compelling stories and actionable resources. Topics discussed are Family, Business, Community, & Ministry Leadership; Personal Development; Difficult People... Read more →

Everything Church Related wants Ministry Leaders

We are looking for Pastors and Ministry leaders who are: 1. Willing to tackle important questions concerning their ministry and problems they have encountered. 2. Who are knowledgeable in Spiritual matters. 3. Who are willing to share the "not so nice" side of being in ministry as well as the good times. These answers will help other ministry leaders who may be struggling with the very same issues. Your willingness to answer these questions will benefit them and the lay person who listens as well. Show Name: * Everything Church Related Show Description: * "Everything Church Related" podcast is a... Read more →

Cosmic Passport seeks Spiritual Paranormal Experts

We seek guests who are spiritual practitioners and paranormal experiencers. If you have experienced an NDE, alien contact, telepathy, telekinesis, angelic contact, animal communication or work as a paranormal researcher, healer or intuitive practitioner we would like to speak with you. Show Name: * Cosmic Passport Show Description: * Cosmic Passport airs weekend nights on spacedoutradio.com at 9 pm Pacific/12 am Eastern. The mission is to provide quality information and training for the paranormal and spiritual experiencer community. The host, Elizabeth Anglin, has been an alien abduction research subject, is bigfoot experiencer and communicator and a spiritualist medium, animal communicator... Read more →

My Seven Chakras wants to talk Alternative Healing

Our ideal guests are people who are experts in a particular field of: Alternative healing such as Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, natural weight loss, energy healing, EFT, Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong etc. They are people who blend Science and spirituality to help people improve their lives. They are people who have experienced challenges and trials in life and have come out triumphant. In other words, they have a story to share to transform people's lives around the world. Our show has been #1 on iTunes Canada, USA and India, in addition to being top 10 in many other countries for... Read more →

Divine Word Radio Opens Mic to Inspire Hope

Divine Word Radio is looking for those that want to share the true Gospel with our listeners. We welcome ministers and those that have experience supernatural callings from the lord to bring hope to the lost or hopeless. Show Name: * Divine Word Radio Show Description: * A radio platform that offers guest opportunity to share the true Gospel. We welcoming anyone that offers hope and inspires others. We welcome artist ministers and others with like interest Sharing the gospel with others Show Host Name(s): Carlos McKinney Booking Contact for Interviews: * divineradio@mail.com Booking Email Address: * divineradio@mail.com Audience Size... Read more →

Resurrection Of The Hope wants to send Positive Messages

Anyone who has a positive message that offers hope. We like to interview those who have written books those artist that have positive content and any one who have a life experience that requires hope We are advocates for the name of Jesus Christ and promote his name where ever we can to inspire others that God is not dead! Show Name: * Resurrection Of The Hope Show Description: * A platform that offers hope through the name of Jesus Christ. We offer our microphone to those that want to be heard to share experiences and we offer opportunity to... Read more →

SynergyCafe Online VIDEO Show talks Zodiac Astrology Horoscope

Astrologer - Psychics - Numerologists. Show Name: * SynergyCafe Online VIDEO Show Show Description: * The SynergyCafe Show is about Lifestyle Design in five (5) areas. Career, Finance, Relationship, Spirituality and Wellness. We are moving the online chatter, over to real-life activity. Show Host Name(s): BRAD 'MagicBrad' GUDIM Booking Contact for Interviews: * BRAD 'MagicBrad' GUDIM Booking Email Address: * magicbradpresents@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * CUSTOM SELECTED for EACH GUEST: The SynergyCafe Show is pre-recorded, then uploaded to YouTube, embedded on multiple blogs and websites, and then propagated out to multiple Social Media platforms with targeted... Read more →

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