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Meningitis News Podcast wants Meningitis Experts

We are seeking guests who have had an experience with: Meningitis either through loss of a loved one, having an experience yourself or as a medical professional to share your personal story and/or information about meningitis. Show Name: * Meningitis News Podcast Show Description: * Meningitis News is an ongoing series of interviews, media updates and alerts surrounding cases and meningitis outbreaks. Meningitis News aims to disseminate news and educate the public about meningitis. Meningitis News is a weekly broadcast that delivers information on meningitis related to outbreaks, vaccinations, medical conditions and other important subjects related to meningitis. Meningitis News... Read more →

WYCB 1340 AM Dr. Eve Taylor seeks Veteran Experts

Professionals, authors, business leaders and guests who can speak to: The needs of veterans offering information about their programs that will help veterans. Show Name: * Dr. Eve Taylor, Host Show Description: * My radio program on Radio One WYCB 1340 AM every Monday at 11 am feature guests includes Senators, Lawyers, Educators, Authors, Business Leaders i.e AARP, American Legion, Psychologist and Military Leaders and many more who speak to the heart of the issues veterans face in regards to their benefits and more. Show Host Name(s): Discover Your Why Veterans Radio Talk Forum Booking Contact for Interviews: * Dr.... Read more →

Whosgonnatakecareofme seeks Alzheimers Dementia Experts

We are looking for a guest with diverse experiences with Alzheimer's/Dementia sufferers. Show Name: * Whosgonnatakecareofme Show Description: * The show highlights awareness to loved ones and family members that are new to experience this disease with their loved one. Choosing the right facility, sundowning, day to day activities coping with other family etc. We touch on many diverse topics that strike home and will be of a information source to get through this very trying disease. Show Host Name(s): Butch Grimes Booking Contact for Interviews: * Gilmore Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show:... Read more →

Power Up Mornings Are You Ready To Be Seen

WE are looking for guest who specialize in Health, Wealth, & Growth. We are all Things Green. We have both radio and TV platforms available. Show Name: * Power Up Mornings Show Description: * We are Power Up Mornings on We have over 9M viewers in over 50 countries worldwide. We promote all things Green: Health, Wealth, & Growth. We inspire, empower, and power you up every morning. Show Host Name(s): Professor Keba Green Booking Contact for Interviews: * AngelaMarie Pacley, Marketing/Booking 717-693-7799 Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 9M+ viewers 50... Read more →

Ask The Beauty Advisor needs Health and Beauty Experts

Looking for experts in the health and beauty field. "Ask The beauty advisor" is in the top 200 iTunes podcasts in the fashion and beauty category, with over 5,000 downloads a month. Get more exposure for your products, service or books. Show Name: * Ask The Beauty Advisor Show Description: * "Ask the beauty advisor" is a fun and informative podcast that answers your health and beauty questions. This is a podcast for people who are seriously interested in maintaining their health and youthfulness. With host Deanna lyn who not only answers listeners questions, but also shares the latest health... Read more →

Vegan Breakthrough is seeking Veganism Experts

We are looking for Vegan Experts and Advocates, who has something valuable to share with our audience, for example: - How to improve your health on a Vegan diet? - How to build muscles on a Vegan diet? - Reasons why people should go Vegan? - How to make a transition to Veganism easier? - etc. Show Name: * Vegan Breakthrough Show Description: * We inspire, promote and celebrate Veganism as a way of life that encompasses compassion for everyone. We address commonly asked questions about being a vegan, including those about living a healthy vegan lifestyle, vegan nutrition, animal... Read more →

iHeart Radio's No Small Victories seeks Autism Experts

No Small Victories radio show is looking for experts, parents, supporters, and service providers for those on the autism spectrum. Any topics beneficial to the autism community will be considered. Show Name: * No Small Victories Radio Show Description: * No Small Victories radio show airs on global radio network W4WN Radio. W4WN is the Women 4 Women network, consisting of programming geared at women. As a partner of iHeart Radio W4WN is the world’s #1 Ranked Women’s internet radio station with listeners in all 197 countries and all United States. Airing every Wednesday at 7:00 PM (EST) NSV Online... Read more →

Get Healthy Lose Weight is seeking Health and Weight Loss Experts

Health and weight loss experts. Show Name: * Get Healthy lose weight Show Description: * Health and Weight Loss Show Host Name(s): Deanna lyn Booking Contact for Interviews: * Deanna lyn Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Men and women who are interested in health (New show growing steady) Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * weekly Podcast Website URL: * Show URL: * Read more →

The 4 Principles of Success wants to Prepare for Success

Type of guests typically would be inspiring entrepreneurs or generally very successful, accomplished people. Show Name: * The 4 Principles of Success Show Description: * Good day, successors! I am Antonio Holman, founder, and host of The 4 Principles of Success podcast where I chat with successful people about the 4 principles of success: enhancing Knowledge, Health, Wealth and Spirituality. I believe that with a solid foundation of these 4 principles, success in any realm of life can be greatly achieved. The 4 Principles of Success podcast goes narrow and deep by having conversations today's successful people who have experienced... Read more →

Ascent Dental Radio needs Guests

Business and marketing experts who specialize in helping business owners grow their revenue. Show Name: * Ascent Dental Radio Show Description: * Ascent Dental Radio is a podcast dedicated to helping dentists boost their business. We are currently searching for marketing and business experts who can share tips related to helping dentists and healthcare professionals grow their practice. Show Host Name(s): Dr. Kevin Coughlin Booking Contact for Interviews: * Douglas Foresta 413-883-5518 Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 7k+ audience. Our audience is primarily dentists with practices with a valued at 800K-1 mil.... Read more →

The Art of FIghting seeks Fighters/Fitness/Lifestyle

MMA and combat sports themed podcast is looking for either call in or stop in to the studio guests. Located in midtown Manhattan we would love to have you come by. Looking for pro or amateur fighters looking to breakdown fights, talk about the sport and just have fun. Also looking for fitness experts, people who have products to pitch that relate to a healthy lifestyle, looking for mind, body and soul. Show Name: * The Art of FIghting Show Description: * MMA and martial arts, 1 hour long recorded live in NYC. We discuss lifestyle, sports, mental and physical... Read more →

The Mobius Podcast is looking for Fitness Experts

We are looking for fitness guests that can help our listeners learn about ways to stay fit and active through all stages of life. We have a lot of listeners that are baby boomers and a lot of them are intimidated by the workout routines that are modeled by younger people. We are looking for people who will help dissuade the apprehension associated with exercise. Topics include stretching, yoga, cardio, weight lifting, cross fit, etc. Show Name: * The Mobius Podcast Show Description: * Join Mobius Nutrition's CEO David Taylor as he interviews other passionate thought leaders and health enthusiasts.... Read more →

Featured Guest Expert - Jenny Maher, Motivational Expert & Inspirational Author

Jenny Maher was forced to deal with multiple life threatening experiences. But her determination to fight after becoming physically, emotionally, and spiritually paralyzed will touch anyone's heart and encourage them to not give up. As the Author of the inspirational memoir, Never Give Up, Jenny not only shares the struggles she endured growing up with abuse and neglect at home and in foster homes, but with mental illness. Diagnosed with Bipolar Depression and BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) to name a few, Jenny cut to ease the emotional pain. At 21, she was shot in the mouth with a .45 by... Read more →

104.9 FM Talk With Francesca wants to talk about Women

Women related topics. Show Name: * Talk With Francesca Show Description: * Francesca’s goal is to connect with women searching for new experiences and who are unafraid to push boundaries. Together, we explore our world through the rabble rousers, change agents and big thinkers of today to go beyond talking about it to making it happen. Talk with Francesca is feisty and fearless without being abrasive. We discuss hot topics in a provocative way with a “say it like you mean it” and no nonsense attitude to inspire women to become the best they can be. Show Host Name(s): Francesca... Read more →

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