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Let's Face It w/ Wil Strayhorn & Friends wants to Transform Lives in 2018

Seeking People who have empowering messages, techniques or information to help improve the situation, circumstances and lives of others. These people could be Life coaches, Authors, Therapists or Individuals who have something to share that will strengthen and encourage. Show Name: * Let's Face It w/ Wil Strayhorn & Friends Show Description: * A weekly radio show designed to inspire, encourage, entertain & motivate listeners by discussing some of the hottest topics in our society today! We will have industry experts answer some of your most thought-provoking questions, Call in guests share informative information as We Take an enlightening and... Read more →

iHeart Radio No Small Victories seeks Guests For Autism Topics

We are looking for guests who have something to offer in related to autism awareness, education or advocacy. Show Name: * No Small Victories Radio Show Show Description: * NSV Radio online is a weekly podcast that is geared toward the autism community. The show offers insight, education, and a safe place for conversation for those that are advocates, supporters, educators and family members of those on the autism spectrum. The show also airs on IHeart radio Show Host Name(s): Jacqueline Williams-Hines Booking Contact for Interviews: * Dana Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show:... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Relationship Experts

Relationship Experts that includes: Work and career experts on human relations in the workplace with supervisors, bosses, manager and colleagues as well as career paths to pursue, planning for life after retirement, entrepreneurship, etc. Show Name: * Between The Lines (BTL) Show Description: * This show was a podcast 6 years ago on the Blogtalkradio network BUT now it has been revamped and upgraded to a Live video webcast. Aired live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 30 mins from 10:30 am till 11:30 am EST until the clock changes as of Nov 5th 2017, the show will be aired... Read more →

The San • IT Project Podcast is looking for You

Communications Expert, Leadership Expert, Personal Development Expert. Show Name: * The San • IT Project Podcast Show Description: * Joanne Victoria is the host of the "The San • IT Project Podcast", and partners with IT Professionals in Telecommunications, Technology, Entertainment and Mass Media whose work/life integration plan has imploded and who want more success, more confidence, more fun and more inner peace. Joanne Victoria interviews experts in the areas of Leadership, Anxiety, Relationships, Money, Health & Wellness, Leadership, Spirituality, Stress, Communication, Mindfulness and Communication. The San • It Project podcast is a platform for experts in the Personal Development... Read more →

Talk in the Night needs You

I am big into the paranormal and those are the topics I tend to gravitate towards But I am really looking for guest in all aspects of different genres and experts from different fields of expertise. Why would you want to appear on Talk in the Night? Well I used to do this show a while back and gotten some great guest from here and I am bringing back the show because my listeners and followers want answers. Now this show is restarting so I am working on building the audience back up so I will not lie, it will... Read more →

Brittany has your Number - Fun Dating Advice from Numerology Expert!

Brittany Johnson will keep your audience on the edge of their seats with dating advice based on Numerology. Everybody has a birthday.... those six familiar digits we use to fill forms, recite over and over, and celebrate once a year. But did you know those Numbers are a part of your destiny? It's time to explore the entertaining, and mystical relationship between your numbers and who you are. It's time to check out Steampunk Numerology by booking famous Numerologist and Steampunk enthusiast Brittany Johnson for on-air live interviews or free audience participation call-in Numerology Readings. Brit can reveal amazing things... Read more →

The Happy Hour Podcast With NishaT & Company is Social Culture

Social Culture. "Shares Live As It Happens" A Social person that can talk about whats been seen done everywhere around them or others, their opinions or facts about it. The Culture life style of relationships, music, fashion and achievement. Show Name: * The Happy Hour Podcast With NishaT & Company Show Description: * The Happy Hour Podcast with NishaT & Company "Share Life As It Happens" Whether NishaT and guest discussing hip hop music or relationship, NishaT is a journalist and brings her own unconventional approach to the subject matter. NishaT Generation audience 20-up outlook provides a fresh look at... Read more →

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Unfortunately, it's hard to learn the "secrets" to getting booked for free radio and podcast interviews... Have you noticed that anyone who figures out how to promote their books and products “on the air” for free usually keeps the info to themselves! But getting more publicity and then more website traffic and sales is your goal, isn’t it? To help solve this problem check out the “How to Get Radio Interviews” MP3s Training Series TODAY at This exclusive package of 4 hours of broadcast industry “behind the scenes tips” can help YOU learn to get booked for free publicity... Read more →

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Want to learn how to get more free on-the-air interviews on radio and podcast talk shows to promote your expertise and products? Learn about our exclusive radio publicity training series here. You can get your own MP3 recording copies of all 4 hours of the best radio publicity training anywhere. This exclusive package of 4 hours of broadcast industry “behind the scenes tips” can help YOU learn to get booked for free publicity interviews on top radio shows, podcasts, and even TV, too. This kind of detailed, step-by-step radio publicity training is what you have been looking for to help... Read more →