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Blazing Women Entrepreneurs seeks Blazing Women Entrepreneurs

Is this you? 1.) Are you a Conscious Women Entrepreneur–especially a Coach, Consultant, or Healer, who is passionate about serving the world through your transformational business? 2.) Have you been in business two or more years? 3.) Do you have a regular blog or vlog? 4.) Have you been published, either in a collaborative book chapter or a book of your own? 5.) Have you already been a guest on other podcasts? 6.) Are you on a “mission” to help change the world? If so…I’d love to encourage you to apply to be a guest on the NEW Blazing Women... Read more →

The Rags To Niches Podcast wants Inspire You

We interview guests who has started from nothing and went on to find a unique niche in a BIG way! Show Name: * The Rags To Niches Podcast Show Description: * Our show focuses on the person who wants to take the leap to become and entrepreneur but doesn't know exactly how. We aim to inspire individuals to create a breakthrough in their lives. We have A LOT of fun in order to relate to the audience. Show Host Name(s): JR Booking Contact for Interviews: * Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * The 9-5... Read more →

Sunday Morning Coffee Podcast wants Interesting People Doing Cool Things

I am searching for musicians, actors, writers, athletes or anyone else that has a cool and interesting story to tell. An example of episodes that I have done: - A woman who built a blog based on the story of her husband going to prison for white collar crimes and reaching 30k views per post. - A musician that released 3 albums from 1973-1983 without a record deal and sold them in bars, local shops, and out of the trunk of his car. - A writer and filmmaker that created a short film is 7 days and won an award... Read more →

Service Available: Seeking guests for a chronic pain podcast series

Calling all Chiropractors, Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioners , Rheumatologists, Functional Medicine Doctors, Eden Energy Healers, Pain Management Specialists, Herbalists, Bedding Specialists, Sleep Therapists, Health Food Stores and Chinese Medicine Specialists for a unique opportunity. Due to the demand of our clients, Fibro Patient Education and Support Organization in the Chicagoland area is seeking guests for our Fibromyalgia Talks cable show on Channel 4 & AT&T Uverse and our Podcast on iTunes, The Fibromyalgia Health Detective. • Seven in ten Americans feel that pain research and management should be one of the medical community's top few priorities (16%) or a high... Read more →

Online Business Realm is looking for People Making A Living Online

Hey guys, My name is Dusty Porter, and I run the Online Business Realm podcast. I am looking for individuals who are making a living (Either Full Time or a Side Hustle). I want guests who are doing this in a creative way and can share value on how to start and grow an online business. Show Name: * Online Business Realm Show Description: * Dusty Porter shares his knowledge on how to start, grow, and monetize an online business. Discover how you can create multiple streams of income in as little as a couple of weeks. We talk affiliate... Read more →

Life's Necessities & Luxuries seeks Guests

I am looking for experts in finance, health, personal trainers, travel, event planners and those who can help my tribe with saving money on living expenses. Show Name: * Life's Necessities & Luxuries Show Description: * This show is to help men and women who are seeking to live a very necessary and luxurious lifestyle. I talk about the various topics on life, body, home and spirit. In need of experts in these fields to give them more additional fuel to keep living fulfilled lives. Show Host Name(s): Dawn-Marie Mutell Booking Contact for Interviews: * Dawn-Marie Mutell Email Address: *... Read more →

Allen Vaysberg, Love Expert and Author

Allen Vaysberg is a "Life Recalibration" expert who helps people learn how to love themselves, love others, love their day, and put it all together in order to live a more love-filled life! His new book, The New Love Triangle, is a life changer! Short enough to be read in one sitting, the book is a powerhouse for facilitating lifelong transformation and more successful relationships. Best-selling author Allen Vaysberg is authentic and funny while masterfully weaving in practical applications that make it easy to add love to every part of life. You'll come away with a new perspective and simple... Read more →

The Building Ambition Podcast is seeking Health Experts

We are looking for guests to cover topics regarding: Extreme weight loss and total transformation. We cover areas including, nutrition, fitness, goal setting and the mentality it requires to follow through with a goal. We have been downloaded in 19 different countries and numerous cities and states within the United States. Show Name: * The Building Ambition Podcast Show Description: * The Building Ambition Podcast strives to create a strong desire for success within men and women each week by featuring inspiring guests, client testimonials, and educational segments from top minds within the fitness, nutrition, and self-help industries. Real People,... Read more →

Fueling Personal & Entrepreneur Creative Success

Authors, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Speakers, Actors, and Online Professionals who’ve experienced personal, professional, or physical difficulty, but made a decision to keep moving forward, and ultimately achieved success in life. Sometimes we need to be creative to find a solution that leads to success or living your dream. The Creative Success Show is a stepping stone for others on the way to living their dreams. Being on The Creative Success Show provides guests an opportunity to get in front of 1000+ unique listeners who're early along their journey of entrepreneurship and are looking for the guidance, advice, and motivation to make... Read more →

The Authors Show to interview fiction authors

At this time we are looking to interview fiction authors in all categories. Adventure, children, fantasy, historical fiction, inspirational, mystery, paranormal, religion, romance, SciFi, spirituality, suspense, thriller, urban fiction, women literature, etc., except erotica. Request interviews by submitting interview form at Interviews are conducted via telephone. Show Name: * The Authors Show Show Description: * The Authors Show is in its 11th year of successfully providing online media exposure for authors on multiple platforms; it is more than a "show" in the traditional sense of the word, it is a professional book marketing audio & video program that offers... Read more →

Live to Win Now seeks Success Coaches/Entrepeneurs

I want to interview guests that have made it despite obstacles life has thrown in their way. I also want personal coaches who have a grasp on what it takes to change a persons mindset so they can overcome themselves. The show is called "Live to Win NOW" for a reason, to help others find a way to live their best life NOW! It's a new podcast but I've been doing it for five years online and longer than that on "real" radio. I have a following of over 5,000 subscribers and more then that listen on a casual basis.... Read more →

Together 24/7 is seeking Couples In Love and In Business Together

We are looking for couples who have created a business together. The business must be their own, not a franchise or network marketing company. The interview will deal with how you decided to start your business, what made you two think you could do it without ruining your relationship (married, living together, shacking up, spousal equivalents, etc.) Our listeners want to know more about you and what it takes day-to-day to find a work/life balance when you are together 24/7. We'll ask some fun questions too, like what's your favorite meal and what's a pet peeve. Show Name: * Together... Read more →

Warren Wilson, Successful Inventor

Warren Wilson is a proven expert in using the inventive process to create new businesses, products, services or solutions to your problems. More importantly, he explains proven strategies to increase the creative abilities of your listeners and the people they work with. Within a very short space of time they can have more new products, services and solutions to their problems than they ever thought possible. Everything Warren does, including his book, How to Think Like an Inventor, is designed to help people have more of what THEY want in life. He hopes to inspire and educate people to have... Read more →

Top Health Strategies Used by Successful Entrepreneurs To Add To Their Bottom Line

Experts that have transformed their business. Grown their business and added revenue and profit to their business through improving their health. If you have specific tangible number. Show Name: * Top Health Strategies Used by Successful Entrepreneurs to add to their bottom line Show Description: * Every week we cover topics from Mindset, Health. I have a guest panel of 1-3 guests Guests get access to my audience and free exposure to increase their own clientele We cater to new entrepreneurs and people in the 9-5 arena that are looking to start a business. The crowd we serve is particularly... Read more →

My Seven Chakras seeks Alternative Health Experts

Our ideal guests are people who are experts in a particular field of alternative healing such as: Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, natural weight loss, energy healing, EFT, Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong etc. They are people who blend Science and spirituality to help people improve their lives. They are people who have experienced challenges and trials in life and have come out triumphant. In other words, they have a story to share to transform people's lives around the world. Three days in a week, thousands of co-creators around the globe tune-in to our show, yearning to learn something new, get inspired... Read more →

Real Talk with S. Pam Gordon wants you to Join Our Hot Topics Panel

Looking for a diverse group panel to include Men, Women, LGBT, Black, Caucasian, Latino, Native American, Asian, etc. Panel can include but limited to Actors, Authors, Comedians, Experts, Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Politicians, Television/Radio/Podcast personalities, etc. Show Name: * Real Talk with S. Pam Gordon Show Description: * our show premise is designed to deliver positive programming to our listeners by engaging in real conversation with real people. RTSPG brings empowering and inspirational guests to build a connection with our audience. We create an open dialog discussion with callers on real life topics and issues such as relationships, physical and drug abuse,... Read more →

Mike Krosky: Dating Site Owner and Relationship Expert

Mike Krosky has a wealth of knowledge to share from years of experience helping thousands of dating site members find love and happiness. Imagine the feeling of falling in love again: So many have given up on this, but Mike can help you find your true love. By sharing his knowledge he can provide people dating online better knowledge of the pitfalls and obstacles to avoid and the positive mindset you need to be successful. Mike wants to promote the possibility of falling deeply in love with someone who is a wonderful match to what you want. They most likely... Read more →

99.3 FM Girlfriend Get A Life Radio/TV Show seeks Women's Stories

Everyday Women Needed! If you've gone through a life changing experience with your children, or domestic abuse or financially or just anything....and you have come through it with a closer spiritual connection to God, contact the Girlfriend Get A Life Radio/TV Show and empower all the women who listen so that they can change their lives as well! Show Name: * Girlfriend Get A Life Radio/TV Show Show Description: * The Girlfriend Get A Life Radio/TV Show is a daily 4 hour syndicated show out of Barbados in the Caribbean. The show is real, raw and relevant and explores Women's... Read more →

Middle Aged Knowledge Drop is looking for a Variety of Guests

Interested in anyone who can speak to the following topics and able to drops hints and tips: Wine, how to Power Up the Corporate Ladder, Raising great Kids, History, Travel, Music, Kettelbells, Table Tennis, Bass Guitar, Golf, Artisan Cheeses, Art of Sabrage, Ukelele, international travel, Science, Religion, Gaming, Charcuterie, Movies and Arm Wrestling. Sommeliers - I, as my guests, have a strong interest in wine and I would love to have an interview with someone knowledgeable in the subject. Kettlebell fitness experts - I have used solely kettlebells to lose 25 lbs and 4 inches off my waist. I wanted... Read more →

Beyond the Basics Health Academy Podcast is calling Health and Wellness Experts

Beyond the Basics Health Academy is looking for health and wellness experts to share their knowledge and insight with our listeners. We have many different podcasts and the interest of our listeners is widespread on health and wellness. Our goal is to provide our listeners with more information about integrative health. We would love to have you on the show to spread your message and knowledge and you are able to promote anything you would like while doing so. Show Name: * Beyond the Basics Health Academy Podcast Show Description: * We have this passion for Health and Wellness. Beyond... Read more →

YouTube Creators Hub seeks Great YouTube Content Creators

I want to interview interesting and successful video content creators on YouTube. Individuals who can talk about their journey on YouTube and what got them where they are. Someone who can articulate to my audience and bring great value about their online content creation process. Show Name: * YouTube Creators Hub Show Description: * A podcast that brings value to someone who is looking to start a YouTube channel or already has one and wants to see it grow. Show Host Name(s): Dusty Porter Booking Contact for Interviews: * Dusty Porter Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show:... Read more →

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Our Premium Email Guest Requests service will bring you a LOT more Guest Requests. The service usually more than pays for itself by getting you more publicity, so you can make more sales. But the price is jumping 25% on Tuesday. So if you're interested, grab the Free Trial and lock-in today’s low rate here now: You won't see a lower price on our Premium Emails and the small investment can really help your business grow. [Plus it's probably tax-deductible!] Read more →

Pitch This Podcast seeks Experts

Anyone who is a creative type. Artists, writers, designers. Anyone who has a failed project or projects on the backburner they want to discuss. Why it didn't work, what could make it work, what would you do different now... Show Name: * Pitch This Podcast Show Description: * Pitch This Podcast, is a show about the creative project and not about the projects that have succeeded, more, about the ones that have failed. We discuss our favorite projects that didn't make it or are put on haitus. What could make them work, what you would do different now, where you... Read more →

Different Strokes for Different Folks seeks Experts

I am looking for a diverse roster of guests for my one hour radio show that airs live on Friday nights, 7:30PM ET. I am looking for religious leaders, recovering people, authors, psychics, healers, astrologists and other spiritually gifted people in addition to the common human who has an inspirational story to share. Show Name: * Different Strokes for Different Folks Show Description: * Different Strokes for Different Folks is where you will be finding common ground and taking it to the next level. This show will encourage you to keep an open mind and prepare to open the door... Read more →

Radio Book Shelf - Authors on Real Radio seeks Experts

Political, Self-Help, Professional, History, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Sports, Education, Government, Entertainment. Show Name: * Radio Book Shelf - Authors on Real radio Show Description: * Promoting authors and speakers on the radio. Radio is Book Shelf lets listeners order the books while you are on the radio as a book guest. RBS also has a live chat feature with the station host and guest for listeners to interact during the interview. we place guests on a variety of talk shows with different hosts. Booking Contact for Interviews: * VAn- 952-955-6596 Email Address: * complete the GUEST APPEARANCE PROFILE- at Read more →

The Kevin Zimmerman Show seeks Positive/Inspirational Guest

Authors, Positive Speakers/Entertainers, Veteran Supporters, and Entrepreneurs. Show Name: * The Kevin Zimmerman Show Show Description: * This show provides wholesome inspiration, information, and entertainment. It is dedicated to our US Service Members and their families but is applicable to all. We are proud to announce that we have over 100,000 listeners worldwide and growing. Many of the listening audience are deployed service members serving abroad. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Tiffany Haynes Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Professionals and Authors Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * We are proud... Read more →

Tough Talk Christian Radio seeks Christian Authors & Speakers

We are looking for Christian Business Owners, Authors and Speakers who are spreading the word of God. We are trying to have all the experts on the show to help educate the listeners. We at Tough Talk Christian Radio provide the platform for guest to gain maximum growth and visibility. Show Name: * Tough Talk Christian Radio Show Description: * Tough Talk Christian Radio is for those who want to share and receive expressions of faith that will help you take the next step in your relationship with Christ. Listen in to find out from others about their experiences of... Read more →

Health Media Now- It's About Being Healthy seeks Experts

This is a weekly, live 50-minute program where experts discuss in a lively and informative conversation topics that inspire, support and inform listeners about health issues. Many people have busy lives and find it difficult to stay current on recent books, new technologies, medical treatments, supplemental products, nutrition, fitness information and tips. This program is known for it's professionalism and will entertain and empower--in less than one hour! Show Name: * HEALTH MEDIA NOW-IT'S ABOUT BEING HEALTHY! Show Description: * Looking for experts in their fields who have a positive message and enjoy sharing their passion for the work they... Read more →

Online Success Journey seeks Experts

I’m looking for entrepreneurs who have found success online. Your version of success may be that you've created a business to supplement your income - it may be financial independence. Either way, your journey is what interests my listeners. It’s only logical to assume that since your current clients have benefited from your products/services, others can, too! Show Name: * Online Success Journey Show Description: * I’m launching a new Podcast – a unique exploration of success stories like yours called the Online Success Journey, and I would welcome the opportunity to share your journey with my fans. This is... Read more →