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The George Wilder Jr. Show wants to get Witty

The George Wilder Jr. Show is seeking: Writers, news personalities, family and relationships, Award winners, terrorism experts, TV and Radio personalities, motivational speakers, musicians, screenwriters, community leaders, teachers, health and nutrition experts, Children books, life coaches, Autism Experts, Books and authors, arts and entertainment, first responders, Elder abuse experts, Travelers, domestic abuse experts, 2016 presidential election, how can we live better lives, lite politics, how to be a better writer, person, and a parent. Show Name: * The George Wilder Jr. Show Show Description: * This is an Internet radio show. Most topics are on every day and kitchen table... Read more →

The Black Mentor Podcast seeks African American Law Professor

Looking to interview an African American Law professor to learn about their story on: Becoming a law professor and discuss the current mass incarceration of black males in the Untied States. Show Name: * the Black Mentor Podcast Show Description: * The Black Mentor Podcast is a weekly podcast highlighting black success through candid interviews with black professionals from all over the world. Show Host Name(s): Lawrence Joseph Booking Contact for Interviews: * Lawrence Joseph Booking Email Address: * blackmentorpodcast@gmail.com Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Listeners are young professionals 25-35 Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your... Read more →

iHeart Radio NSV Online Radio seeks Autism Awareness Guests

W4WN Radio – Women 4 Women Network – All Women's Radio – NSV Online Radio. Airs on iHeart Radio and we are interested in booking autism awareness related guests for upcoming shows. Show Name: * NSV Online Radio Show Description: * NSV Online Radio is where families on the autism spectrum can hear information pertinent to us, rejoice in accomplishments, and share in a community dedicated to inclusion! Host Jacqueline Williams-Hines is a published author, advocate and mother of a son with autism. Keeping you entertained and informed on current events in the autistic community! The show airs Wednesday evenings... Read more →

Pyle and Company is looking for Special Guests

I'm pretty much hoping to get people in the entertainment field, such as singers, musicians, actors, actresses, etc. to appear on the show. I'm pretty much open to anything! Show Name: * Pyle and Company Show Description: * Pyle and Company is a 30 minute variety show seen on YouTube and Pyle and Company Website. We feature songs, skits, interviews, poems, and lots of fun stuff. We post new material every Saturday! It's just a fun and positive show! Show Host Name(s): Veronica Chamlee; Jacob Pyle Booking Contact for Interviews: * If you are interested in wanting to be a... Read more →

The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast wants to talk Paranormal

Anybody involved with the paranormal are welcome guests. Love podcasters, authors and enthusiasts of the strange and bizarre. Show Name: * The Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast Show Description: * Ghostly greetings from the oldest city in North America! I'm your host, Jon Mallard, bringing you the best in east coast esoterica. Paranormal News, guests and so much more! My monthly show has multiple segments and always ends with a great guest who is involved with the paranormal some how. I have a reputation as a "gateway" podcaster, meaning I am usually people's first podcast and really help them to... Read more →

My Seven Chakras seeks Alternative Health Experts

Our ideal guests are people who are experts in a particular field of: Alternative healing such as Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, natural weight loss, energy healing, EFT, Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong etc. They are people who blend Science and spirituality to help people improve their lives. They are people who have experienced challenges and trials in life and have come out triumphant. In other words, they have a story to share to transform people's lives around the world. Our show has been #1 on iTunes Canada, USA and India, in addition to being top 10 in many other countries for... Read more →

The Douglas Coleman Show is looking for You

The Douglas Coleman Show is looking for guests from all aspects of the entertainment industry including, Musicians, Actors, Film Producers and Directors. Also Authors and Screen Writers. Show Name: * The Douglas Coleman Show Show Description: * The Douglas Coleman show is a syndicated talk and music show that features fascinating and sometimes famous guests from all aspects of the entertainment industry. The topics can range from light and fluffy to sober and serious. Our focus is on music artists but we also feature producers, authors, directors and even promoters. The Douglas Coleman show, sometimes chat, sometimes music, always entertaining.... Read more →

KXTG Bald Faced Truth seeks Sports Experts

Experts and/or athletes from NBA, NFL, MLB, Comedians and Musicians, Authors on interesting topics. Show Name: * Bald Faced Truth Show Description: * The Bald Faced Truth is hosted by John Canzano. Although the BFT is a sports show, we bring on a variety of guests including those outside of sports. Among many star athletes and coaches, other past guests include President Obama, Lou Ferrigno, and Jon Lovitz. -John Canzano’s radio show, 12:00PM to 3:00PM weekdays on The Game, was ranked No. 67 nationally among all sports talk radio shows nationally -John is an eight-time Associated Press Sports Editors (APSE)... Read more →

Letsplore wants to talk Self-improvement & Mindset

I am looking for guests, regardless of profession, who can speak about: Passion, self-improvement and mindset as it relates to their life. I want guests to provide actionable advice that our audience can implement right away. Show Name: * Letsplore Show Description: * What Should I Do With My Life? This is a common question that is asked in everyday life. Letsplore helps Millennials figure out what they want to do with their lives. I do this by interviewing amazing guests who share their experiences as it relates to passion, self-improvement and mindset. Listeners are given actionable advice that can... Read more →

Books 4 A Better Life Podcast is using Books to Change Lives

Looking to interview entrepreneurs, biographers, spiritual leaders and fitness experts who have written books and would like to discuss their content and promote their book. Show Name: * Books 4 A Better Life Podcast Show Description: * Books 4 A Better life is all about discussing books that could help change peoples lives. It's done through google hang out and is live on youtube Show Host Name(s): Camden McInnis Booking Contact for Interviews: * Camden McInnis Email Address: * books4abetterlife@gmail.com Audience Demographics for Your Show: * My show is 90% men and 10% women, i'm definitely looking to even that... Read more →

The Kingdom Hour is seeking Christian Authors, Ministry, Song Artist

KEITV12 Digital Broadcasting Channel is seeking Christian Authors, Mentors, Coaches, Ministry Owners, Song Artist, and Non Profit Organizations. Show Name: * The Kingdom Hour Show Description: * The Kingdom Hour is designed to share Christian Success Stories that will empower and equip others to excel in their Christian walk. All programming is recorded on video and aired to a global audience. We also outreach to 1 million Christians in social media, websites, and other groups. All programs are archived for future viewing by our audience. Show Host Name(s): Rev. Dr. Donna Ghanney Booking Contact for Interviews: * Please submit your... Read more →

The Mills Crenshaw Show wants to have Fascinating Conversations

The Mills Crenshaw Show is seeking: Armageddon: by: Dick Morris, Near Death Experiences, Cops Exposing Corruption or defending the profession, Former Government workers exposing Corruption, Real encounters with: Aliens, departed relatives, Bigfoot (No Hoaxters PLEASE), FINANCIAL COLLAPSE EXPERTS. Show Name: * "Drivetime Live - The Mills Crenshaw Show," Show Description: * Before RUSH, there was MILLS; Before LIMBAUGH, there was CRENSHAW. Hard hitting political Talk; and fascinating conversation, Since 1965! (That's why he has earned the title, "The Dean of Talk Radio!) To LISTEN Dial 701-801-0829; Then, to talk Dial 5 HEARD LIVE ON ANY PHONE- ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD... Read more →

Smart Companies Radio is calling Entrepreneur Experts

We would like to hear from successful entrepreneurs who have built a successful and sustainable business. (Please no business and life coaches, just selling themselves) We need authors, innovators, entrepreneurs who have been able to make success out of hard work and maybe a little luck too. Show Name: * Smart Companies Radio Show Description: * The Smart Companies Thinking Bigger Radio Network features a lineup of hosts who bring you insights into the business issues of the day. The shows encompass a variety of industries, topics and guests. Guests include best-selling business book author, nationally known business gurus, entrepreneurs... Read more →

The Timo Show wants Inspirational Personal Stories

We are looking for people who have overcome hardships in their life. We want to know how you made it and how it changed you. How did effect those around you and what you wish you knew then that you know now. Show Name: * The Timo Show Show Description: * The Timo Show is a inspirational show that features guests that have made it through the hardships of life. We use these stories to inspire others to become the best that they can be. The host is a Christian and although we do love stories where Christ plays a... Read more →

WOW Me Stuff wants to be Wowed

We're looking for guests and experts in a variety of areas including: Entertainers, personal development experts, entrepreneurs, scientist, doctors, Electrical Engineers, Software developers, humanitarian leaders, politicians, military leaders, pastors, and the list goes on. Show Name: * WOW Me Stuff Show Description: * It's all about things that WOW! People. Human interest stories, products, services, politics, religion, entertainment, and the list goes on. Show Host Name(s): Lowell Taylor Booking Contact for Interviews: * Lowell Taylor / 480-665-0221 Email Address: * me@wowmestuff.com Audience Demographics for Your Show: * 18 and up and a wide range of appeal Audience Size for Your... Read more →

Fix the Media wants You

Fix the Media is seeking: 1.) Independent Bloggers, Indie documentary Producers, alternative Authors, Indie Editorial Writers. 2.) Former members of the main-stream media, who've woken up to the corruption and criminality of the media. 3.) Leaders or Participants in present-day movements that seek to curb government and/or media corruption. Show Name: * Fix the Media Show Description: * You know it. We know it. The media is corrupt. Fix the Media is an hour-long radio/podcast on the Awake Radio Network, hosted by Peter Klein. Peter is a member of Independent Media Solidarity (IMS), an organization co-founded by Peter as an... Read more →

The Vegetable Gardening Podcast with Mike the Gardener seeks Health, Diet and Nutrition Experts

The Vegetable Gardening Podcast is looking to interview experts in the field of: Health and nutrition, specifically talking about the health benefits of the veggies and fruits our listeners can grow right at home. Show Name: * The Vegetable Gardening Podcast with Mike the Gardener Show Description: * Now in its 6th season, the Vegetable Gardening Podcast has dedicated itself to bringing valuable information to its gardening audience. Host Mike (the gardener) Podlesny, an avid gardener himself for over 30 years, has interviewed some of the industry's top experts. Show Host Name(s): Mike Podlesny Booking Contact for Interviews: * Mike... Read more →

The Podcast For Today's Man is looking for an Education Expert

The Podcast For Today's Man is looking for an expert that: Can explain why homeschooling is better than traditional schooling or an expert that can explain why traditional schooling is better that homeschooling. Show Name: * The Podcast For Today's Man Show Description: * We talk about everything that is relevant to today's man and everything a woman has always wanted to know but was afraid to ask; From dating, sex, music, sports, health, work, technology, fashion, relationships, fatherhood and everything in between Show Host Name(s): Rob Aguilar Booking Contact for Interviews: * Rob Aguilar Email Address: * robaguilarshow@gmail.com Audience... Read more →

Syndicate Radio THINK! America Radio requests Interviews

THINK! America Radio seeks: Public Policy, Security and Terrorism, Americana, Economy and Finance, Journalists, Political Columnists, Political Commentators, Law, Political Figures, Politics, Generational, Health Care. It’s your opportunity to be interviewed by a host who is genuinely interested in your area of expertise and sharing it with listeners on a nationally syndicated Radio show that has a reach of 1,123,00 people from 19 states. Our show is nationally syndicated by Radio America. Show Name: * THINK! America Radio Show Description: * THINK! America Radio is a conservative talk show with the voices of real people talking about real issues regarding... Read more →

Mark Out Radio is looking for Wrestling Guests

If you're a wrestler, promoter or manager...we want to talk to you. We're looking at adding a video interview segment (skype preferably) where we'll talk to those in the wrestling industry about....you guessed it. Martha Stewart's Maxim cover shoot. No, about wrestling you jackass. Send us a head shot, some links to the promotion(s) you're involved with and some footage of you in action. Show Name: * Mark Out Radio Show Description: * Simply the greatest wrestling podcast...ever. No really. You'll find all of the opinions, analysis, questions and sarcasm you need to fill your earholes with every week. Show... Read more →

Disability Advocacy Weekly is seeking Disability Expert for Interview

We would like to interview a disability expert/advocate about the issue below. A woman in NY recently filed a lawsuit against the large ride sharing app Uber over accessibility, while disability advocates in Philadelphia have become more active on the state level to try to set accessibility demands as the company moves closer to being legal in the state. Uber claims that they are providing more options than the taxi companies in the state. Are these apps public services that should fall under the rules of the ADA? Are advocacy leaders expecting too much from the companies in comparison to... Read more →

She Speaks Faith is seeking Women of Faith

Looking for Christian women of all ages who are authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and fellow podcasters to share personal stories of their faith journey. Show Name: * She Speaks Faith Show Description: * New podcast launch. The show is a 30 minute podcast discussing work, lifestyle and faith by Christian women. Authors, speakers, bloggers and entrepreneurs are asked to discuss common issues women face as they promote their work. Guests will find this podcast a perfect platform to share their stories to encourage and inspire women globally. Show Host Name(s): Ramona Pinckney Booking Contact for Interviews: * Contact: Ramona Pinckney... Read more →

Luxury Travel Podcast is looking for Travel Experts

We're looking for guests that love to travel, or that are in the travel industry, and have great travel tips to share with our listeners. Our particular focus is luxury travel. Show Name: * Luxury Travel Podcast Show Description: * The Luxury Travel Podcast is about sharing stories, tips and secrets from luxury world travelers and industry experts. The host, Allen Suss, has been a travel agent for more than 40 years. Show Host Name(s): Allen Suss Booking Contact for Interviews: * Allen Suss Email Address: * allens@travelmanagers.com.au Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Age: 40+ Income: Affluent Audience Size... Read more →

The Segilola Salami Show is calling All Book Lovers

The Segilola Salami Show is looking for: Self published authors, book bloggers, book reviewers, book/author publicists, copyright lawyers, librarians, book service providers eg editors, beta readers, book cover designers, illustrators, book trailer makers etc etc Wonder why you should appear on The Segilola Salami Show? Here's why http://www.segilolasalami.co.uk/appear-on-the-segilola-salami-show/ Show Name: * The Segilola Salami Show Show Description: * The Segilola Salami show is hosted by Segilola Salami who is also an author and a self publishing strategist. She provides one to one support to aspiring authors to help them self publish their own books and make a success of it.... Read more →

Contractor Secret Weapon Podcast is calling Business Transformers & Marketers

Sorry - this Guest Request has been removed already! Don't miss the next one! Get the best interview opportunities first by upgrading to our Premium Guest Request Alerts here: http://www.HowToGetOnRadioShows.com Read more →

Robert Plank Show: Making Money Online with Membership Sites, WordPress and Webinars

Online business owners, Authors, Experts, Coaches, Mindset coaches, Work from home experts, WordPress experts. Anyone who has an interesting story to tell about making money from home or building a business. Show Name: * Robert Plank Show: Making Money Online with Membership Sites, WordPress and Webinars Show Description: * Generate passive income and earn a living from home using internet marketing, membership sites, webinars, email marketing, podcasting, and more. Show Host Name(s): Robert Plank Booking Contact for Interviews: * Robert Plank Email Address: * robert.plank@gmail.com Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Business owners Work from home entrepreneurs Someone looking for... Read more →

ThatGolfKid is calling all Golf Industry Experts

Looking for anyone involved in the golf industry including, but not limited to: Professional players, teachers, coaches, instructors, club professionals, doctors, psychologists, authors, bloggers, reporters, personalities, reviewers, architects, club managers etc. Show Name: * ThatGolfKid Show Description: * ThatGolfKid is known for his quick wit, high golf IQ and quality podcasts! Join us weekly where we discuss PGA tour results and all things golf! News, headlines, results, exciting guests and much more await you on the ThatGolfKid podcast! I love to bring a wide range of guests on my show, anyone who could have any insight to the game of... Read more →

It's Your Break is in need of Guests

If you are an expert or in the know on Tech, Comics, Pop Culture, TV, Movies, Music, & More we want you on our show. Make us a pitch and if we like it we will contact you. Show Name: * It's You Break Show Description: * “It’s Your Break” was created to give anyone a break from the normal workday. The average person is overworked and underpaid; so to combat this we decided to come up with the concept of giving the average person a break from the normal day’s chaos through life-hacks, interviews and the occasional silliness. Show... Read more →

Coffee Break is calling Indie Artists

INDIE Filmmakers, musicians, and Authors. Ones we haven't interviewed before. Show Name: * Coffee Break Show Description: * GoIndieNow's Coffee Break is a new show we are doing. It's a quick video interview (about 20-30 minutes) of rapid fire and fun questions. Our platform is supporting, fostering, and highlighting Indie artists who are out there doing what they do and doing it their way. You get time to plug who you are and what you have out there and reach an audience that appreciates what you are doing. Show Host Name(s): Joe Compton Booking Contact for Interviews: * Joe Compton... Read more →

The Ms Reason Show seeks Authors and Experts

People with interesting life stories who have written books. Experts in various fields from entrepreneurship to finance. I have a loyal fan base and listeners globally. Show Name: * The Ms Reason Show Show Description: * The Ms Reason Show has been on air for over 8 years and has had the pleasure of interviewing people from around the world from Africa to the UK. We discuss a wide variety of topics but all enlightening and inspiring. The show is unscripted and fun energetic and lively. Show Host Name(s): Ms. Reason, Marie, JustJae Booking Contact for Interviews: * Marie Summes... Read more →