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Indigenous Life Today seeks Indigenous Shamans, Healers or Artists

Seeking indigenous healers, shamans, or artists to talk about their work on our new show Indigenous Life Today. Host Scott Red Horse Barta is a Yankton Sioux and Winnebago. Show Name: * Indigenous Life Today Show Description: * Indigenous Life Today features interviews with indigenous healers, shamans, artists talking about their work . Show Host Name(s): Scott Red Horse Barta Booking Contact for Interviews: * Julia Widdop Booking Email Address: * julia@juliawiddop.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Unknown show is uploaded to YouTube. Show Format: * Recorded podcast Video webcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast... Read more →

97.7 The Zone WZZN Double Coverage wants You

NCAA Basketball Expert since we are in the NCAA Tournament. Show Name: * Double Coverage Show Description: * We are a morning show out of Huntsville Alabama, we like to keep it light and funny, but also keep our viewers up to date on current topics both local and national Show Host Name(s): Scott Theisen (Tyson) Hannah Stephens Booking Contact for Interviews: * Scott Theisen 256-655-2143 Booking Email Address: * scotttara2003@yahoo.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 300,000, we are male dominated Demographic, but our female base is growing Show Format: * Broadcast radio show Internet radio show... Read more →

My Future Business Show needs Business Experts

Is looking to interview web development people, software business owners [SAAS], web designers, wordpress plugin developers. Show Name: * My Future Business Show Show Description: * Building better, more productive and profitable businesses through education. Show Host Name(s): Rick Nuske Booking Contact for Interviews: * Rick Nuske - 0488185557 Booking Email Address: * admin@myfuturebusiness.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 500+ per episode can be more - small business owner 70 % male over 35 Show Format: * Recorded podcast Video webcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * syndicated via... Read more →

I Am Indi seeks Artists, Producers and Managers

We're seeking individuals who are serious about their careers, that understand the value of networking and commitment. We have been on the air 11 years our reach is vast, our core business is world movement enterprises which began in 1990. Our first artist was MC Big Boy who is known on iHeart radio. Show Name: * I AM INDI Show Description: * I am Indi is an innovative force in the Music Industry, that derives the vibes and insight to rise, from the experienced, artistic creators of the Music world, by informing, advising, mentoring, and just plain networking with any... Read more →

WDJY 99.1 FM Ask Desarie: Tax . Accounting. Tax seeks Business Experts

The ideal guest for my show is someone that understands the small business culture. I am looking for someone who is very well versed in financial planning vehicles for small business owners. The person must be able to breakdown the different investment options available and why one option may be better for different types of individuals. I would also like the guest to be able to discuss annuities, the pros and cons of investing in annuities, as well as the type of investor that may benefit from this type of investment. Show Name: * Ask Desarie: Tax . Accounting. Tax... Read more →

RE Investor Summit is looking for Entrepreneurs with Strong Services

We are seeking guests that have great services and possibly something they sell. Training, coaching or books. Always looking for strong content for a HIGHLY engaged show . Show Name: * RE Investor Summit Show Description: * Entrepreneurial and Real Estate Show Host Name(s): Mitch Booking Contact for Interviews: * Julie Houston Booking Email Address: * Please submit your guests details and what they have to offer to Juliekel30@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Nationwide Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * Central Website URL:... Read more →

The George Wilder Jr. Show seeks Community Activist

Community Activist because Americans helping Americans is an American thing. Show Name: * The George Wilder Jr. Show Show Description: * It is an internet Radio Show that reaches all around the world. It is fun and entertaining. It is easy to get book, no hassle at all. We have been around a while, most guest always want to return. Show Host Name(s): George Wilder Jr. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Your booking contact is George Wilder Jr. Booking Email Address: * authorgwilder@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Audience size varies. All ages and nationalities are engaged... Read more →

Frankie and The Driz needs Guests

We will talk to anybody. Show Name: * Frankie and The Driz Show Description: * Frankie and The Driz met in prison. They served their time and have a new lease on life. Come share their new positive outlook with them. Show Host Name(s): Frankie and The Driz Booking Contact for Interviews: * Seth Booking Email Address: * frankienthedriz@outlook.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * We're just starting out and not that big yet. Show Format: * Recorded podcast Website URL: * https://www.facebook.com/FrankieNTheDriz/ Show URL: * https://www.facebook.com/FrankieNTheDriz/ Read more →

Energy Bar wants You

My guest are experts in their field. They are seasoned veterans in the Life Coaching, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker's space. They are authors and extraordinary people with extraordinary stories of defeat and victory. Our guest empower, motivate, encourage and bring hope to our diverse global audience. Show Name: * ENERGY BAR Show Description: * Our mission is to ignite your passion to build a life meant to be lived. You can corner your market from a place of empowerment and highly focused energy. Rediscover your passion and begin building a strong, vibrant and happier life with tools and techniques to... Read more →

WTAN The Luv Factory seeks Love & Relationship Expert

The Luv Factory is seeking Love & Relationship. Show Name: * The Luv Factory Show Description: * Conversations about, self , community, and love &relationship Show Host Name(s): Uncle Win & Precious Luv Booking Contact for Interviews: * Uncle Win Booking Email Address: * unclewin1@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 3million 30-65 mixed diversed Show Format: * Broadcast radio show Internet radio show Recorded podcast Video webcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * Wtan 1340, 106.1,1400,104.3, 1350 EST THURSDAYS 10:PM If traditional radio or TV broadcast, what city/state does... Read more →

Free Your Mind with Trease Smith needs Passionate Entrepreneurs

We are seeking entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do. We would like entrepreneurs to share their journey about their legacy. Show Name: * Free Your Mind with Trease Smith Show Description: * Deeroc Consultants like to invite passionate entrepreneurs onto their podcast to talk about the journey that led them to becoming an entrepreneur. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Trease Smith Booking Email Address: * info@deeroc.info Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 24 million monthly listeners Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone +... Read more →

The Mind Flipping Podcast wants to Renovate Minds

New podcast seeking guests to help listeners that use evidenced based methods to help listeners build a better life. Podcast interview consists of "Mind Flipping" stories- personal or professional instances where you have reframed difficult experience situations to triumph, techniques you've used to stop a bad habit, how you've healed from trauma or grief, etc. Second half of the interview is The Spackle Round: filling in holes for listeners and answering some great, thought provoking questions! Finally, the guest is given an opportunity to provide a call to action. Interview process takes about an hour and is conducted through Zoom.... Read more →

The Online Genius Show seeks Platform Building Experts

We are looking for guests who can offer actionable advice about how to build, protect, and sell expertise online. We seek guests with experience and expertise in ever aspect of online marketing and sales, from avatar development through funnel development and phone sales. If you are an expert who can help an online entrepreneur build a web presence or sell expertise from that presence, you are perfect for the show! Show Name: * The Online Genius Show Show Description: * The Online Genius Show is a new show that will go live in December 2017. The show will help entrepreneurs... Read more →

In the Spotlight seeks Interesting Guests

In the Spotlight seeks interesting guests of different types for our weekly podcast. Show Name: * "In the Spotlight" Show Description: * "In the Spotlight" is produced by Crimson Cloak Publishing, which airs live every Tuesday at 2 PM ET. As it is a podcast and not terrestrial radio, listeners are located all over. Although many of our guests are authors, you do not have to be an author nor do you have to be published by Crimson Cloak to be considered. You just have to be interesting. The show lasts an hour, and each week we have just one... Read more →

Heal Better Fast Podcast seeks Health Experts

The ideal guest for my show would be Integrative Health Practitioners using evidence-based methods to help their patients or clients heal better quickly. Show Name: * Heal Better Fast Podcast Show Description: * Bridging the gap between alternative health care and mainstream medicine utilizing everything good to help you feel great! Show Host Name(s): Dr. Michael Pound Booking Contact for Interviews: * Dr. Pound Booking Email Address: * drpound@healbetterfast.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 30-49 year old weekend warriors Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format:... Read more →

The Business Power Hour Seeking for Career Planning Experts & Authors

We're dedicating all of our programs on The Business Power Hour for the entire month of May to career planning. From both sides of the interview desk! Looking for experts on interview tips, utilizing social media, managing job searches, career transition, and so on as well as HR and recruiting experts. Show Name: * The Business Power Hour Show Description: * The Business Power Hour is a one-hour interview that is initially broadcast on Mile Hi Radio, then archived on the show's website. Twice a week, Deb talks with experts in a variety of business fields, as they share the... Read more →

Business Growth School is looking for Business Growth Experts

Looking for experts and professionals who are focused on Business Growth. This podcast is for service providers like Plumbers, Dentists, Doctors, Electricians, Accountants etc. They are all local service providers and we talk about business growth strategies, tricks and techniques. Show Name: * Business Growth School Show Description: * Welcome to Business Growth lessons for local service providers. Are you a Dentist, Realtor, Lawyer, Accountant, Plumber, Consultant or Contractor....If you provide services locally than this podcast is for you. Here we share strategies, tricks, techniques on how to generate leads, grow your revenue and sales. Join us for 5 minutes... Read more →

Home Talk with Tony Gambone is seeking Home Industry Experts

We are looking to interview experts/authors/leaders in the Home industry. Realtors/Mortgage Brokers/Tile Co. Brokers/Contractors/Insurance/Bankers and Interior Designers We are the show that wants to market the people who can educate the listeners from start to finish when comes to their homes. Show Name: * Home Talk with Tony Gambone Show Description: * Tony and his guest will help listeners with everything from buying/selling their home, remodeling/updating and DYI questions. With Tony’s help you can do-it-yourself, but you don’t have to do-it-alone! We are the show that wants to market the people who can educate the listeners from start to finish... Read more →

Aspendos Radio Show needs Entertainers

Is an entertainment show. Actors/Actresses, Comedians, Musicians, Models, promoters. Show Name: * Aspendos Radio Show Show Description: * Entertainment and music show on a Saturday morning Show Host Name(s): Liam Mulligan Booking Contact for Interviews: * Liam Mulligan Booking Email Address: * liam.mulligan@drystoneradio.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 10,000 weekly Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * Drystone Radio + Saturdays 11am - 1pm + GMT + FM Frequency Website URL: * http://www.drystoneradio.com Show URL: * https://ondemand.drystoneradio.com/11559.xml Read more →

Raw Relationships with Melissa is looking for Relationship Experts

Relationship experts. Help our listeners become more aware of their part in a relationship. Ownership and accountability for thoughts, feelings and emotions. Show Name: * Raw Relationships with Melissa Show Description: * I am a life coach and I offer relationship advice and education on self awareness within relationships. My experiences help me to help others in similar relationships. I also bring experts on the show to help with this. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Melissa Booking Email Address: * mel_katie@icloud.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * People looking to reach their true potential. People who have lost... Read more →

Queens Stand Up Radio Show wants Empowering & Inspiring Educators

Empowerment Coaches, Educators, & Entrepreneurs. Show Name: * Queens Stand Up Radio Show Show Description: * Queens Stand Up Support Network & Radio Show is designed to assist queens on their journey of letting their inner queen shine. We understand we always have the ability to respond as queens and as result of this knowledge our first priority is to study ourselves by observing our thoughts, words, actions, environments, and social interactions deliberately choosing vibrations fostering our growth so we always CHOOSE to respond as QUEENS. We discuss topics related to mental health, financial abundance, self-love, & creating healthy relationships.... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Travel Experts

Travel Experts. Persons who are avid travelers and can speak to places to go, the pros and cons to migrating and places to migrate. Persons who are looking for a change in lifestyle and have a fear and seek to overcome the fear of change, getting out of their comfort zone. Show Name: * Between The Lines (BTL) Show Description: * This show was a podcast 6 years ago on the Blogtalkradio network BUT now it has been revamped and upgraded to a Live video webcast. Aired live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 30 mins from 10:30 am till... Read more →

Renegade Talk Radio wants You

Sex. Show Name: * Renegade Talk Radio Show Description: * Renegade Talk Radio is more popular than ever. 4.6 Million listeners tuned in every month growing. We cover subjects that the Ostrich media (mainstream media) simply will not cover. We go into detail and ask the questions that you are thinking about. And because we're online, and free of the FCC we can, and do, cover subjects that fall outside of the Ostrich Media. Renegade Talk Radio broadcasts live programming daily, offering edgy and provocative political, religious, sexual and alternative content designed for listeners who believe in the First Amendment... Read more →

Second Sight the Fox Den seeks Interesting Guests

We are looking for: Authors, Healers, metaphysical type people, experts in their crafts, hyponotists, past life regressions, UFO, cryptozoologists. Show Name: * Second Sight Show Description: * Paranormal Investigator Gina "Para Fox" Bengtson interviewing a variety of guests weekly on our 2 hour show airing Thursday's 8-10 est on Dtmwickedradio.com out of NYC and we have live podcasts on Tuesdays 8-9 est on Vision Quest Live Facebook podcast. We have a large audience and faithful followers and we love to talk with interesting talented people! Thank you and Check us out because if it is Thursday. See you there! Show... Read more →

Night Dreams Talk Radio is looking for Paranormal Guests

We are Looking for great guest that would fir into our live talk show! Like Big Foot , Time Travel , Ufo's , Ghost Hunters , Alien Abductions , Parallel Universe! And anythiny remotely in the Paranormal Field! ( Even Zomies ) What more can we say! Show Name: * Night Dreams Talk Radio Show Description: * Our show is now going on the 6th month! Night Dreams Talk Radio ...Was molded after talk radio of the 80's and early 90's! Styed the way talk radio should be! The way Paranormal should be done! Our Host Gary Anderson had years... Read more →

Unframe of Mind is Uncomfortable Conversations Without a Condom

I'm looking for people for/against cryptocurrencies and the new blockchain technology who are willing to have a discussion/debate on the topic. Show Name: * Unframe of Mind Show Description: * Uncomfortable conversations without a condom. With the guideposts of free speech and the non-aggression principle, I battle the forces of evil by lobbing fiery balls of truth, reason, and evidence over safe-room walls. Discussions on those things you're not supposed to talk about at work Show Host Name(s): Daniel Wagner Booking Contact for Interviews: * 931-626-3316 Booking Email Address: * daniel@unframeofmind.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 100... Read more →

Tough Talk Christian Radio seeks Authors & Speakers

We are looking for Christian Authors/Speakers/Pastors/Leaders/Experts and anyone that can bring testimonies of their walk with Christ. We are always promoting Authors/Speakers from the spiritual and self help arena. Show Name: * Tough Talk Christian Radio Show Description: * We are the show that promotes and markets christian speakers and authors that help others from a to z Show Host Name(s): Tony Gambone Booking Contact for Interviews: * Tony Gambone 832-437-8898 Booking Email Address: * info@toughtalkradionetwork.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Are shows per blogtalkradio average approx. 5000 listeners per show Show Format: * Internet radio show... Read more →

That Book Nerd Life needs Talkative Authors

We are looking for indie fiction authors who would like to be featured in a monthly book club podcast. To talk about the featured reading book of the month and to participate in the indie book spotlight during the show to discuss their book. Show Name: * That Book Nerd Life Show Description: * #ThatBNL is a monthly book club podcast that will feature both new major and indie book projects that have been released that month or shortly around the same time. Podcast is live recorded using Anchor. The show is then released to iTunes, Google Play and Soundcloud... Read more →

980 AM WXLM Networking Singles is looking for Dynamic Experts

Looking for experts in dating, personal relationships, building relationships and all aspects of social life. Show Name: * Networking Singles Show Description: * Networking singles is a lifestyle show about dating, relationships and all aspects of social life. Show Host Name(s): John Holt Booking Contact for Interviews: * John Holt Booking Email Address: * nbayqh@aol.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * The audience is in Eastern CT and Southern RI the show has pod casts online at www.wxlm.fm The show can be streamed there live as well as on I heart radio APP. Show Format: * Broadcast radio... Read more →

SynergyCafe Online Video Show aka MagicBradTV Makes Money Online

INTERVIEWING: Make Money Online Coaches and Consultants. The "SynergyCafe Online Video Show" focus is on LIFESTYLE Design in five primary areas of Career, Finance, Relationships, Spirituality and Wellness, and harmonizing these pillars. Our target demographic is the people out there right now that are searching for an opportunity that will release them from their 9-5 jobs, or at least supplement their income, till they can break free. Show Name: * "SynergyCafe Online Video Show" aka MagicBradTV Show Description: * The "SynergyCafe Online Video Show" focus is on LIFESTYLE Design in five primary areas of Career, Finance, Relationships, Spirituality and Wellness,... Read more →