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The George Wilder Jr. Show seeks Motivational Speakers

Motivation speakers. People who dedicated in helping those, pertaining to their own life experiences. They would want to appear because they are trying to reach those who would likely benefits from what they say. Show Name: * The George Wilder Jr. Show. Show Description: * The George Wilder Jr. Show is an internet radio talk show. There have been a variety of guests who have appeared to talk about anything pertaining helping others. We also talk whatever is going on in the world and try to make it better. It is a show that is out of the City of... Read more →

Confession Radio is looking for People Who Like to Help Others

I'm looking for some people who like to help other people. The audience sends in issues that they need answers to and I want to open this up to more than just my thoughts. I have had an awesome response on this and want to keep it going. I started this idea in Jan 2017 and already have over 100,000 downloads, about 1,000 + a day! Please email me at show contact info. Show Name: * Confession Radio Show Description: * This unique show engages the audience with a variety of topics that range from light and humorous to deep... Read more →

Wealthy Business Goddess Show is a Conscious Spiritual Business Show

Guests will be established coaches, speakers, authors (spiritual, business, self help) who will share: Personal story, inspirational and empowering content, together with actionable tips and take a ways. Show Name: * Wealthy Business Goddess Show Show Description: * The Wealthy Business Goddess Show aims to inspire, spiritual entrepreneurs to step more purposefully into their Divine Feminine Leadership, and Conscious Business, to transform their purpose and passion into prosperity as they transform the world, doing what they love. All Video interviews will be 60 mins maximum and take place through webinarjam or skype. Show Host Name(s): Kimberley Lovell Booking Contact for... Read more →

Obviously Esoteric seeks Metaphysical, Paranormal, Alternative Spirituality Experts

I am looking for experts in the: Metaphysical, fringe science, paranormal, extraterrestrial, holistic health, alternative spirituality, new age, self help, occult ect. Show Name: * Obviously Esoteric Show Description: * Obviously Esoteric discusses topics that many might find taboo or unusual and tries to bring the hidden truths about these subjects to light. The episodes will focus heavily on metaphysical exploration and fringe science as well as the paranormal, extraterrestrial and downright strange. From Astrology to Zen and everything in between this show will delve into topics by speaking with Authors, practitioners, experts, scientists and more to leave no mystery... Read more →

How To Live on Purpose needs Self-Improvement Experts

Life coaches, therapists, personal trainers, psychics, master teachers, psychologist. Show Name: * How To Live on Purpose Show Description: * Self-improvement, empowerment, health. Show Host Name(s): Nikia Graves Booking Contact for Interviews: * Nikia Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Hi we are a new show. We are looking to build our audience and if you're looking to gain interview experience or get your name out there, please contact us immediately so we can schedule your show. Thank you in advance! Nikia Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters... Read more →

Spiritual/Self Help Summit

I am having holding an educational and cross promotional summit. Show Name: * Name not etched in stone yet, manager is developing. Show Description: * A spiritual, self-help summit that is educational. Guests should be established, prepared and polished; unfortunately this is not an opportunity for new authors, speakers and coaches. Demographic is mostly ages 35+, female. IMPORTANT: Guests will be expected to promote/send to their mailing list at least twice, and on social networking, at least twice. Guests must AT THE TIME OF APPROVAL be prepared to send a clear, professional headshot. I am looking for very specific guests... Read more →

The Optimized Condition is seeking Health and Wellness Experts

Looking for experts who aim to improve the lives of people by sharing their expertise in all aspects of: Wellness including nutrition, training, mindset, finances,and alternative medicine. Show Name: * The Optimized Condition Show Description: * The Optimized Condition provides a forum where guests share trend setting ideas, life hacking tactics, and cutting edge advice. Each guest aims to improve the lives of people by sharing their expertise in topics from health, nutrition, mindset, finances, and alternative medicine. Show Host Name(s): Omar Cumberbatch Booking Contact for Interviews: * Omar Cumberbatch Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for... Read more →

The Billionaire Lifestyle - Bankrupt to Prosperity Its Not About Money but Living

Light workers and lifestyle creators. I am looking for guest who have altered their thinking from the past to a more positive open mindset. Show Name: * The Billionaire lifestyle - Bankrupt to prosperity Show Description: * Looking for people who have changed their mindset from poor to abundant. Authors, bloggers, and content creators welcome. I looking to share your journey. Show Host Name(s): Emmitt Muckles Booking Contact for Interviews: * Emmitt Muckles Skype: emmitt.muckles 734-419-9107 Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 700 per month so far Show Format: * Recorded podcast... Read more →

CJEVolution Podcast is looking for Criminal Justice Experts

Police & Law enforcement experts, Leadership experts, Communication experts, Self defense experts, Business experts. Show Name: * CJEVolution PODCAST Show Description: * A show for criminal justice professionals. Talking about various issues in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Show Host Name(s): Patrick Fitzgibbons Booking Contact for Interviews: * Jennifer Fitzgibbons Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Criminal justice professionals. 63000 downloads. 1000 per episode. Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * MST Website URL: * Show URL: *... Read more →

Magnet For Love Podcast is looking for Love Experts

If you are a: Dating, sex, relationship, intimacy coach, self-esteem, confidence, flirting, marriage, male point of view (from dating expert only) we are looking for guests. We want to hear from you. Our audience are single professional women in their 30's or 40's + looking for love. Show Name: * Magnet For Love Podcast Show Description: * Honest, entertaining and witty - Lorna Poole shares in her podcasts the secrets to men, love, dating, sex and relationships. Why am I still single? Am going to be alone forever? How do men think? How can I be better in bed? What... Read more →

Together WE Elevate Gets Business Results

Ideal guest would be a small business owner. This could be a solo-preneur or someone with a small team. This guest has a business, yet has encountered some challenges/setbacks/ and/or wants to grow into something bigger and looking for some help getting there. This person wants to be on this show since they will receive personalized solutions and actions in order to grow their business (and themselves) to the next level. This is also a chance for the guest to gain visibility and publicity for their business while also benefiting from becoming a community partner with the collaborative community Brilliance... Read more →

New Featured Guest Expert: Dr. Art Capperauld, Healthy Weight Loss Expert, Teacher and Lecturer

People need to know that being healthy is something that is available to all. Good health, including healthy weight loss, is not an elusive “thing” that is only available to a few but a byproduct of learned “healthy habits”. As President of Concepts For Health, Dr. Art Capperauld has developed a unique system of health and healing over the last 23+ years of his clinical experience with 10’s of 1000’s of people asking his advice from coast to coast. Health is dependent upon many things and the older we get, the more vital health and independence becomes to all of... Read more →

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Unfortunately, it's hard to learn the "secrets" to getting booked for free radio and podcast interviews... Have you noticed that anyone who figures out how to promote their books and products “on the air” for free usually keeps the info to themselves! But getting more publicity and then more website traffic and sales is your goal, isn’t it? To help solve this problem check out the “How to Get Radio Interviews” MP3s Training Series TODAY at This exclusive package of 4 hours of broadcast industry “behind the scenes tips” can help YOU learn to get booked for free publicity... Read more →

New Featured Guest Expert: Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, Disaster Survival and Medical Experts

Dr. Joseph "Bones" Alton, M.D. and Nurse Amy Alton can help your family survive a disaster. Disaster survival medical experts, Dr. and Ms. Alton's mission is to prepare the average family, especially the non-medically trained, to handle medical issues such as injuries and illness when medical personnel may be overwhelmed or emergency help may not be immediately available. Their Survival Medicine Handbook is a medical how-to guide to helping the average person deal with medical issues in disaster situations where help is not on the way. An interview with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy will bring your listeners practical medical... Read more →

Featured Guest Expert Available: Interview Bart Smyth, International Healer

Bart Smyth, International Healer, offers simple, natural techniques for medical miracles without the side effects. Bart can explain how to find relief from physical pain and mental or emotional issues with his simple healing techniques that anyone can learn. He can help your listeners learn to heal themselves, their family, and even their pets, as well as do on-air healings. Based on his 25 year journey from addictions and accidents to becoming an International Healer and teacher of self-healing techniques, Bart's expertise includes decades of training in Internal arts, healing arts, a combination of Hakomi-Jungian Psychotherapy/Shamanic teachings, and training with... Read more →

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Want to learn how to get more free on-the-air interviews on radio and podcast talk shows to promote your expertise and products? Learn about our exclusive radio publicity training series here. You can get your own MP3 recording copies of all 4 hours of the best radio publicity training anywhere. This exclusive package of 4 hours of broadcast industry “behind the scenes tips” can help YOU learn to get booked for free publicity interviews on top radio shows, podcasts, and even TV, too. This kind of detailed, step-by-step radio publicity training is what you have been looking for to help... Read more →

Featured Guest Expert, Kim Ades, Self-Development Through Thought Management Expert

Kim Ades specializes in coaching high-profile, highly-driven individuals who are interested in achieving extraordinary goals. An author, speaker, entrepreneur, MBA, coach, and mother of five, Kim is one of North America's foremost experts on performance improvement and self-development through thought management. By using her unique process of coaching through journaling, she works with motivated clients to unveil and switch their thought patterns to ignite significant organizational change and personal transformation. As President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngine(TM) Software, Kim also trains hundreds of coaches yearly on the art of coaching and incorporating journals into their coaching... Read more →

Featured Guest Expert: Steve "The Dean" Williams, Relationship Expert

Steve "The Dean" Williams is a Relationship Expert who will welcome your listeners to the real world of love and happiness through real life dating tips and out-of-the-box sex techniques. An expert in relationships of all stages from the single life to the married life and all points in between, Steve teaches men and women how to unplug themselves from the dating matrix of TV, Radio, and magazines. Instead, Steve's upfront no-nonsense blunt dating advice goes against every thing people have been taught. This isn't "Chicken Soup for the Soul". Instead Steve believes that In order to get your dating... Read more →