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I have not had any interviews yet, but have a few set up in the next month. Your service/newsletter has been great and very informative. Thanks alot PG

Sandy Weiner

I posted a request for guests on my show at, and was inundated with requests to be on the show! I am booked for two guests/week through December from one post. Thank you for being a great resource. I have already recommended you to other radio hosts.

Sandy Weiner

Ed Opperman


Since signing up about a year ago I've had great success getting booked for interviews.
It's been great for selling my book and getting traffic to my web site.

Ed Opperman
Opperman Investigations Inc

Laura M. Labovich

It's been only a month since I happened upon your site but, boy, am I thrilled with it! I've had two radio appearances so far, and have two more opportunities booked! I'm really enjoying the variety of shows, and meeting new hosts (and friends)! Keep up the fabulous work!

Robert Mix

I just got my first response for a booking on the HollywoodLee radio show. I will update you when the actual interview in booked. Thank you.
Robert D. Mix, Doctor of Pharmacy
Author: "Confessions of a Pharmacist"

Charles Curcio

I received a booking within a day of submitting my request. Wow, talk about sudden service. However, on another note, I requested information from one of your publicists, CK Lewis who was non-responsive.


I have had good experience and had fun. I am looking to start my own radio show and found it helpful to see the radio show formats.

Jesse Elkns

I was thrilled to use Radio Guest List. It provided me with lot's of opportunities to interview great guests.

I highly recommend any podcast; new and inexperienced to give this service a try.

Robert Sharpe

Great source of radio guests! Had a phenomenal response to post. Many interesting, topic-appropriate guests booked on my Mystical Cruise Show. Looking forward to finding shows where I can be a guest to talk about my book Joy Potential.

Thank you! I will be sure to let listeners know to source of guests.


Brilliant service, recommended for everyone with a radio show. Hopefully you don't get too big, where would I get my guests?!

Damon Nailer

The experience with Radio Guest List has been phenomenal. I've booked several interviews and I have a few upcoming appearances as well. The networking opportunities and people I'm connecting with are invaluable. Thanks for doing what you do!!!

gigi capone

i love! Thank you for making things easier!

Sandra Siepak

This is by far the best site for booking guests. Our Los Angeles area talk show received not only great responses but we we found guests that were better than expected! Our show will continue to use this site regularly-I absolutely highly recommend their service!

Leesa has been a valuable resource for me to book guests as well as also be a guest on other radio shows. Thank you.

Leesa Dean

Just joined and I've found this service to be invaluable! I have a brand new animated web comedy that just launched and it's been very helpful with promotion. Have booked many interviews and really had a great time on each show. Thank you so much!

Dave Moore

Radio Guest has been a tremendous help to me in securing interviews for my book "The Father's Love." I am able to apply for interviews to those that are most likely to be interested in my subject matter. I have had dozens of very good interviews because of you. Thank you!

Jim Green

Signed up on Thursday got five guest requests on Friday! This is real!

Francine Silverman

Please please keep up the good work. Your service is deeply appreciated by this publicist.

chris vaca

Thanks Scott those teleseminars were very helpful and informative. I know of no other place to go for the kind of free information that you offer. Thanks again.

January Jones

Radio Guests is the best ever. I have only placed one posting and I have been able to book fabulous guests for my show. We now have over 30 of your guests on our future show waiting list. Thxs so much for your incredible service and the wonderful opportunity for free publicity that you have made possible for so many wonderful people.

January Jones
host of "January Jones sharing Success Stories" at
with over 1 million wonderful listeners!

Adele Park

I've been using Radio Guest List for a few years now and it is one of my best marketing tools. I've been booked on dozens of radio shows as a result of using this service. Keep up the great work!
Adele Park

Bob Schroeder

Scott, Your Radio Guest List is a great way to get podcast and broadcast radio interviews! In fact I got so busy in February with speaking requests that I had to slow down in March! I'm the author of the book "Solving the UFO Enigma: How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs".

Harris Glasser

There is no doubt in my mind and experience that you are doing an incredible service, so badly needed.

Thank you and keep up the GREAT work

Harris Glasser
"It's My Money & I Want It!"

Bill Ward

This is very helpful. I am currently working on (and nearing completion) of a 12-book series. I intend on using your service was my set is complete.

Tara Marie

I LOVE Scott's teleseminar series & appreciate all this help!
Tara Marie

Penny Wagner

I am so delighted with my results since I signed up to receive your online interview opportunities. I have just begun, and have already booked five interviews. I suggest this site, heartily, to anyone who has a message to share. You will get interviews!

Girl Power Radio Show

Hello Radio guest list .com,

Thank you for your email booking services. We appreciate all your website help for potential guest. This is a wonderful site to do professional business with, once again thank you !

Ron Broussard

Since I have joined, I have received over 5 bookings. The requests are clear precise and easy to understand. I recommend to everyone that is looking to gain more exposure.

Stretch Yourself!
Ron Broussard
Author, Stretch Yourself Create the Relationships You Deserve

Judy Brizendine

Radio Guest List is definitely one of the most valuable email lists I subscribe to! I've found great leads, been booked on several shows, was just booked on another one yesterday, and pitched a couple more. Important and necessary information for pitching a show is complete, easy to access, and accurate. Hosts I've found via this list have been extremely competent, professional, and engaging. Radio Guest List receives my highest praise and recommendation.

Thank you so much, Radio Guest List! Your service is invaluable!!

Judy Brizendine
Author, STUNNED by Grief and STUNNED by Grief Journal

Bobbie aka Alana's Spouse

Thanks for your service. We've been the subject of several blog interviews as well as radio show guests for several shows and look forward to even more. Thank you for helping us promote -- a memoir written by my transgender spouse entitled, "Hung in the Middle: A Journey of Gender Discovery."

dave weekley

I've got nothing but positive things to say about this service. The guests we have booked for our show that deals primarily with men's issues have virtually all been informative and entertaining. Great product.

Lady Dee of Mind Magick Radio

Excellent service! My show has been listed less than 2 weeks and I have over 6 interviews scheduled and over 20 on topic guest emails awaiting reply. The experts are fun, ready to educate & looking to book shows asap

Melanie Denny

I was looking for exposure for my business through radio. I found and I've been on at least 6 radio shows so far! It's so get an email everyday with different opportunities, you respond and get booked! Best of all, it's FREE!

Stevie G

Found radioguest helpful so far. Working on bookings.

Leah Carey

I just joined your email list about a month ago and I've already gotten five bookings! This list is exactly what I needed and I'm so glad to have found you. Thank you!!!
Leah Carey

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