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The Elephant in the Room needs Experts on Politics/Social Issues

If you are an expert on the controversial topics in the categories of politics or social issues, we'd love to have you on our show! Support Gun Control? We'd love to have you. Pro-Life? We'd love to have you. Whichever side you are on in the debate, we'd appreciate you as a guest on our show! Show Name: * The Elephant in the Room Show Description: * TEITR is a weekly podcast hosted by three young conservatives talking about politics, social issues, and religion. Coming from a Christian Conservative/Libertarian point of view, we strive to give our listeners an experience... Read more →

Syndicate Radio Sayin it Plain is looking for Awesome Guests

We are looking for experts in your field, Authors, Musicians, Actors, Actresses, Business Professionals, people in politics. We are Looking interesting guests who can captivate our audience. We especially love Relationship Experts and Coaches and Authors who can speak to social and cultural issues. For those in politics please note we are a Liberal Leaning show. We pre-record all interviews. Show Name: * Sayin it Plain Show Description: * Sayin it Plain is a Talk Show that Focuses on Social and Cultural issues and advice for people dealing with Dating and Relationship issues. Sayin it Plain is an upfront in... Read more →

Between Us Gurlz is a Fun Look at Today's Hot Topics

We are looking for experts on today's topics, pop artists, politicians and anything else that tickles their fancy. Show Name: * Between Us Gurlz Show Description: * Between Us Gurlz is a fun look at today's Hot Topics. Join Liz Stone with her best "Gurl Friend" David Alan as they give you a behind the scenes look at pop artists, politicians and anything else that tickles their fancy. So, grab some coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy views and opinions you'll only hear "Between Us Gurlz" *NEW & NOTEWORTHY* Show Host Name(s): Liz Stone & David Alan Booking... Read more →

The Choke Point Podcast seeks Veteran Success Stories

We are looking for anyone within the veteran/ service-member community who has a story to tell. The Choke Point podcast is hosted by former Army Rangers seeking to highlight resources available to the veteran community while also highlighting success stories to empower our nations Heroes. If you or anyone you know would like to motive, inspire, and add value to men and women who selfless served this nation we would be very grateful! Stronger Together! Show Name: * The Choke Point Podcast Show Description: * We are a video podcast that began as three Army Rangers seeking to help other... Read more →

Book Announcement: "In DeLorean's Shadow," the drug trial of the century

Check out Stephen Lee Arrington's book, "In DeLorean's Shadow," the drug trial of the century by the sole surviving defendant. Stephen has the transcripts of FBI's secret tapes and investigation reports. He knows what the jury never heard about the USA's greatest drug conspiracy. His case involved the white house, #10 Downing, the FBI, DEA, DOJ, IRS, Pablo Escobar, Medellin Hit Men, and much more. This is a story about hope as an ex-felon becomes chief diver for Captain Jacques Cousteau. Interview Stephen Lee Arrington, President Dream Machine Foundation about hope a person can believe in, teen bullying, suicide, drugs... Read more →

Skin Deep Theology wants to get Under Your Skin

Political Analysts, Community Activists, Politicians, Legal experts, judges, Community leaders, Felons, Media members, Locals, Small business owners. Show Name: * Skin Deep Theology Show Description: * This season we'll talk with wardens, politicians, City leaders, The Nay sayer's, Mayor's, and most importantly YOU...and talk about things not anyone wants to talk about - Recidivism, Racism, Juvenile Justice and the corruption of the Justice system, Black LIVES matter?? of course but so do all other lives... that is just a few of the topics.....See, We scream for change but fail to admit change is necessary....Before Change can occur we must first... Read more →

Money 105.5FM Rush Hour For Success seeks Expert Interviews

Money 105.5FM is the only financial/money talk show network in the Greater Sacramento, CA area. Cami Ferry (The Theatre Queen) is seeking experts in money & finance, health & fitness, community & caused based organizations, entertainment, film, live theatre, published Authors & publishing and anyone who is directly on the forefront of current events and current controversial subjects. Her ideal guest would be someone who is an expert in some area of health and fitness as well as money & finance. Her guests are not only promoted on the radio show but also through her theatre company, website, online promo... Read more →

Renegade Talk Radio seeks Sexy, Open-Minded Wackos

Entertainment Gossip, Current News Dating, Cannabis,Politics, Directors, Actors, Comedians, Authors. Show Name: * Renegade Talk Radio Show Description: * Renegade Talk Radio goes behind the scenes on the best that Pop Culture, Current News, Politics,Dating,Cannabis has to offer! You want to be on our program because we're going to let you say what you need to say and talk about what you want. Most importantly, we want you to talk about you. Tell people why they should be interested in who you are and what you have to offer. This is real conversation, and Very Open Minded. Show Host Name(s):... Read more →

KLIF570 Caravan to Midnight / Ark Midnight wants to Talk to You

Conservative Politicians , Science & Technology, World politics , New Inventions, Breaking News, Authors , Research. Show Name: * Caravan to Midnight / Ark Midnight Show Description: * Talk Radio covering everything new and/or unexplained, new research etc. Arts & Culture Books and Authors Business Comedy Consumer Affairs Current Affairs General Interest Health & Wellness Law and Crime Marketing Movies / TV Shows Music Paranormal Politics and Society Relationships and Family Self-Improvement Show Host Name(s): John B Wells Booking Contact for Interviews: * Brendi Richards Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Men and Woman 35 -... Read more →

Strong opinions?

What issues matter most to you this election year? It's an election year and Talk Radio is still looking for guests like YOU to interview to fill their air time! Are you a political expert, pundit, or author of a book about politics? Would you like to be interviewed about politics, elections, politicians, Republicans, Democrats, voting, and other issues? Learn how you can be a Featured Guest Expert on Advertise with to get attention and publicity interviews for your political views and expertise. Book an ad with us so talk radio and podcasts will contact you for "on... Read more →

Uncensored MAGAPod wants to 'Make America Great Again'

Conservative authors, journalists, new right and alt right thinkers and anyone who supports Donald Trump. Show Name: * MAGAPod Show Description: * MAGA POD is a conservative and pro-Donald Trump podcast that talks with political activists, authors, creators, and journalists. Unfiltered and uncensored, not for the faint of heart. Show Host Name(s): Mark Hammond Booking Contact for Interviews: * John Miller Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * 92% Male 70% Age 18-34 68% Single 85% Smart Phone Users Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * 100,000 Combined Listens from Soundcloud and Downloads... Read more →

Uncensored Crude Sports Talk seeks Sports Experts

Looking for professional athletes, managers, coaches etc Any sport welcomed! We recently had two Captains from The Deadliest Catch on our show and they said out of the thousands of interviews they've done we were in the top 5!! Trust us, we have a great time!! Our oil and gas reach is over 575,000 people with consistent downloads of 2,000 to 4,000 per episode. Show Name: * Crude Sports Talk Show Description: * We are an uncensored sports podcast for the oil and gas industry. Weekly format keeps our busy guys and girls in the industry up to date on... Read more →

Dwight Lilly Show Provocative Talk how

Looking for guests with knowledge to share about: Health, economy, world issues, one world order, chem trails, organic food, gmo products, politics and any topic that is sensitive for other programs. A digital radio station that is heard around the world. Use your internet to listen at home and on your smart phone. Guests like John Guandolo, Jeff Berwick, Adam Kokesk, Dr. Tawfik Hamid and others have been guests. We look forward to adding you to the show. Show Name: * Dwight Lilly Show Show Description: * Digital radio on with freedom to speak about what you feel is... Read more →

Mary Wingo, Ph.D., Stress Expert, Scientist, and Author

Dr. Mary Wingo can help your listeners easily understand the most important social issue of our time: the uncontrolled stress of modern life and its devastating effects on our bodies and our communities. Human stress costs our communities trillions of dollars every year. In addition, millions of people die prematurely, or suffer disability needlessly because of preventable exposure to stress. Mary wants to change this and tell listeners about the fascinating science behind the human stress response. A paradigm-shifting author and scientist, she speaks about the biological, psychological, sociological, political, and economic aspects of human stress in a fun and... Read more →

Robert Christian show wants to Talk Current Issues

We are seeking guest for Political shows to air before November. Our ideal guest would be someone who is noted in Politics and who is ready to pose a good challenge to our listeners and live show viewers. Show Name: * Robert Christian Show Show Description: * Primarily We are an LGBT newstalk show-that crosses borders. We talk politics at times in a fun but educational way. Easy going-yet Challenging. Show Host Name(s): Robert Christian Booking Contact for Interviews: * Robert Christian Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Email Robert for better details. Our Typical podcast... Read more →

Craig Smalley, Tax Expert and Author

Craig Smalley is a tax expert with extensive knowledge of individual and business taxation. With over 22 years of experience solving client tax problems, Craig can help your listeners understand the tax code better. He specializes in individual, corporate, business, and small business taxation, as well as IRS audit representation. Craig is the founder of CWSEAPA®, LLP, which is a nationally recognized conglomerate of financial and accounting services. He is also the founder of Tax Crisis Center®, LLC, which is the nation's premier tax resolution firm. Craig's diverse client base ranges anywhere between small one person companies to multi-million dollar... Read more →

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Our Premium Email Guest Requests service will bring you a LOT more Guest Requests. The service usually more than pays for itself by getting you more publicity, so you can make more sales. But the price is jumping 25% on Tuesday. So if you're interested, grab the Free Trial and lock-in today’s low rate here now: You won't see a lower price on our Premium Emails and the small investment can really help your business grow. [Plus it's probably tax-deductible!] Read more →

Naked Departure seeks People Abused in Barbados

Returning nationals who are robbed or abused in Barbados or any West Indian Island, Land fraud issues, Women and child issues. Show Name: * Naked Departure Show Description: * Naked Departure is a show that deal with women issues and sexual abuse of children. We also talk and deal with land fraud issues and the corrupting of Barbados and other islands. If you have had a notable experience in Barbados, please let us know. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Sheri Veronica Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Caribbean and the Americas Audience Size for Your Show... Read more →

Radio Book Shelf - Authors on Real Radio seeks Experts

Political, Self-Help, Professional, History, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Sports, Education, Government, Entertainment. Show Name: * Radio Book Shelf - Authors on Real radio Show Description: * Promoting authors and speakers on the radio. Radio is Book Shelf lets listeners order the books while you are on the radio as a book guest. RBS also has a live chat feature with the station host and guest for listeners to interact during the interview. we place guests on a variety of talk shows with different hosts. Booking Contact for Interviews: * VAn- 952-955-6596 Email Address: * complete the GUEST APPEARANCE PROFILE- at Read more →

UITA's Mid Day Rush seeks Charting/Charted Artists

Killeens UITA Internet Radio is currently in search of: Artists in the genre of hip hop/ pop/ and r&b that are currently charting or have charted within the past 3 years to do exclusive interviews that can be heard all over the world, as we give the listeners and artists on a come up a look into the world of hard working artist we have a great time and team here at UITA and we pride our self in making our guest feel at home it is a wonderful atmosphere. Show Name: * UITA's Mid Day Rush Show Description: *... Read more →

For The People seeks Experts

Political, health, survival, history. Government. Environment. Ufology. Science. Show Name: * "For The People" Show Description: * Chuck Harder is a talk legend and has over a million listeners. He was #2 to Rush in the "90's. We are seeking quality guests with a conservative leaning. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Please reach out to me at 813-562-5790 or Via E-mail. Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * 35- Plus. Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * 1- Million. Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Cable TV Station Call Letters +... Read more →

Let's Face It w/Wil Strayhorn and Friends seeks Experts

We are looking for expert guests that range from celebrities, industry professionals and game changers in their field who want to share their knowledge and expertise on the real issues of today. For Let's Face It w/Wil Strayhorn and Friends, no subject is ever TABOO! Show Name: * Let's Face It w/Wil Strayhorn and Friends Show Description: * A weekly radio show designed to inspire, encourage, entertain & motivate listeners by discussing some of the hottest topics and social issues in or society today! We will have industry experts answer some of your most thought-provoking questions, Call in guests share... Read more →

WHDT Television World News seeks Experts

Politics, gun control, vaccinations, mental health, GMO debate, FAA, FDA, TSA, Experts on religion, law enforcement, ISIS, Global warming. Show Name: * WHDT World News Show Description: * WHDT virtual channel 9 (channel 42), is a television station located in Stuart Florida WHDT produces high definition program content for syndication and for broadcast. Programming includes evening news and weather,automotive news and motorsport programs, documentaries, independent films, classical music concerts, equestrian sports, aviation, fishing, cooking, travel, high school athletics and syndicated entertainment shows. The station maintains a full high definition schedule, including paid programming. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Amanda Gabriel... Read more →

Freedoms Voice Radio seeks Political Experts

Political representatives, former politicians, current news media, reporters and authors. Experts in the fields of government, policy, constitution, regulations etc. Show Name: * Freedoms Voice Radio Show Description: * Freedoms Voice is a 3 hour, audience call in show discussing politics, news, finance, business and other topics. Freedoms Voice is broadcast in 12 states and aires live from 10A-1P Mountain Time Booking Contact for Interviews: * Larry Friis Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * 40-75 mostly college educated. Freedoms Voice is heard in 11 states and on-line at Audience Size for Your Show and Source... Read more →

Atlanta 87.9 FM Talking Business seeks Experts

We would like to interview independent business owners, Having an impact on the surrounding community, Professional and character will be important as well honesty. Show Name: * Talking Business Show Description: * Introducing new and upcoming business as well as community involvement Booking Contact for Interviews: * AJ Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * +12-+65 Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * Our FM reach 100,000 listeners Our internet listening hours average 15 hours a day Show Format: * Broadcast radio show Internet radio show Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast... Read more →

D'Newz seeks Experts

Comedians, Lawyers, Social Experts, Health Consultants, Authors, Hip Hop Entertainers, Urban Professional, New product inventors, Political Experts, Activist, Republicans and Democrats. Show Name: * D'Newz Show Description: * Normski and Capone bring you interviews, news, and what's viral in the number 1 Urban podcast. With humor, wit, and intelligence. Special guest with information to get information that you can you use. Real talk, real issues, real people. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Ruffus Magnium Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Ages 18- 35 58%, 35 - 45 29% Income 63% 0 - 45k, 32% 45-95k 57%... Read more →

Fox News Radio KOAN/KVNT Alaska The Glen Biegel Show seeks Experts

CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO OPEN TO: INTERESTING AND VARIED GUESTS COVERING SCIENCE, SOCIAL MEDIA, FAMILIES, MILITARY FAMILIES, HEALTHCARE, POLITICS AND MORE. Show Name: * THE GLEN BIEGEL SHOW ON KOAN/KVNT ALASKA Show Description: * CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO THAT ENCOURAGES DISCUSSION ON THE ISSUES AND COMMENTARY ON NATIONAL/LOCAL NEWS. Booking Contact for Interviews: * BRIAN H. 907-569-1080 (4-6PM M-F AKST) Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * 25-75 50% M 50% F Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * # 2 afternoon talk radio show 2-6pm Nielson Fall 2014 Show Format: * Broadcast radio show... Read more →

Robert Christian show seeks Experts

The Robert Christian show is looking for guest who support same sex marriage, and those who have strong opinions either for it or against it. The supreme court is expected to rule in June on the issue. We would like three guest total on the issue. Show Name: * Robert Christian show Show Description: * North America's number one LGBT newstalk show . We are based in Seattle and have viewers of our live shows from all around the world. While we focus on LGBT news, often we cross the border and get into some serious cross talk. Booking Contact... Read more →

To Be Decided seeks Weekly Host Who Wants Their Own Show

Looking for a LIVE show host to join our network of over 40 different shows. Individual must be well versed in survival, self-sustainability, preparedness topics. We will work hard in helping to promote the right host and their own related projects. Qualified host would have their own guests and may also have own advertisers. Show Name: * To be decided Show Description: * The show must be weekly and 45 to 55 minutes in length. Weekly show topics must revolve around survival, self-sustainability, and preparedness. A news broadcast would be welcome if remaining neutral, neither left or right (unbiased). This... Read more →