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Sacred Combat seeks Catholic Demonologist or Paranormal Authors

We are interested in speaking with Catholic Demonologists and Catholic paranormal investigators. Show Name: * Sacred Combat Show Description: * Alternative Catholic News Show Host Name(s): Ron Kollman Booking Contact for Interviews: * Ron Kollman Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 18 to 45 demographics, Since this is still new audience size is not determined yet. Show Format: * Recorded podcast Video webcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * 24 x 7 Online Youtube, Itunes and Website URL: * Show URL: * Read more →

The Artist Loft, With Gwen Evans is seeking Authors

Authors in all writing styles, all ages, children with parental assistance welcome. Show Name: * The Artist Loft, With Gwen Evans Show Description: * the Artist Loft is a comfortable relaxed show where people from all walks of life in writing and entertainment, the arts, women issues, health issues, recording artist are always welcome. Guest love my radio show and always want to come back for their new updates. We have a very relaxed atmosphere where my guest are like family. Show Host Name(s): Gigi Adams-Evans Booking Contact for Interviews: * Gigi Adams-Evans Booking Email Address: * Audience Size... Read more →

Featured Publicist: Frazier Public Relations

Are you looking for a smart public relations program that gets results? Are you an author who needs help promoting your book, getting press and interviews, film options, or securing broader distribution? We have several feature films being produced for our authors. Click to email or call us at 540-338-1545. One of our referring publishers calls us "Rock Stars!" Learn more here... If you’re looking for publicity help, please consider this sponsor to support our free service! See our Featured and Recommended Publicists & PR Firms here. Would you like to be interviewed on radio and podcasts? Our web... Read more → with Host Mitch Stephen needs Real Estate Experts

Real Estate Investors, coaches and instructors, developers of Real Estate software tools. Show Name: * with Host Mitch Stephen Show Description: * Learn from the best real estate has to offer! Mitch Stephen interviews diverse groups of investors, coaches and instructors. Each of them have proven that their methods can help anyone, who wants to show up and do the work, can be a successful entrepreneur. Financial Freedom is still available in the Real Estate market! Each guest tells some amazing stories and tips to move you in the right direction. Listen to how these folks got started and... Read more →

Monday Morning Radio seeks Business Experts

Innovative business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts who can share their stories and advice with others. We appreciate offbeat business owners and business concepts. Show Name: * Monday Morning Radio Show Description: * This is a weekly business-2-business podcast aimed at small business owners (250 employees or fewer) and entrepreneurs. Hosted by former Wall Street Journal columnist Dean Rotbart, the show looks for innovative business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts who can share their stories and advice with others. This is especially popular with B2B authors, speakers, and consultants. We appreciate offbeat business owners and business concepts. Interviews are pre-recorded by phone... Read more →

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Expert: Steve Aukstakalnis

Steven Aukstakalnis (Awk-sta-call-niss) is an author, research scientist, instructor and tech evangelist in the area of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). His new book, Practical Augmented Reality (Pearson, 2016), is a guide to the technologies, applications, and human factors for AR and VR. It has been reviewed as a "blockbuster of a technical masterpiece" as Steve discusses all aspects of these powerful new tools that are taking the tech world by storm. Imagine walking through the interior of a new building design months before construction begins. Or taking a classroom of grade school students diving for an hour... Read more →

The Growth Mindset is looking for CEO's

CEO's, business owners, founders, experienced entrepreneurs. MUST have a large social media following. Show Name: * The Growth Mindset Show Description: * The road to success in business ownership is rough. The Growth Mindset was designed to help business owners and beginner entrepreneurs on their journey. By appearing on The Growth Mindset, you'll have the opportunity to teach and give advice to those who are venturing down the same path as you once were. Share your story! Show Host Name(s): Paul Potratz Booking Contact for Interviews: * Nicole Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show:... Read more →

Author Larry Toombs Gospel Radio show wants to talk Gospel

Gospel singers, authors, Evangelist, and ministers. Show Name: * Author Larry Toombs Gospel Radio show Show Description: * We talk about religion, boost Author careers, we allow Evangelist, preachers and teachers to teach, we educate the youth, we counsels the abused and battered women. Show Host Name(s): Author Larry Earl Toombs Booking Contact for Interviews: * 314-327-3836 Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 500 Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * 5:00 pm central 647-478-0999 Website URL: *... Read more →

The George Wilder Jr. Show seeks Motivational Speakers

Motivation speakers. People who dedicated in helping those, pertaining to their own life experiences. They would want to appear because they are trying to reach those who would likely benefits from what they say. Family and Relationships. I find that listeners love to talk about how to build a loving family. Show Name: * The George Wilder Jr. Show Show Description: * The George Wilder Jr. Show is a internet radio talk show. There have been a variety of guests who have appeared to talk about anything pertaining helping others. We also talk whatever is going on in the world... Read more →

Guest Expert Available for Interviews: Get out of Pain Forever!

Interview Dawn Crystal, Sound Energy Healer, about how to clear pain and inflammation out of the body, fast!!! And purchase her "New" program, Get out of Pain Forever! 3-4 Sample Radio Interview Questions for the Expert How does your "Get out of Pain" program work? How does your Sound Healing get rid of pain? How do the Ancient Clearing Codes work? Summary of Expert Credentials: Sound Energy healer from birth Expert's Website: Booking Contact Email: Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (808) 268-6242 Please book this Guest Expert for an interview to support our free service! See our Featured... Read more →

Art & Business of Writing seeks Authors/Mktg Gurus

The Art & Business of Writing podcast wants authors who want to share about their writing life and process with an engaged audience. We ARE NOT looking to promote your book, though we will discuss it. We want guests to be a resource to writers on how they write, challenges they faces, ways they promote, and tools they use. We are also looking for marketing experts who know who know how to sell products online and help authors position themselves to win in the digital space. Show Name: * The Art & Business of Writing Show Description: * The Art... Read more →

Cosmic Passport seeks Spiritual Paranormal Experts

We seek guests who are spiritual practitioners and paranormal experiencers. If you have experienced an NDE, alien contact, telepathy, telekinesis, angelic contact, animal communication or work as a paranormal researcher, healer or intuitive practitioner we would like to speak with you. Show Name: * Cosmic Passport Show Description: * Cosmic Passport airs weekend nights on at 9 pm Pacific/12 am Eastern. The mission is to provide quality information and training for the paranormal and spiritual experiencer community. The host, Elizabeth Anglin, has been an alien abduction research subject, is bigfoot experiencer and communicator and a spiritualist medium, animal communicator... Read more →

The George Wilder Jr. Show seeks Community Leaders

Community leaders. They are the backbone of America. Young and old leaders out to make this world a better place. Books and authors. Always interesting. General Interest. Anything goes. Show Name: * The George Wilder Jr. Show Show Description: * The George Wilder Jr. Show is an internet radio talk show. A show for everyone. A fun show. There have been a variety of guests who have appeared to talk about anything pertaining helping others. We also talk whatever is going on in the world and try to make it better. It is a show that is produced out of... Read more →

Book Announcement: How to Date Again In Your 50s & 60s: A Male Baby Boomer's Guide to Love & Sex

Interview dating coach and expert Manny Carter who leads men step by step how they can date again in their 50s and 60s. Dating coach and published author Manny Carter shows men how to date again after being divorced or single their entire lives. 3-4 Sample Radio Interview Questions for the Expert: Why do men in their 50s and 60s get frustrated with dating, romance and relationships? Where should men try to meet women in their 50s and 60s? Why do men try to recapture their youth and chase younger women? (This is one of the biggest mistakes they can... Read more →

Speculative Fiction Cantina needs Speculative Fiction Authors

Are you a speculative fiction writer? Scifi, fantasy (and all its subgenres), horror, alt history, steampunk, etc.) with a published book to promote (indie is okay)? Join us for a fun hour of interviews and readings. Show Name: * Speculative Fiction Cantina Show Description: * This internet radio program covers all aspects of speculative fiction books and writing. We let authors read from their works and promote their books (indie is okay). It's fun and free. Guests have reported increased book sales after appearing on our program. Questions are designed to let you tell our audience why your book is... Read more →

Resurrection Of The Hope wants to send Positive Messages

Anyone who has a positive message that offers hope. We like to interview those who have written books those artist that have positive content and any one who have a life experience that requires hope We are advocates for the name of Jesus Christ and promote his name where ever we can to inspire others that God is not dead! Show Name: * Resurrection Of The Hope Show Description: * A platform that offers hope through the name of Jesus Christ. We offer our microphone to those that want to be heard to share experiences and we offer opportunity to... Read more →

iHeart Radio Paiva|Zen & Sacred Living is for Women

I am looking for guests who touch upon issues that are either specific or inclusive toward women. Examples would be authors affiliated with recognized publishing houses, politicians, advocates, physicians specific with female health, nonprofits for women or serving mainly female demographics, spiritually-focused (Reiki, Yoga, Zen Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, etc) entrepreneurs to discuss a topic and solution, etc. Show Name: * Paiva|Zen & Sacred Living Show Description: * Women have unique challenges, transitions and situations. The show is being refocused to have a longer format now with syndication; as a former on-air journalist and print journalist, I am interested in helping... Read more →

WDAY 970AM Heroes of The Heartland is seeking Military themed stories or Authors

A veteran telling there personal story or who has authored a book on military history and/or current events pertaining to the military. Appearing on my show will not only help increase book sales to your targeted audience but also sharing your personal story will help other veterans and bring awareness to the public. Show Name: * Heroes of The Heatland Show Description: * A military themed show telling personal and historical stories, education and veterans benefits. Congregational leaders speaking on department of defense issues. Support for soldiers and there families and organizations that provide for them. Show Host Name(s): Ret.... Read more →

Reading With Your Kids seeks Great Children's Authors

Reading With Your Kids is a great new podcast that is looking to: Inspire families to spend more time reading together, and cooking together, and doing activities together and...well, just doing more stuff together! Ideal guests are the authors and illustrators of children's books, books for young readers and young adults, and books for parents who are reading with their kids in mind. Show Name: * Reading With Your Kids Show Description: * Reading With Your Kids is a brand new podcast, blog and web site that will inspire families to spend more time together. To do this we will... Read more →

The Brian & Sherri Show is seeking Authors

We are looking for authors who are writing Science Fiction. Brian and Sherri are Science Fiction fans and love hearing different takes on how its written or its stories authors come up with. Tell us about yours!! Show Name: * The Brian & Sherri Show Show Description: * The Brian & Sherri Show is an online radio show that is live every Friday and Saturday at 9pm EST. We cover an array of different topics and guests and have been doing this for 3 years now. Our goal is to entertain and educate our listeners who we dubbed fans. So... Read more →

Craig Smalley, Tax Expert and Author

Craig Smalley is a tax expert with extensive knowledge of individual and business taxation. With over 22 years of experience solving client tax problems, Craig can help your listeners understand the tax code better. He specializes in individual, corporate, business, and small business taxation, as well as IRS audit representation. Craig is the founder of CWSEAPA®, LLP, which is a nationally recognized conglomerate of financial and accounting services. He is also the founder of Tax Crisis Center®, LLC, which is the nation's premier tax resolution firm. Craig's diverse client base ranges anywhere between small one person companies to multi-million dollar... Read more →

Trip Elix, Privacy Expert, Author, and Speaker

Most people are tired of being spied on and having companies sell their private information on the internet. It doesn’t have to be this way. In his book, A Right to Property, privacy expert Trip Elix takes a common sense view of what is wrong and how to fix the privacy mess in America. Anyone can take action by visiting and getting their name off the internet and out of the hands of a number of third parties. You don't have to put up with it, you can remove your child's information for free. Trip will remind your listeners... Read more →

Richard Lowe, Computer Security and Disaster Survival Expert, Ghostwriter & Author

Richard Lowe is an expert on computer security and computers in general, an established author, freelance writer, and ghostwriter. Richard learned about computers and computer security the hard way, by having to protect and salvage systems ravaged by viruses and hijacked by hackers. He's been helping people with computer problems for decades, and can share tips to save your valuable data, time and finances. Richard has been trained to help people prepare for and survive disasters, too. He has been through a number of real world disaster situations, including earthquakes and major fires in California. He even had to find... Read more →

Dennis Clause, Native American Storyteller, Business Expert and Author

Dennis Clause is a Native American Business Storyteller who can help you get extremely focused leads and referrals for your business. If you ask a friend what it is that you do, most of the time they will not know how to explain it. So how can they give your business a referral if they just don't know? All too often, businesses don't know how to effectively explain what they do so that customers will know how the business can help them. But with a story your customers can retell, you get referrals. Dennis will explain how a story can... Read more →

New Featured Guest Expert, Danielle Kunkle, Medicare Insurance Expert, Author & Speaker

Danielle Kunkle has helped thousands of beneficiaries across the nation to survive the intimidating Medicare enrollment process and nail down the basics of Medicare. Danielle enjoys clearing up the "Medicare Mystery" for overwhelmed Baby Boomers as they age into Medicare. She is the co-founder of Boomer Benefits, an insurance agency that specializes in Medicare plans, and can explain the parts of Medicare in terms that are easy to understand. Navigating the daunting Medicare enrollment process is much easier with Danielle’s tips on the key things each beneficiary should prepare for each year. Medicare is overwhelming for the thousands of Baby... Read more →

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