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Empowerment SpeakerPreneurs with The Empowerment Duo wants to Help You Heal and Thrive

Empowerment SpeakerPreneurs Network (ESP-TV7) is in search of: Heart-centered, God-centered, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs who are living out their purpose by helping others to heal and thrive! Show Name: * Empowerment SpeakerPreneurs with The Empowerment Duo Show Description: * ESP-TV7 focuses daily, Monday through Friday, on personal conversation, business information and spiritual inspiration. The shows hosts, Brian K. McNeill and his wife Lisa Santiago McNeill use their skills, gifts and talent, mixed in with a little humor, to encourage authors, speakers and entrepreneurs to live their best, authentic selves, to the fullest. Brian is the worlds recognized authority on selling... Read more →

Shakti on Fire Podcast needs Self-Healing Experts

Looking for experts, preferably published authors, in the area of self-healing and empowerment. If you are passionate and experienced with healing modalities (energy/psychology based) or empowerment tools (e.g. life coaching), I am looking for you! Show Name: * Shakti on Fire Podcast Show Description: * This is a podcast about self-healing and empowerment for women. This is a place where inspiring women, authorities in the area of healing and empowerment gather to share information that can help women find resources to heal and empower themselves. Being interviewed in this podcast means you are seen as a powerful resource that women... Read more →

101.7 FM Unlocking Your Truth with Dr. Lesley seeks Energy healers

Energy healers who have created their own modality or who bring their own specific flavor to an existing modality. Show Name: * Unlocking Your Truth with Dr. Lesley Show Description: * "Unlocking Your Truth” is a talk radio show, “hosted by Dr Lesley Phillips on CIVL (101.7 FM across the Fraser Valley) . It brings you information on metaphysics, intuition, meditation and spirituality. The show’s goal is to uplift, inspire and to expand your concept of reality. Join us for our weekly exploration of the intuitive and the mystical. Join in the discussion topic of the week or phone in... Read more →

Coffee Talk With Soy seeks Motivational Experts

Informed, passionate and articulate. Show Name: * Coffee Talk with Soy Show Description: * Coffee Talk with Soy is an inspirational talk show designed to empower our audience to live a healthier lifestyle. We encourage dialogue to motivate and challenge our listeners to search passionately within themselves to learn themselves. We believe that your attitude determines your altitude and positive thinking is necessary for success. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, our show is soaring high in numbers so start your day with “Coffee Talk with Soy”. Show Host Name(s): Soy Booking Contact for... Read more →

The Brian & Sherri Show is seeking Star Trek Fans

For the month of June our show will be going where no man has gone before, Science Fiction, and it all starts with Star Trek. So we are looking for authors who have written either star trek books, or similar. The hosts of this radio show are HUGE Star Trek fans and feel it's time to give those who are also fans a voice! Come and have some fun with us!! Show Name: * The Brian & Sherri Show Show Description: * An online radio show dedicated to bringing fun, entertainment and education to listeners around the world every Friday... Read more →

Ordaining Reality explores Women's and Civil Rights

We would like to invite you to be a guest on Dr. Joseph Donlan’s radio show Ordaining Reality. The show’s focus for July and August of 2017 with be to expose and explore Women’s Rights and Civil Rights with a focus on personal responsibility as usual. Joe has asked for you to participate in this show for the full 1.5 hours or for 45 minute segment which ever works best for you. Show Name: * Ordaining Reality Show Description: * Physicist, Professor, and Family man Dr Joseph E Donlan has been hosting Ordain Reality since his 2009 segment on ILNRadio.... Read more →

Bringing Inspiration To Earth wants to Educate, Motivate & Inspire

Looking for authors and/or subject matter experts who can provide information, tools and tips to listeners that can help them improve their life. Most interested in individuals who have not yet appeared on our show. Show Name: * Bringing Inspiration To Earth Show Description: * Our show strives to have positive, informative & fun show environment featuring Inspirational guests in the following genres: Metaphysical/Self-Help/Holistic where we feature guests whose work falls into the Body/Mind/Spirit genre, Children's Corner where we feature guests who can provide inspirational messages to children and their parents or care-givers, and Environmental Awareness where we feature guests... Read more →

SoberSmash seeks Celebrity in Recovery

SoberSmash radio is an educational entertaining podcast Radio Show seeking to: Grow and spread awareness and education towards the drug epidemic in the US. Our guests do no need to be in recovery. They can be anyone with a story, an experience, an educational or even legislative person. Show Name: * SoberSmash Show Description: * Topics for soberSmash are centered around getting clean, people in recovery, addiction experiences, family and life experiences related to addiction, legislative topix centered around addiction and educational topics around addiction. we are located in Boca Raton Florida and guests would want to appear on Super... Read more →

WPHT 1210AM Walter Sterling needs Misfits

Best results for unusual stories, funny experience, eccentrics. I am not interested in educating, The audience is interested in people who don't fit in, who have unusual backgrounds. This is a CBS station in Philadelphia that covers half the US. Guests need to have short answers, and be extremely flexible in the conversation. You should have a landline and be willing to come on the air between 11 PM and 1 AM on Sunday night Eastern time. Show Name: * Walter M Sterling Show Description: * LIVE call in show late at night. The topics of the show are non-traditional.... Read more →

The Speculative Fiction Cantina needs Speculative Fiction Authors

Are you a speculative fiction writer: Scifi, fantasy (and all its subgenres), horror, alt history, steampunk, etc.) with a published book to promote (indie is okay)? Join us for a fun hour of interviews and readings. Show Name: * The Speculative Fiction Cantina Show Description: * This internet radio program covers all aspects of speculative fiction books and writing. We let authors read from their works and promote their books (indie is okay). It's fun and free. Guests have reported increased book sales after appearing on our program. Questions are designed to let you tell our audience why your book... Read more →

World's Most Amazing People needs Successful People

We are an interview-based all-talk internet radio station dedicated to showcasing successful people. Your host, the very popular KC Armstrong, has been in the business for over 20 years and enjoys interviewing uplifting, inspiring, talented people who make a difference in the world. We broadcast your product, service or story globally for high exposure. Show Name: * World's Most Amazing People Show Description: * Interview-based talk show highlighting achievers in personal and professional challenges. Our audience loves to hear of people who have overcome challenges to publish, create, give or otherwise succeed. Let people in all 50 US states and... Read more →

The Millennial Report with Wade Heath is looking for Millennial Experts

Searching for millennials making a positive difference or experts on topics that concern millennials. Show Name: * The Millennial Report with Wade Heath Show Description: * The Millennial Report with Wade Heath is a weekly news talk program dedicated to "Sharing the Best of a Generation". The Universal Broadcasting Network show is live from the Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood every Tuesday and simulcasts as a digital TV show. Prior guests have been authors, experts, speakers, students, celebrities, writers and journalists who are or have covered uplifting or compelling millennial topics. Show Host Name(s): Wade Heath Booking Contact for Interviews:... Read more →

WXED 107.3 FM The Jerry Corbin Show seeks Health Experts

Vitamin & Health Food Specialists. Show Name: * The Jerry Corbin Show Show Description: * Interviews with upbeat, positive, engaging, informative, people. Show Host Name(s): Jerry Corbin Booking Contact for Interviews: * Jerry Corbin Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Low power radio station with potential audience of 60,000. Older population, mostly medium income. Majority white, 40 and up. Show Format: * Broadcast radio show Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * WXED LP 107.3 FM Radio in Ellwood City, PA..... Read more →

A Journey Down The Rabbit Hole wants You

We are looking for: Authors, experts, and dynamic guests for paranormal, Government cover up, conspiracy, UFO, Alien contactees, ghost hunters, remote viewing experts, New World Order, strange creaturers, alternative health and healers Agenda 21, everything that goes bump in the night. Show Name: * 'A Journey Down The Rabbit Hole' Show Description: * This is a two hour radio show broadcast worldwide hosted by a professional and experienced interviewer and expert. The style of interview is conversation, the guest is not peppered with 50 canned questions. All guests are treated with the utmost courtesy and respect you would expect from... Read more →

Legalocities Radio Invites Social Justice Advocates

Legalocities Radio Show is looking to interview social justice advocates involved in the Black Lives Matter movement to discuss: The legal and social justice issues related to institutionalized racism. *Interested guest experts may reply by email indicating their area of expertise and topic of their choice and should include any websites or social media links to verify their credentials and experience. *Selected guests will be emailed questions and a recorded conference call (30 minutes max) will be scheduled and later broadcast on Legalocties' BlogTalk Radio platform as well as blog, along with guest expert bios and links to any websites... Read more →

Journey For Truth Radio wants to Hear Your Story

Journey For Truth (JFT) Radio is seeking guests who have a unique and/or controversial and/or almost unbelievable story. The topics can range from Human Trafficking survivor, domestic/child abuse survivor, near death experience, MK Ultra survivor, ET abduction, hauntings, and more. **Note: this is not a New Age/religious podcast. Deep meaningful personal stories are desired. Show Name: * Journey For Truth Radio Show Description: * JFT is a podcast on iHeartRadio, iTunes, and Youtube video. JFT seeks to empower and share people's experiences to assist listeners in their learning and journey. Each pre-recorded episode runs about 25-30 minutes and is VIDEO... Read more →

The Ugly Truth about Small Business

We are looking for small business owners who want to share their stories with other business owners - a problem and how they overcame it. This is a video broadcast. Show Name: * The Ugly Truth about Small Business Show Description: * The Ugly Truth about Small Business is one of the show series on Profitability Revolution Paradigm, the first and only Internet TV Network which broadcasts ideas, strategies, tips, and information that matters to small businesses 24/7/365. This is a video broadcast through video skype if the guest is not in Atlanta. In Atlanta, the guests come to our... Read more →

The Author Larry Toombs Gospel Radio Show seeks Guests

Gospel Evangelist, Authors, teachers, any guest of gospel genere. Show Name: * The Author Larry Toombs Gospel Radio show Show Description: * The Author Larry Toombs Gospel Radio show is a platform for ministers, we guide the youth of the world today, we counsel the abused and battered women. Show Host Name(s): Author Larry Earl Toombs Booking Contact for Interviews: * 314-327-3836 Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 1,000 Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * 5pm central,... Read more →

Syndicated Late Night in the Midlands wants to Know the Truth

Michael Vara is looking for guest from all aspects of the truth industry including, whistle blowers, ufos, former black opps and the paranormal. Show Name: * Late Night in the Midlands Show Description: * Late Night in the Midlands is a syndicated talk show that features fascinating guests from all aspects of the truth & independent news industry. The topics can range from UFOs and abductions to the paranormal and Government corruption or secret black opps and whistlblowers. Our focus is on the truth no matter what it is or who it leads to, authors, experiences and even cryptozoology .... Read more →

Talk Time With Sharmin seeks Survivors

Survivors who are resilient and want to help others by sharing their stories. This is not your regular talk show, this is about learning empowerment and motivation. Show Name: * Talk Time With Sharmin Show Description: * TTwS is where we discuss topics that are taboo. The host shares her truth and listeners are motivated to do the same. Our experiences are to empower others and we promote removing the masks that hides your truth. So, are you ready to share your truth with Brooklyn, NY and the world? If so, let's do it. Show Host Name(s): Sharmin Prince Booking... Read more →

1510AM Boston Moment with Marianne seeks Self-Help Celebrities

Looking for self-improvement celebrities to interview on Moments with Marianne Radio Show. Show Name: * Moment with Marianne Radio Show Show Description: * Moments with Marianne is heard on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network & WMEX 1510AM Boston. Host Marianne Pestana has interviewed both top minds and celebrities such as John Paul DeJoria Founder of Paul Mitchell and Patron Spirits, TLC Star Whitney Way Thore, New York Times Bestselling Authors John Gray PhD, Don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, and Rebecca Rosen, PBS TV Personality Whitney Reynolds, ABC's Shark Tank guest Anna Stork of LuminAID, Former Pro NFL Player JJ Birden, Award... Read more →

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