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Beyond Confidence wants to hear Your Message

Seeking high impact radio show hosts, TV show hosts, speakers and social entrepreneur leaders. Show Name: * Beyond Confidence Show Description: * We aspire to provide inspiration, actionable strategies and empowerment to female leaders. Many entrepreneurs are dissatisfied with their current circumstances experiencing overwhelm, frustration, stress and lack business acceleration support. We are looking for high impact guests that can inspire audiences to step beyond their current circumstances and move beyond to live the quality lifestyle and cultivate thriving business. Show Host Name(s): Divya Parekh Booking Contact for Interviews: * Jane Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics... Read more →

Your First Thousand Clients wants Business Owners

I want to interview business owners who have build their business and have at least 1000 clients or more. It doesn't matter what kind of business you've built, there's wisdom in what you've done and I want to share that! Show Name: * Your First Thousand Clients Show Description: * I am a seasoned business owner and entrepreneur and I wanted to start a podcast with a unique twist while helping new business owners grow their company. I am inviting you to join me for a fast paced, exciting interview experience as we dive deep into the lessons you learned... Read more →

WPHT Walter Sterling needs Misfits

Misfits. If you don't fit in on most shows, we want you. Great stories, odd history, fresh ideas, esoteric, spooky, strange, eceentric, scary ---we welcome you. Show Name: * walter sterling Show Description: * CBS Owned WPHT talk station. Show is a late night show for people who don't fit in. A transition from weekend to weekday late Sunday night. LIVE. Show features talent comments, listener phone calls and 5 minute interviews of fun guests. It is very important that you be willing to book last minute, have a landline, listen to a previous show and have a sense of... Read more → with Host Mitch Stephen needs Real Estate Experts

Real Estate Investors, coaches and instructors, developers of Real Estate software tools. Show Name: * with Host Mitch Stephen Show Description: * Learn from the best real estate has to offer! Mitch Stephen interviews diverse groups of investors, coaches and instructors. Each of them have proven that their methods can help anyone, who wants to show up and do the work, can be a successful entrepreneur. Financial Freedom is still available in the Real Estate market! Each guest tells some amazing stories and tips to move you in the right direction. Listen to how these folks got started and... Read more →

Monday Morning Radio seeks Business Experts

Innovative business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts who can share their stories and advice with others. We appreciate offbeat business owners and business concepts. Show Name: * Monday Morning Radio Show Description: * This is a weekly business-2-business podcast aimed at small business owners (250 employees or fewer) and entrepreneurs. Hosted by former Wall Street Journal columnist Dean Rotbart, the show looks for innovative business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts who can share their stories and advice with others. This is especially popular with B2B authors, speakers, and consultants. We appreciate offbeat business owners and business concepts. Interviews are pre-recorded by phone... Read more →

SOM Talk Live seeks Entertainment Professionals

We are looking for entertainment professionals only, such as: Celebrities, Musicians, Actors/Actresses, Directors, and Producers. Show Name: * SOM Talk Live Show Description: * SOM Talk Live is the new podcast by SOM Magazine founder and owner Rueben Wood. Show Host Name(s): Rueben Wood Booking Contact for Interviews: * John Peterson Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 50,000 + per episode Show Format: * Broadcast radio show Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * HTB WZFG Every Friday on Hits 106... Read more →

The Growth Mindset is looking for CEO's

CEO's, business owners, founders, experienced entrepreneurs. MUST have a large social media following. Show Name: * The Growth Mindset Show Description: * The road to success in business ownership is rough. The Growth Mindset was designed to help business owners and beginner entrepreneurs on their journey. By appearing on The Growth Mindset, you'll have the opportunity to teach and give advice to those who are venturing down the same path as you once were. Share your story! Show Host Name(s): Paul Potratz Booking Contact for Interviews: * Nicole Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show:... Read more →

Art & Business of Writing seeks Authors/Mktg Gurus

The Art & Business of Writing podcast wants authors who want to share about their writing life and process with an engaged audience. We ARE NOT looking to promote your book, though we will discuss it. We want guests to be a resource to writers on how they write, challenges they faces, ways they promote, and tools they use. We are also looking for marketing experts who know who know how to sell products online and help authors position themselves to win in the digital space. Show Name: * The Art & Business of Writing Show Description: * The Art... Read more →

Together 24/7 seeks Couples In Business and In Love

We are looking for couples who have created a business together. The business must be their own, not a franchise or network marketing company. The interview will deal with how you decided to start your business, what made you two think you could do it without ruining your relationship (married, living together, shacking up, spousal equivalents, etc.) Our listeners want to know more about you and what it takes day-to-day to find a work/life balance and where your work ends and your personal life begins. The interview is all about the difference between regular entrepreneurs and couples who are in... Read more →

RANCHCAST with Lem Lewis wants to Celebrate Ranchers

Land owners of large farms and ranches or agriculture production In the United States and Canada with a preference toward working families with a strong family history in agriculture. Show Name: * RANCHCAST with Lem Lewis Show Description: * The mission of RANCHCAST is straightforward: Celebrate ranchers, highlight their accomplishments, and provide them a peer-to-peer forum for bolstering their business savvy. Whether our listeners live on a ranch, invest in rural real estate, or are simply fans of the ranch lifestyle, this new program is designed to be their guide to insights and practical advice available nowhere else. RANCHCAST interviews... Read more →

iHeart Radio Paiva|Zen & Sacred Living is for Women

I am looking for guests who touch upon issues that are either specific or inclusive toward women. Examples would be authors affiliated with recognized publishing houses, politicians, advocates, physicians specific with female health, nonprofits for women or serving mainly female demographics, spiritually-focused (Reiki, Yoga, Zen Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, etc) entrepreneurs to discuss a topic and solution, etc. Show Name: * Paiva|Zen & Sacred Living Show Description: * Women have unique challenges, transitions and situations. The show is being refocused to have a longer format now with syndication; as a former on-air journalist and print journalist, I am interested in helping... Read more →

Craig Smalley, Tax Expert and Author

Craig Smalley is a tax expert with extensive knowledge of individual and business taxation. With over 22 years of experience solving client tax problems, Craig can help your listeners understand the tax code better. He specializes in individual, corporate, business, and small business taxation, as well as IRS audit representation. Craig is the founder of CWSEAPA®, LLP, which is a nationally recognized conglomerate of financial and accounting services. He is also the founder of Tax Crisis Center®, LLC, which is the nation's premier tax resolution firm. Craig's diverse client base ranges anywhere between small one person companies to multi-million dollar... Read more →

Dennis Clause, Native American Storyteller, Business Expert and Author

Dennis Clause is a Native American Business Storyteller who can help you get extremely focused leads and referrals for your business. If you ask a friend what it is that you do, most of the time they will not know how to explain it. So how can they give your business a referral if they just don't know? All too often, businesses don't know how to effectively explain what they do so that customers will know how the business can help them. But with a story your customers can retell, you get referrals. Dennis will explain how a story can... Read more →

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Unfortunately, it's hard to learn the "secrets" to getting booked for free radio and podcast interviews... Have you noticed that anyone who figures out how to promote their books and products “on the air” for free usually keeps the info to themselves! But getting more publicity and then more website traffic and sales is your goal, isn’t it? To help solve this problem check out the “How to Get Radio Interviews” MP3s Training Series TODAY at This exclusive package of 4 hours of broadcast industry “behind the scenes tips” can help YOU learn to get booked for free publicity... Read more →

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Want to learn how to get more free on-the-air interviews on radio and podcast talk shows to promote your expertise and products? Learn about our exclusive radio publicity training series here. You can get your own MP3 recording copies of all 4 hours of the best radio publicity training anywhere. This exclusive package of 4 hours of broadcast industry “behind the scenes tips” can help YOU learn to get booked for free publicity interviews on top radio shows, podcasts, and even TV, too. This kind of detailed, step-by-step radio publicity training is what you have been looking for to help... Read more →