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The Growth Mindset seeks Entrepreneurs

Established business owners & entrepreneurs to give advice to business start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs. Show Name: * The Growth Mindset - Podcast for Entrepreneurs Show Description: * The Growth Mindset podcast is designed to assist aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners by providing obtainable solutions and tangible strategies. We cover topics from management to how your business and brand began. We record through Skype and air every Wednesday through iTunes. Show Host Name(s): Paul Potratz Booking Contact for Interviews: * Nicole O'Bomsawin Booking Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Business Owners Audience Size for Your... Read more →

SynergyCafe Online Show wants to talk Internet Business

Let's Talk INTERNET BUSINESS: Marketers, Investors, Copywriters. Show Name: * SynergyCafe Online Show Show Description: * SynergyCafe is about Lifestyle Design. We interview experts in the areas Career, Finance and Personal and Professional Development. Our mission is to move online chatter back over to real-life activity by giving a platform for experts to share their knowledge, wisdom and expertise with the world and the people that have an ear to hear. Show Host Name(s): BRAD 'MagicBrad' GUDIM Booking Contact for Interviews: * BRAD 'MagicBrad' GUDIM Booking Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Our audience is people... Read more →

Small Biz Talk Radio is looking for All Business Experts

Anyone who has advice on how small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers can build their businesses strategically. Show Name: * Small Biz Talk Radio Show Description: * We are live at 4pm Central (5 Eastern, 3 Mountain, 2 Pacific) for 30 minutes, one guest per show. We discuss topics of interest to small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers and solo-preneurs, ranging from social media and SEO to business processes, coaching/mentoring, should you hire or get an intern - anything that will help small business grow in a strategic, planned manner. Recent topics have included SEO (what is it and why is it important);... Read more →

Featured Publicist: Frazier Public Relations

Are you looking for a smart public relations program that gets results? Are you an author who needs help promoting your book, getting press and interviews, film options, or securing broader distribution? We have several feature films being produced for our authors. Click to email or call us at 540-338-1545. One of our referring publishers calls us "Rock Stars!" Learn more here... If you’re looking for publicity help, please consider this sponsor to support our free service! See our Featured and Recommended Publicists & PR Firms here. Would you like to be interviewed on radio and podcasts? Our web... Read more →

Iolande V. Argent's Virtual Self-Publishing Summit

Seeking self-publishing experts for upcoming virtual summit. Must be able to speak on a panel and/or host a workshop on a specific topic to help self-publishing authors, writers or those starting their own publishing house. Show Name: * Iolande V. Argent's Virtual Self-Publishing Summit Show Description: * Iolande V. Argent's Virtual Self-Publishing Summit provides expert information and details to help authors learn the real way to publish independently. We go over book marketing; books to film; crowdfunding; editing; cover graphics; illustration; and distribution. We will also cover the difference between vanity publishing and real self-publishing. There's an expert panel Q&A... Read more →

YouTube Creators Hub seeks Great YouTube Content Creators

I want to interview interesting and successful video content creators on YouTube. Individuals who can talk about their journey on YouTube and what got them where they are. Someone who can articulate to my audience and bring great value about their online content creation process. Show Name: * YouTube Creators Hub Show Description: * A podcast that brings value to someone who is looking to start a YouTube channel or already has one and wants to see it grow. Show Host Name(s): Dusty Porter Booking Contact for Interviews: * Dusty Porter Booking Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your... Read more →

Robert Plank is seeking Business Experts

Anyone who has an interesting story to tell about making money from home or building a business. Show Name: * Robert Plank Show: Making Money Online with Membership Sites, WordPress and Webinars Show Description: * Generate passive income and earn a living from home using internet marketing, membership sites, webinars, email marketing, podcasting, and more. Show Host Name(s): Robert Plank Booking Contact for Interviews: * Robert Plank Booking Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Business owners, Work from home entrepreneurs, Someone looking for a mindset shift or breakthrough Audience Size for Your Show and Source for... Read more →

Guys In Trucks Podcast is Blue Collar Business Support & Outreach

We're looking for authors, business coaches, etc. that work with blue collar business owners with good stories, smart insights, and expert advice to help them grow their businesses! Show Name: * Guys In Trucks Podcast Show Description: * The Guys In Trucks Podcast is hosted by Carter Harkins & Taylor Hill, co-owners of Spark Marketer in Nashville, TN. Our mission is to educate, mentor, and encourage blue collar business owners as they build and grow the best business possible. Show Host Name(s): Carter Harkins & Taylor Hill Booking Contact for Interviews: * Jessica Winn Booking Email Address: * Audience... Read more →

Starts With A Vision Podcast seeks Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

We are looking for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who have ONE SPECIFIC skill and/or business. We are looking to really dive into entrepreneurs businesses and their journey to add value to our listeners and help them get closer to starting their own company or help them scale up. Show Name: * Starts With A Vision Podcast Show Description: * Motivational, Inspirational shows to truly help you become a successful Visionary, or help you hone your skills even further as an entrepreneur. The host of this podcast takes pride in the fact that he's had more failures than successes and is... Read more →

Podcasters Unplugged is seeking Successful Podcast Hosts

I am looking for successful and interesting podcast hosts that have launched and grew successful podcast brands. My show's purpose is to bring value to podcast hosts and people who want to launch a podcast show. Show Name: * Podcasters Unplugged Show Description: * Podcasters Unplugged is a show that brings value to people or businesses looking to create or grow their podcasts. I want to bring on successful podcast hosts and brands that can bring value to my listeners. Guest on this show to be a part of the podcasting movement and to get your show out there. If... Read more →

Suzy Prudden, Publishing Expert on Short Books

Suzy Prudden is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, seminar leader, and now Publisher of Itty Bitty Publishing. A New York Times Best Selling author (from before the internet) she, along with her sister/writing partner, have turned to publishing short, easy-to-read books by experts in their field. In a time of "sound bites" no one has time nor inclination to read long books of "must have" information. Itty Bitty Publishing is taking over the "Dummies" market by offering people the information they need in a format they have time for. A 350 page "Dummies" book must be read with a yellow... Read more →

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Mike Saunders, Business Strategist Expert and Marketing Fanatic

Mike Saunders is an Authority Positioning and Reputation Marketing Strategist. He can help you become an Amazon best-selling author.... without writing 1 word! What sets you apart from your competition? Mike helps business owners and professionals get media mentions. How would it feel at the end of your meeting with a prospect to hand them your best seller book with your business card in it? How much easier do you think it would be securing speaking gigs if you had a best selling book? How do you think new prospects will perceive you when they land on your website and... Read more →

Online Success Journey seeks Experts

I’m looking for entrepreneurs who have found success online. Your version of success may be that you've created a business to supplement your income - it may be financial independence. Either way, your journey is what interests my listeners. It’s only logical to assume that since your current clients have benefited from your products/services, others can, too! Show Name: * Online Success Journey Show Description: * I’m launching a new Podcast – a unique exploration of success stories like yours called the Online Success Journey, and I would welcome the opportunity to share your journey with my fans. This is... Read more →

1100 KFNX Russ On The Radio seeks Inventors, Authors, Speakers

Inventors, Authors, Marketers and Speakers who are making the world a better place with their ideas, products and services. Show Name: * Russ On The Radio Show Description: * Russ On The Radio connects inventors, authors, marketers and speakers to listeners revealing the techniques and strategies to change their lives with a focus on common sense. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Russ Stevenson 623-203-7163 Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Complete demographics on website. Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * New show startup. Show Format: * Broadcast radio show Internet radio... Read more →

Franchisee Connect seeks Retail Franchising Experts

Multi unit franchisees, Corporate-level franchising staff, Franchise managers. Come and share your journey, your knowledge and your experiences with new franchisees! Show Name: * Franchisee Connect Show Description: * Franchisee Connect is the podcast that connects new entrepreneurs and wantrapreneurs in franchising with the experience, tips and actionable information of the most successful teams in franchising. Are you successful in franchising, as a franchisee or manager, and want to be a mentor? How about scaling mentorship that across tens of thousands of new & budding franchisees? Let's do a 30-minute audio-only interview via Skype and share your gems of knowledge... Read more →

WTKI Housestuds seeks Home Improvement Experts

Anything to do with home improvement. Interior designers, landscaping, heating and cooling, new products for the home etc. The reason for appearing on our show to get their products and services out to the public. Show Name: * Housestuds Show Description: * All things to do with the home inside and out. Now in Huntsville, Al and surrounding cities about 50 miles and will be on satellite in the near future to expand our coverage. We have a great time, fun interviews and get the point across without being boring but having them remember us by being entertaining. Booking Contact... Read more →

SynergyCafe seeks Meeting and Event Professionals

Professionals (Planners and Suppliers) in the business of Hospitality, Meetings, Conventions, Tourism and Special Events. Show Name: * SynergyCafe Show Description: * SynergyCafe is a internet based program, showcasing professionals in the business of Meetings, Conventions, Group Tourism and Incentive Travel. SynergyCafe is casual and non-formal. We start with the basics of who, what, where, when, how and why with our guests and then move into discussion of their specific business goals and roles in the Meetings, Events and Group Tour Industry. This will be FUN! If you've been in the business of EVENTS for any length of time, you... Read more →

The Restaurant Ninjas Podcast seeks Experts Who Help Restaurant Owners

The show is for restaurant operators and owners. We're looking for expert advice to for them to help them find greater success in their business. Show Name: * The Restaurant Ninjas Podcast Show Description: * The Restaurant Ninjas podcast is a place where restaurant operators come together once a week to get inspired, learn new skills and ultimately build a more profitable restaurant. Hosted with quirks, thoughts and insights, Rick Nicholson, a former restaurant owner himself, brings new insight to help restaurant owners find their own level of success. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Rick Nicholson Email Address: * Read more →

Healthy Business Healthy Family seeks Experts Who Serve Women Entrepreneurs

I am looking for marketing, financial, virtual assistants, and other experts who serve the woman entrepreneur. Show Name: * Healthy Business Healthy Family Show Description: * The promise of the show is that through a healthy and vibrant businesses, we can create and enjoy healthy and vibrant families. I count myself among the few who can build businesses without sacrificing family. Through this podcast I will show and prove to other women entrepreneurs that they can as well. Our target audience is women, 35-54 who have owned their business for at least 3 years. She has an active family, often... Read more →

Marketing Strategy Session seeks Marketing Strategy Experts

I am looking to interview marketing professional on the various marketing methods used to grow businesses. The target audience are marketing executives at startups companies with a staff of 10 to 25 employees to enterprises with 500+ employees. I would like to share your unique perspective. Show Name: * Marketing Strategy Session Show Description: * The show interviews marketing experts and solution provider to provide practical insights as well as strategies to marketing directors and executives. These strategies are then put into use cases by actual companies looking for such a solution. The participating use case companies will then report... Read more →

Speakers Bureau - Do You Want More Speaking Engagements?

If your words can change the world, let Conscious and Transformational Speakers represent you! Designed for speakers who have a message of personal or global transformation, we work with speakers at all levels—from those who just want to deliver their message to a larger audience, to speakers who have established credentials & a minimum speaking fee. Also see our companion site (LuminaryVoices) for those who have a limited budget and just want to be part of speakers’ and performers’ showcase. For more information, go to and (818) 707-1473 If you’re looking for publicity help, please consider this... Read more →

Dennis Clause, Native American Storyteller, Business Expert and Author

Dennis Clause is a Native American Business Storyteller who can help you get extremely focused leads and referrals for your business. If you ask a friend what it is that you do, most of the time they will not know how to explain it. So how can they give your business a referral if they just don't know? All too often, businesses don't know how to effectively explain what they do so that customers will know how the business can help them. But with a story your customers can retell, you get referrals. Dennis will explain how a story can... Read more →

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