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Turn Up with Paige is looking for Guest on Urban Culture Show

A and B list celebrities that are looking to promote their new work or organizations. People that are inspiring and trying to make a change in their community. R&B artist, Hiphop artist, reality show stars, actors actresses, authors, doctors and community leaders. Show Name: * Turn Up with Paige Show Description: * "Turn up with Paige" Urban author Paige Love - Rose launches her new podcast in September. She is the former host of "The Paige Love-Rose show" It is an online community podcast that is educational and built to inspire others. There will be positive guest and a positive... Read more →

The Choke Point Podcast seeks Veteran Success Stories

We are looking for anyone within the veteran/ service-member community who has a story to tell. The Choke Point podcast is hosted by former Army Rangers seeking to highlight resources available to the veteran community while also highlighting success stories to empower our nations Heroes. If you or anyone you know would like to motive, inspire, and add value to men and women who selfless served this nation we would be very grateful! Stronger Together! Show Name: * The Choke Point Podcast Show Description: * We are a video podcast that began as three Army Rangers seeking to help other... Read more →

The Douglas Coleman Show is looking for You

We're looking for people in all aspects of the entertainment industry. This includes musicians, screen writers, producers, authors, actors, dancers, models. Show Name: * The Douglas Coleman Show Show Description: * The Douglas Coleman show is a syndicated talk and music show that features fascinating and sometimes famous guests from all aspects of the entertainment industry. The topics can range from light and fluffy to sober and serious. Our focus is on music artists but we also feature producers, authors, directors and even promoters. The Douglas Coleman show, sometimes chat, sometimes music, always entertaining. Show Host Name(s): Douglas Coleman Booking... Read more →

Transmissions From Atlantis is looking for Doctor Who, Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Horror

We are interested in speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, horror) guests. We have a special emphasis on Doctor Who, so if you're connected to the show in any way, that's a plus! We're looking for guests in all forms of entertainment (books, tv, movies, webseries, audio shows, etc) as long as it resides in the speculative fiction realm. Show Name: * Transmissions From Atlantis Show Description: * JC and Rita De La Torre, creators of Seekers of the Lost Worlds and Star Mage, talk pop culture, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and other speculative fiction topics with a special emphasis on Doctor Who.... Read more →

The Tivomike Show seeks Jesus Followers

Our ideal guests would be: Ministers, authors, and other passionate Christian leaders that speak to the requirements of dying to self, living by faith, receiving God's grace and seeking His will above our own. Our guests should be witty, smart, charismatic and able to clearly state their message to our audience of Christ followers - some of which are brand new to the faith and others are mature believers. We want our guests to passionately and edu-tainingly (education + entertain) state sin is bad, grace is King and that dying to self has taken the place of YOLO as the... Read more →

The Russell McLain Show seeks Entertaining Guest

Currently Recording Artist, Authors, Actors, and pretty much anyone from the entertainment industry. The show has featured many guest such as Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Daniels, Phil Vassar, and many other shakers and hitmakers from the entertainment world your name will be added to this list!!! Show Name: * The Russell McLain Show Show Description: * Join Russell Devin McLain every Tuesday night live as he shares news and updates from the entertainment industry, gives reviews on the hottest albums, books, and movies, and hosts interviews with the likes recording artist, actors, authors, and much more... ​ Russell Devin McLain is... Read more →

The Turnt Show is seeking Successful Entertainers and Business

Well known actors, entertainers, musicians, athletes and film makers. Show Name: * the turnt show Show Description: * We are a internet radio show located in Atlanta ga and powered by world star hit radio. Our show is designed to get our audience interacting with the people that they look up to from various industries Show Host Name(s): Niccy Cabrera Booking Contact for Interviews: * Mann Robinson Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Urban america age 14-60 Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * 2.3 million Show Format: * Internet radio show... Read more →

Behind the Scenes seeks Entertainment Experts

A and B list Celebrities, Hollywood legends and entertainment insiders. Show Name: * Behind the Scenes Show Description: * Join celebrities, legends and insiders with Hollywood executive and former Victoria’s Secret model Summer Helene and get the royal tour as the “Duchess of Hollywood” takes you Behind the Scenes and gives you an insider’s guide to the entertainment world. Get the scoop and all the dirt when you listen in on location with Summer Helene as she takes you past the glitz and glamour. By the way, it ain’t all wine and roses in this biz so our show is... Read more →

WPHT CBS Walter M Sterling seeks Unusual Guests

Do you have an unusual story or theory about life? Fun, stupid, pop culture type topics are our only focus. This show likes entertaining stories and odd observations. Would a listener tell a friend about what you shared? The show seeks experts on beating authority, beating the system, unusual views of the world. We love celebrity gossip, sex, transgenders, gender fluids, why homework is bad, how to cope with annoying parents, why the engine light is always one. Our goal is to match the conversations happening right now in food courts, parks, Twitter. The show is not political or religious.... Read more →

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Exposure with Stefan Mcmillan and Justin T. Watson seeks Experts

We want guest that create things for online consumption, this includes, youtubers, online broadcasters, prodcasters, and artists. We want to establish a platform where online content creators can talk about their creations , but also show aside they don't normally get to show in their content. Show Name: * Exposure with Stefan Mcmillan and Justin T. Watson Show Description: * Exposure is a podcast where online content creators can come to talk about themselves. It is also a place where we get to know more about the people behind the content we love. From the smallest and newest content creators... Read more →

Predictably Drunk: The Podcast seeks Experts

We cater to comedians and beer drinkers. Not sure why I was redundant there. But most topics are fair game. Music, movies, TV, sports, politics, race, etc. Anyone with experience in brewing,or in stand-up comedy, would be a bonus. Show Name: * Predictably Drunk: The Podcast Show Description: * 30-45 minutes interview/conversations, with games and countdown lists of whatever topics we feel worthy. Located in the S.F. Bay Area, the show reaches comedians, booking agents and fans, across the nation and the format allows for any and all shows, gigs, causes and websites to be promoted during the show. Booking... Read more →

UITA's Mid Day Rush seeks Charting/Charted Artists

Killeens UITA Internet Radio is currently in search of: Artists in the genre of hip hop/ pop/ and r&b that are currently charting or have charted within the past 3 years to do exclusive interviews that can be heard all over the world, as we give the listeners and artists on a come up a look into the world of hard working artist we have a great time and team here at UITA and we pride our self in making our guest feel at home it is a wonderful atmosphere. Show Name: * UITA's Mid Day Rush Show Description: *... Read more →

Church Films Podcast seeks Christian Filmmakers

Christian filmmakers, artists, and faith leaders that see quality, narrative film and video as something God can redeem for His glory - these are the folks Church Films wants to interview. Show Name: * Church Films Podcast Show Description: * The Church Films Podcast discusses the intersection of faith and quality media in our houses of worship. If you are a budding filmmaker or artist with a heart for the Kingdom, this is the interview for you. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Jacob Keenum Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Filmmakers, artists, and ministry leaders Audience... Read more →

The Tino Orsini Show seeks Experts

Actors, singers, directors, authors, producers, theater practitioners, coaches. Show Name: * The Tino Orsini Show Show Description: * An entertaining chat show with special guests and news and reviews of new west end shows and film releases Booking Contact for Interviews: * Tino Orsini : Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Theater and film buffs, creatives Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * N/a Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * Every friday Website URL: * Show URL: *... Read more →

I Want To Know seeks Fun Experts/Pro's

We're looking for experts & professionals on many different subjects. Anything from WWII vets to experts on ghost towns (and other historical cities) to professionals singers, athletes and entertainers. Show Name: * I Want To Know Show Description: * "I Want To Know" is a podcast I've developed that centers around curiosity and falling down the "google hole." I want to interview experts/professionals about things that are interesting to listeners. Sometimes I hear things and I end up getting lost on google for hours learning about it, so I want this show to be that google search but with someone... Read more →

Enter The Restroom seek Experts

Musicians, audio engineers, music producers, song writers. Show Name: * Enter The Restroom Show Description: * Enter Walt's studio 'The Restroom' to hear him and his revolving door of co-hosts talk with guests about everything from music production to politics. Be a fly on the wall and Enter The Restroom. Booking Contact for Interviews: * walt Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * 15-60yrs old music producers Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * 1,000 listeners per month. Lybsyn. Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule +... Read more →

On the Go with Tiffany Patton TV Show seeks Exceptional Women Entrepr

Authors, business owners, artists, entertainers, financial specialist. Show Name: * On the Go with Tiffany Patton TV Show Show Description: * Magazine on tv that also includes traveling. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Kimberly Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * 18 to 54 Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * 50k per week The network 25 million Show Format: * Cable TV Recorded podcast Video webcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * Impact tv network Website URL: * Show URL: * If... Read more →

The Davian Expressed seeks Experts

Anyone with an interesting job, story, or upcoming project. I've interviewed a photographers an author, a test pilot, and soon you! Show Name: * The Davian Expressed Show Description: * A monthly General interest Booking Contact for Interviews: * Davian Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * 18-34 Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * 100-150 Facebook and twitter Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * Once per month at Website URL: * Show URL: * If you... Read more →

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